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Mount Holyoke Students Outraged That School Wouldn’t Cancel Off-Campus Pro-Police Rally

Mount Holyoke Students Outraged That School Wouldn’t Cancel Off-Campus Pro-Police Rally

“This is outrageous and we demand a response from the administration of Mount Holyoke”

The arrogance of these students is stunning. They’re outraged that anyone would dare honor the police anywhere near their school.

Campus Reform reports:

Students outraged that college wouldn’t cancel off-campus Back the Blue rally

Students tried to pressure the administration at Mount Holyoke College to ban a pro-Trump, Back the Blue demonstration across the street from the Massachussetts campus.

The rally was hosted by local correctional officers and Pioneer Valley Massachusetts for Trump 2020 on Sept. 7 at the Village Commons in South Hadley, Massachusetts, which is across the street from the college.

The rally came to students’ attention on September 2 through an anonymous post on the Instagram page “BIPOC at Mount Holyoke.”.

“I know that most students aren’t on campus, but there’s a ‘Back the Blue’ (pro-police) and pro-Trump standout at the village commons in South Hadley this weekend,” it read. “It’s right across the street from campus. I’m only reaching out because I hope student pressure on admin can create a response from the college.”

Students immediately took action, planning counter-protests in the comment section.

However, since the majority of students aren’t on campus due to the coronavirus pandemic, multiple organizations created a “Petition against ‘Back the Blue’ Rally” titled “Safety for LGBTQ+ and POC members.”

Various campus organizations signed the petition, including Black at Mount Holyoke and the BIPOC at Mount Holyoke Instagram account,.

The petition garnered more than 1,600 signatures.

“This is outrageous and we demand a response from the administration of Mount Holyoke,” the petition stated. “By maintaining silence about the upcoming events, the school is encouraging a gathering of people who could threaten our community’s safety.”


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The way I figure it … if the rally is off campus … it’s none of the schools business.

What is so hard about telling these brats to shut up, grow up, and worry about their own stupid lives? And if they persist in being brats, what’s so hard about shoving them onto the ground? I’m sick of these twerps being given their way and enabled by pseudo-adults.

How arrogant must you be to think that you can control other people’s lives on property not owned by or associated with the college? They all deserve a good smack in the mouth, figuratively speaking.

Why would these idiots think the college even has the authority to ban this gathering? It sounds as if it’s being hosted by groups with no connection to the college and is being held on property that the college doesn’t control.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 25, 2020 at 1:06 pm

I’m waiting for the schools to offer new majors. Outrage Studies, and Demand-Making

There wouldn’t be any problems with “safety” if they’d let Back the Blue hold their demonstration in peace. Somehow I doubt that supporters of law and order are looking to throw rocks, bottles, and molotov cocktails at people they disagree with.

But these snowflakes consider the mere fact of differing opinions to be a threat to their safety.

So the students are demanding a gathering in defiance of the school’s social distancing regulations, and saying it’s necessary for “safety”?

Let’s ignore these callow youth until they speak English where words have their conventional meanings. Sorting out their intentional perversions of language is quickly tiring and simply not our job.

/sarc: Massachusetts gives each college within the state authority to regulate any speech which a member of its community finds threatening on its campus and for a three mile radius from its campus. /sarc

Mount Holyoke is a women’s college that now admits men who claim that they’re women. It’s not long for this world.