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Los Angeles Backtracks on Proposed Coronavirus Trick-or-Treat Ban

Los Angeles Backtracks on Proposed Coronavirus Trick-or-Treat Ban

Californians rise up against the horror of Halloween Zoom parties.

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the most memorable holidays on the American calendar.

Few rituals are as cherished by parents as dressing up the kids in costumes and guiding them through the neighborhood for tricks-or-treats. Then there are the post-Halloween candy bowl raids to be enjoyed.

A few days ago, Los Angeles was poised to nix Halloween trick-or-treating because of the spread of the Wuhan Coronavirus. The proposal was genuinely terrifying.

“Door to door trick or treating is not allowed because it can be very difficult to maintain proper social distancing on porches and at front doors especially in neighborhoods that are popular with trick or treaters,” the new guidance reads.

Also banned this year is so-called “trunk or treating,” where children get candy and other treats from cars instead of doorsteps, as well as gatherings or parties with non-household members and live entertainment like haunted house attractions, county officials said.

“Since some of the traditional ways in which this holiday is celebrated does not allow you to minimize contact with non-household members, it is important to plan early and identify safer alternatives,” county health officials said in a statement.

To that end, those who wish to celebrate Halloween amid the pandemic with safer alternatives can host or attend online get-togethers, costume contests or pumpkin carving parties.

The nightmare of Halloween ZOOM parties isn’t something that kids can endure. There was such an outcry that government officials are now backtracking.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on Wednesday revised its Halloween guidance aimed at preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Door-to-door trick-or-treating had originally been banned “because it can be very difficult to maintain proper social distancing on porches and at front doors especially in neighborhoods that are popular with trick or treaters,” the health department said in a news release.

Now the officials are only “recommending against it.”

The updated guidelines stop short of prohibiting kids from going door to door to collect candy. The rules were “slightly revised” and now officials are “recommending that trick-or-treating not happen this year,” said Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer during a public briefing on the virus.

So-called “trunk-or-treating” events where kids walk from car to car in a parking lot are also not recommended.

But car parades are OK, as are drive-through haunted houses and Halloween movie nights at drive-in theaters that meet health and safety standards. Parades, carnivals, indoor haunted houses and concerts are not permitted.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. My best friend and I are planning to hand out candy…in plastic bags, directly to the kids, while wearing gloves. As children are the least vulnerable group to COVID-19, there is no reason to gut another childhood experience on the altar of political pandemic panicking.

Good Housekeeping has posted other recommendations for sensible Halloween fun, including frequent hand washing. There is no need to disinfect the child’s candy before consuming it.

Don’t freak out if your child rips open a chocolate bar and pops it into their mouth while trick-or-treating. “It isn’t thought to be transmitted this way, but we always worry about the risk of touching something that’s carrying infected matter,” Dr. Kesh explains. “Try to really encourage your kids to hold off on eating candy until you get home, and make sure they wash their hands first.”

It will be interesting to see how many Dr. Antony Fauci costumes we will see this year!


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So hair cuts and churches are ok with you but Halloween is beyond the pale.

Your kids can go trick or treating. But, they cannot go dressed as cops.

It’s important to note that “the LA County Dept of Health Services” is today one person: “Not A Doctor” Barbara Ferrer who has no medical credentials. She has a Phd in Social Welfare (aka Warfare). She was hired for her social warfare creds and immediately subverted the dept in favor of her 7-8 cronies which she imported from Boston.

She was presented with a protest letter signed by pretty much all of her department heads a couple of months ago for undermining everything they do and going her own way. It went largely unreported.

Another point is that after declaring she was banning trick or treating, LA County sheriff Alex Villanueva defied her order by declaring his department would NOT be enforcing the ban. A few hours late, “the dept” quietly changed the ban to a “does not recommend”.

A couple of hours later, it was reported that under questioning from a national reporter about how long she intends to keep LA under house arrest, she replied “at least until after the elections”.

Having so blatantly exposed the politics behind the “science”, the LA County Board of Supervisors are facing intense pressure from every direction to fire her. Good luck with that. She was hired specifically for her politics, not for her science so she is only following orders from the Board.

Now everyone here is looking forward to Halloween as the sequel to the spectacularly illegal and widespread Fourth of July fireworks display. This is going to be a Halloween like no other. A giant middle finger to those we hope to replace in droves at the ballot box (post office, car trunks, etc).

Good luck enforcing all of the other edicts. LA is no longer listening.

Of note – these bans are not just happening in LA… It’s happening across the country, from small towns to entire counties.

Good lord. Halloween is still almost two months away and they presume to know exactly what this bug will be doing then?

This is how the “Karens” of all genders get their cookies off.

How totally magnanimous of the Dhimmi-crat apparatchiks in L.A., to restrain their totalitarianism for one evening, and, deign to give the peasants a scintilla of freedom.

We should all be grateful to our Dhimmi-crat masters, for their generosity in allowing us to have a taste of freedom, once in a while, according to their whims.

There is a ridiculously easy solution to this.

Everybody go as antifa for Halloween.

Don’t forget to greet the elderly woman when she opens her front door with, “Smash your windows and burn your car or treat!!”

    Why use words? So bourgeois. You are too restrained in your revolutionary fervor, comrade!

    I believe that the proper “Anti-fa” “greeting” is to smash these miserable, capitalist kulaks and lumpenproletariat in the face with a bicycle lock, or, other heavy metal object — the better to get their brains in proper alignment/accord with revolutionary principles.

“There is no need to disinfect the child’s candy before consuming it.”

Watch for the media to somehow twist Trump’s words into …

“Media outlets are responding to President Trump’s latest anti-science move. Journalists were quick to criticize what they say is Trump’s virtual recommendation parents inject their kids’ Halloween candy with bleach.”

FYI, scientists have identified about 6-8 prevailing strains of COVID 19 now. The US has the strain that is most contagious, which is why our case load was so high (it about mask compliance, but masks are still useful in limiting airborne spread).

This strain has a stronger spike protein attachment to the ACE2 receptor and can therefore infect cells more readily producing a larger viral load that the infected can pass into the air in larger quantities.

My little 2 cent take: scientists also say there is no evidence that this more contagious strain reduces lethality, but I think they might be missing something. Original COVID strain infections could evade the immune system more readily by hitting and missing on cell populations. This allowed the load to slowly build up in different tissues before the immune system mounted a robust defense in certain susceptible individuals. This new strain may not get that opportunity because it can take hold more firmly in the upper resp. tract and lead to an earlier significant immune response. Of course, we don’t know enough yet to say that this is definitively the case.

Regardless, if scientists were apolitical, many would point out what this means regarding the US response to the virus.
1. The case counts in the US are different than other countries because of strain specificity, not mask shaming or political inaction.
2. The higher case load with lower IFR and CFR indicates the excellence of the U.S. health care system (if indeed the US strain is no less lethal but more contagious).

It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. I’ll be out hunting so I’ll miss most of it as I have in the past.
But where I live no kids have come by since my neighbors 4 daughters grew out of it 20 or so years ago. And they only came by because they’re next door and knew I had a whole bag full of Snickers regular size bars. So when I got home from hunting they came right over to lighten my treats.
Situated on a hill with no street lights and no sidewalks, semi rural. Not a kid in a mask in the dark of night kind of place. And with the houses not aligned they can’t walk from one house to another without problems also. Parents all take their kids to the town or Halloween kid parties.