We reported on this case earlier this year. This professor has a lot of guts. Refusing the left in this way can end your career.

Campus Reform reports:

EXCLUSIVE: School backs down, prof who refused diversity training still employed

After a bureaucratic tug-of-war with administration, the South Carolina professor who refused to take mandatory bias training reports that he has kept his job.

Campus Reform recently reported on an associate professor at Converse College who was threatened with termination after publicly refusing to take university-sponsored diversity and anti-bias training. Jeff Poelvoorde recently told Campus Reform that he was not fired, and spoke at length about his experience.

Converse College President Krista Newkirk sent a notice to faculty in June instructing them to complete mandatory diversity and anti-bias training. Faculty were instructed to complete the “required” training by 5 p.m. on August 3.

Poelvoorde refused to take the mandatory training because the materials were “pernicious, an assault to the dignity and intelligence of the professoriate, in fact, an insult to anyone’s intelligence and dignity.”

“The industry that produces these materials is a fraud, and no serious studies indicate the efficacy or worth of such training. Enforced or otherwise, these materials have made the world we live in worse, for they substitute indoctrination and cartoonish ‘training’ for genuine education and thoughtfulness,” Poelvoorde said in a recent interview with Campus Reform.

Poelvoorde said that he actually offered to take the training “if the College would reverse the mandate and apologize to the faculty for its imposition,” but that Newkirk did not accept this offer.


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