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Polling Shows Support for Black Lives Matter and Protests Steadily Dropping

Polling Shows Support for Black Lives Matter and Protests Steadily Dropping

The decline in support for both the radical Black Lives Matter organization and the “peaceful protests” around the country helps explain the sudden Democratic pivot to “condemning” protest violence.

Last month I wrote about how, in spite of media narratives to the contrary, support was strong in the black community for either maintaining the current police presence in local communities or increasing it, according to a comprehensive Gallup poll.

Two more polls released a month later also show that despite the media’s best efforts to boost both the radical Black Lives Matter movement and the “peaceful protests” they’ve put on over the last four months, support is dropping steadily for both.

Last week, Pew Research Center published the results of a survey they did of voters on the Black Lives Matter movement and found that since June, overall support for the group had dropped 12%:

A majority of U.S. adults (55%) now express at least some support for the movement, down from 67% in June amid nationwide demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd. The share who say they strongly support the movement stands at 29%, down from 38% three months ago.

They noted that the drop in support was primarily due to whites and Hispanics:

The recent decline in support for the Black Lives Matter movement is particularly notable among White and Hispanic adults. In June, a majority of White adults (60%) said they supported the movement at least somewhat; now, fewer than half (45%) express at least some support. The share of Hispanic adults who support the movement has decreased 11 percentage points, from 77% in June to 66% today.

Though African-American support for BLM “remained virtually unchanged”, Pew reported that there was a 9% decline in support from those who said they strongly supported the movement:

By comparison, support for the Black Lives Matter movement has remained virtually unchanged among Black and Asian adults.


Some 87% of Black Americans say they support the movement, similar to the share who said this in June. However, the share of Black adults expressing strong support for the movement has decreased 9 points, from 71% to 62%.

On the Black Lives Matter protests, the drop in support is even more pronounced. On Thursday, the Associated Press released the results of a poll they conducted on the marches, which showed a 15% drop in overall support:

The poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds that 44% of Americans disapprove of protests in response to police violence against Black Americans, while 39% approve. In June, 54% approved. The new survey was conducted Sept. 11-14, before Wednesday’s announcement that a lone Louisville police officer would be charged in the Taylor case, but not for her actual death.

Though the AP emphasized that the drop in support was most notable among whites, support from the Latino and African-American communities for the protests also declined to a significant degree:

Just 35% of white Americans approve of the protests now, while 50% disapprove. In June, 53% approved, while 34% disapproved.


Among Latinos, 31% approve, compared with 44% in June; 63% of Black Americans support the protests, down from 81%, with more now saying they neither approve nor disapprove.

A University of Michigan political scientist quoted by the AP boiled the decline in protest support, particularly among whites, down to “compassion fatigue” and people allegedly wanting to move on and get back to their lives. But a voter they talked to who said he supported the protests until the widespread looting, violence, and arson started is probably closer to the mark.

Even if people aren’t hearing much about the riots from traditional media sources thanks to deliberate media efforts to sanitize and manipulate what their audience sees and reads, they are seeing it on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Those places are where videos of rioters looting and setting fires, injuring law enforcement officers, destroying businesses, blocking cars and confronting drivers, assaulting people, harassing restaurant patrons, storming neighborhoods, etc. are being shared and viewed daily by thousands.

Over time, the disturbing videos and images of some major American cities looking like war zones as a result of the riots have had a sobering effect on some who watch them, while it has galvanized others to oppose the protests all the more.

Both of these polls, and the one released by Gallup last month, help better explain the sudden pivot from Democratic “leaders” like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and presidential nominee Joe Biden on condemning the riots and violence against police.

As I’ve said before, there are those who will be fooled by Democrats and their seeming 180 on protest violence. But the people who’ve watched these same Democrats coddle rioters and shower them with high praise for months now as innocent people’s lives and neighborhoods were destroyed won’t be.

— Stacey Matthews has also written under the pseudonym “Sister Toldjah” and can be reached via Twitter. —


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JusticeDelivered | September 26, 2020 at 8:17 pm

Black Liars Matter should be declared a terrorist organization, they have earned it.

The race war they are trying to propagate isn’t going to help them with the general public.

    I agree there’s some interest that wants a race war, but I can’t figure out who “they” are.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Skip. | September 27, 2020 at 3:24 pm

    Well, if chicken shit politicians continue to allow this, people will start reaction in ways which will be very bad for BLM and ANTIFA health. How long before they start being shot on sight?

Don’t say her name…

“A majority of U.S. adults (55%) now express at least some support for the movement, down from 67% in June amid nationwide demonstrations sparked by the death of George Floyd.”

This is something no one cares to hear about on a fine Saturday evening, but I will say it anyway: beware of polls of all adults. This type of poll is by definition unfalsifiable and is not mathematically valid.

With polls of likely voters it is possible to check them against actual results. The same will never be true for polls of all adults. So if polling organizations get polls of likely voters wrong – sometimes by huge margins – why should I trust them on polls that can never be verified?

    why should I trust them on polls that can never be verified

    Faith, trust, is a logical domain, commonly cited by mortal gods, goddesses, experts, etc., often conjured from whole cloth, and through em-pathetic appeals, can be used for good and wicked purposes… the quintessential double-edged scalpel.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Recovering Lutheran. | September 26, 2020 at 9:22 pm

    I hope to see a landslide vote for Trump. They will riot and of course loot on a grand scale, hopefully followed by a firm thrashing.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to JusticeDelivered. | September 26, 2020 at 10:36 pm

      All 50 states – Wipe DEM communists out.

        I wish I could share your confidence but I think the election has been turned upside down with the death of RBG this close to the election. I feel fairly confident about ACB making the court but young liberal women will be incensed over this and actually turn out to vote, a rare thing for young people. Our electorate is younger today and more geared to feelings and emotion than years ago.

        I guess my confidence in “we the people” has dropped in the last twenty years or so. We may further gain the SC but lose the rest.

As their Hate, destruction, and Marxist basis is revealed, they lose favor. Surprising?

Stop the hunts, the judgments, the protests. Some, Select Black Lives Matter has progressive viability. That’s good, people are losing their Pro-Choice selective, opportunistic, relativistic, politically congruent (“=”) quasi-religion (“ethics”).

Numbers should be lower than that. We have too many sheeple in this country that are cancel-hungry. It’s just the more civilized version of the Salem witch trials (and just barely more civil…at least those idiots had some semblance of a trial).

The giddy kiddies have been posting lots of different video clips from lots of different black men, who want peace and quiet in their neighborhoods. We could have another revolution on Nov. 3.

First of all, BLM does not really exist, except on paper. It is a front organization designed to fool Americans into thinking that they are fighting racial injustice rather than engaging in the actual aim of the backers of the revolution which is to install a totalitarian government to keep the populist proles in line.

Black BLM operatives have all but disappeared, from the “protests”. These have become the whitest “Black” protests in history. And, the man on the street realizes that these “incidents”, which are being protested, result in seven figure windfalls for the families of the “victims” of these incidents, are driving home the fact that BLM is all about the Benjamins, not with correcting any “problems”.

And, finally, the organizers of this whole brouhaha have made a serious tactical error. They have moved against the majority of this nation. White people, many with significant wealth, are being targeted. This is the majority racial group in the country. If you change them from supporters of the avowed “cause”, or at least neutral, they will take steps to eliminate the perceived threat. And the result will not be pretty. And, in the areas where black interests are being destroyed, Black support will drop as well.

As the truth surrounding the trigger events, deaths in police situations, becomes more widely known, support for wide spread destruction will drop even farther.

The death piral for BLM and AntiFa is well under way.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Mac45. | September 26, 2020 at 10:35 pm

    Plus all the donations to them funnel directly to the Democrat Party is what I’ve read I think.

Like Occupy Wall Street. By election day the support will have ebbed. Another example of going overboard. They cannot help themselves.

There is likely near unanimous support for bothering the phrase and the proposition that ‘black lives matter’.

Who, other than a racist would not agree with statement?

The problem for the BLM ‘movement’ is that it’s supporters are demanding not equality but priority. They don’t want folks to stop and contemplate the perception among some black communities that LEO and society in general doesn’t value black lives.

Instead these BLM ‘movement’ types demand that everyone else immediately atone for imagined sins. They want to impose a penance without regard to facts, history or individual responsibility.

As the antics of these folks continue and escalate the reality of their actions causes a loss of support because the clear goal is some sort of reversed Jim crow. Even many liberals eventually run out of their misplaced guilt at some point.

These polls are a reflection of that beginning to assert itself. Now that the evidence of the movements actual practices is being displayed, the propaganda of the movement is being refuted from within.

    Very true. It’s one thing to ask white people (or any people) to change their attitudes toward another group of people — to be more sympathetic, open-minded, etc. It’s quite another thing to ask people to change their entire concept of morality and justice so as to deem people who played no part in certain historical atrocities nevertheless deserving of punishment for them. I think Americans are overwhelmingly willing to agree to the first thing; but only a small number of truly messed-up people agree with the second. (Although a somewhat larger number may SAY they agree with the second.)

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 26, 2020 at 11:30 pm


Black Prof Compares Black Americans Supporting Trump To Jews Supporting Hitler

Stacey, it’s well known that Americans as a whole dislike protests of all kinds, and definitely dislike violent ones. There is social desirability interfering with honest answers in these polls.

If Trump had deployed the Insurrection Act and ended these riots his poll numbers would have skyrocketed. The Insurrection Act does not require any permission from a governor, is almost as old as the Constitution, and has been consistently used since it was made law.

I’m optimistic that in person voting on Nov 3 will be a referendum. I expect a large turnout for DJT and against the violent riots. I don’t believe any polling numbers. Liars be lying.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to r2468. | September 27, 2020 at 9:15 am

    If ther are Black Panthers outside polling stations and they threaten anyone, I predict the crowd beating the ever-loving stuffing out of them. No one will cower.

While at the same time they’ve raked in $$$ billions from corporations hell-bent on prostrating themselves engaging in virtue signaling.

I am betting that there will be a surge in rioting on Tuesday night as the dems seek to distract the news cycle from what would otherwise be devoted to a dismal performance (if not outright disasterous) by Sleepy Joe. They may even need to “cut away” from the debate to cover this “breaking” story.

NOTE TO EDITOR: Support for BLM declining from 67% to 55% is not a decrease of 12%; that’s a decrease of 12 PERCENTAGE POINTS. The actual % decrease was 18%, a lot more than 12%.

The percentage point decrease is 67% – 55% = 12%. To get the percentage difference, you divide the 12% by the number we started with, the 67%. [(67% – 55%) / 67%] = 18% difference.