Mail-in ballots, the scam that fails everywhere it’s tested. See also, Massachusetts fourth Congressional District.

Days after Tuesday’s election and MA-4 is finding ballots, thousands of ballots in all kinds of fun places, including some 3,000 mail-in ballots that never made it to their respective polling locations on Election Day.

From the Boston Herald:

A recount could be looming in the 4th Congressional District race between two Democrats as more uncounted ballots surfaced on Thursday.

Officials in Newton, Wellesley and Franklin on Thursday restarted counting primary ballots after Secretary of the Commonwealth William Galvin filed a court order to authorize local poll workers to continue counting ballots that were received on time and had not been tallied by the end of Tuesday night.

In Franklin, poll workers Thursday evening were counting about 3,000 uncounted ballots — much more than the previously estimated 600 uncounted ballots, according to a spokeswoman for the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s Office.

The newly discovered 3,000 uncounted ballots were mail-in votes that appeared to have never made it to polling locations on Election Day.

The ballots loom large as Jesse Mermell trails by 1,377 votes to Jake Auchincloss with more than 96% of precincts reporting.

“We also believe based on conversations we’ve had with leaders in several communities that there may be even more uncounted ballots in communities across the district, and that’s deeply concerning,” Mermell said in front of Newton City Hall, ahead of ballot counting on Thursday.

After counting in Newton and Wellesely, Mermell picked up 240 votes compared to Auchincloss adding 174 votes — resulting in a net total of 66 votes for Mermell.

A recount can happen if the margin is 0.5% or less. After the counting in Newton and Wellesley, the margin in the 4th race is 0.93%.

But sure, let’s do this for a national election.


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