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LIVE: Trump vs. Biden, Round 1

LIVE: Trump vs. Biden, Round 1


President Donald Trump and Joe Biden faceoff tonight at 9 PM ET in the first debate moderated by Chris Wallace.

This should be delicious, especially since Biden cannot evade Wallace.

Trump and Biden will debate for 90 minutes.

Wallace chose six topics:

  • Supreme Court nomination battle
  • Wuhan coronavirus
  • Economy
  • Protests and riots
  • Election integrity
  • Candidates’ records


Hunter Biden



Pack the Court?

Election Consequences

Four. Years.

Biden the Democratic Party?

Biden Not Opposed to Barrett??

The debate just started and Biden said he doesn’t oppose ACB for SCOTUS.

It Begins



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!5 minutes before Go Time.

Biden’s getting fitted with his Super-sized Depends, on the recommendation of Jerry Wadler. The Adderall and other drugs were given about 15 minutes ago, timed for maximum effect. The earpieces, specially made by Bond’s Q Branch, are already in place; make-up people disguising them now.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to fscarn. | September 29, 2020 at 9:45 pm

    Interesting comment……

    Bigly said:

    “I’m in a house full of dems and they all think Biden is weak and pathetic

    Trumps killing Biden”

I can’t help but feel this is like watching BMX racing, who’s gonna crash?

2 minutes is just enough time to rehearse a line and move on to the next question, it’s a pathetic excuse for a ‘debate’. Someone needs to run the debate commission and give us some Lincoln Douglas style substantive policy discussion, not this made for tv rubbish.

I’ll enjoy listening to / reading the reactions after the fact but I don’t think I can stand to watch it.

So that’s how they’ll get Biden through the debate, no sound.

I don’t like that I can’t see any American flags on the stage.

The Don is rattling Old Joe.

It’s an absolutely sure bet.

No matter what actually happens on the stage, the media will declare Biden the winner.

15 minutes and Creepy Joe already lost it.

“Will you shut up, man!”

Joe’s getting thrown off his word salad game.

Well the first segment was …not quite what we might call dignified.

Trump has to debate 2 people and one is drooling
Wht did you expect
He’s not Romney and he’s not going to be Candy Crawlied!

Joe’s learning the hard way that his 2012 technique (debate with Ryan) of snidely smiling at Trump’s haymakers isn’t working. Joe’s wilting.

Getting to point of Sundowner Joe’s longest public appearance in months.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 29, 2020 at 9:31 pm

I don’t have the heart to watch. So, Mr. Biden has tripped up already?

The Don zings Joe with “smarts.”

Joe’s being embarrassed. And he knows it.

Did Joe just adjust the volume control on his earpiece when he reached inside his coat jacket?

“China ate your lunch”

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 29, 2020 at 9:55 pm

Comments from around the web…..

bessie2003 said:

I believe I understand what President Trump is doing….interrupting Biden’s practiced train of thought and interjecting the beloved dicta of the Left and thus causing Biden to disown it, it throws Biden off his timing and exposes to the Left that Biden is a liar when he agreed to Bernie’s compact.

Wallace is just a seat filler, pretty sure President Trump is owning the stage, and even Wallace is donning a combative attitude in his questions to Biden.

Dang, gotta go make some popcorn!”

ivehadit said:

Clown!!!!! Oh my goodness! He just called the president a clown!
Game over!!!

The two things I’m coming away with Trump brought up Hunter but Giden brought up Burisma.

Biden is addressing Chris and the audience. Trump is addressing the audience and Biden.

Despite his constant lying, I think Biden is doing really well, probably looking better than Trump.

The Don is like the Tasmanian Devil with a buzz saw with a 15″ blade.

The Friendly Grizzly | September 29, 2020 at 10:05 pm

“Bidrn is winning the debate! This… is CNN.”

Did Biden really just say that Trump, the guy with the working class vernacular who was never accepted by the NYC or DC elites ‘looks down on people who are different’?

Lots of lies coming out of Sundowner Joe’s mouth

Whatever they gave Biden before the debates is wearing off.

    The Friendly Grizzly in reply to Leslie Eastman. | September 29, 2020 at 10:11 pm

    Good evening, Miss Leslie. What you said confirms my decision not to watch.

    Think of the job his staff had to do… they didn’t just have to get him “up” for the debate, they had to ensure he could remember all the canned statements.

    The fact that he didn’t start babbling inchorently (more than he did) has erased some concerns from his base that he isn’t all there.

Biden – I am the democrat party!!

Wallace- Did you ask or advise the d gov of Oregon or the d mayor of Portland to call up the Nat Guard to put an end to the violence?

Biden – I don’t hold public office..

Joe, when you’re on the defensive, you’re losing.

amatuerwrangler | September 29, 2020 at 10:19 pm

DJT just hammered Joe with a haymaker over the courts, regarding the 150 (more or less) vacancies in the judiciary when they left office. “You shouldn’t leave any vacancies when you leave office!” Goes on to say if you do that you are not fit to be President. Joe didn’t utter a word…

Joe’s go-to word for the night, “Look.”

Wallace is the pathetic shill for the left we knew he would be.

Ha! Chris might have just dunked Biden with Green New Deal.

Biden speaks to poll tested and emotionally driven ideas. Trump is Trump. Trump needs to do better, even if he’s so right. Hopefully, people will see who is competent, and who is blowing smoke.

Trump is really taking the game to Old Joe, and it’s clear that Joe is really uncomfortable with the attacks. But this is fair game. Trump’s not making up the charges he’s leveling at Joe.

Joe’s been on a “public payroll” all his adult life, and been on the graft payroll too which is what got him wealthy. Trump worked; Biden skimmed.

Biden stayed awake and didn’t sound like Ron Paul having a stroke on air… so the media will declare Biden at least at a tie.

Trump is strong in fighting dirty and not abiding by the rules, interrupting Biden which was clear to get him to lose his train of thought (not judging, but that’s what he tried to). Joe was fighting above his weight and did it.

Biden’s pharmacist was the clear winner.

Biden did so much more than stay awake throughout so he’ll have a field day with generous mainstream media coverage. Trump was forced on the defensive throughout since Biden streamed constant lies and/or platitudes, and the moderator mainly took Democratic talking points as the assumption for many of his questions. This caused Trump to have to protest frequently (and rightly so) and made him look bad. Biden looked more presidential. I hate saying that.

    Virtually all of us here, and myself included, want to say President Trump won the debate (even before it took place). It was a 2 on 1 fight, and it was a no decision.

    The tag team of Biden-Wallace helped bring to rattle and rile Trump. Neither Trump nor Biden projected an air of decorum, composure, or “being Presidential.” Wallace was the little weasel in the fight, trying to trip and distract Trump from behind while his teammate was in the ring doing the fighting.

    I hoped for more from Trump in the way of being Presidential and was disappointed there – minus 1. I expected Wallace to be a weasel-faced anti-Trumper narcissist and I wasn’t disappointed – plus 1. I had no expectations from Biden (is that his name? He’s a liar and a plagiarizer, for starters) and he delivered a nothing burger – score 0.

    So in a 2 on 1 fight this judge scored -1, +1, and 0. A total of 0, and no one wins. Not Trump, not Biden, and not the country. (Maybe Wallace, but winning at being a suppository isn’t really winning, is it?)

“This should be delicious, especially since Biden cannot evade Wallace.”

Biden didn’t need to evade Wallace. Biden didn’t want to dodge Wallace. Why would he when Wallace was there to prop Biden up.

amatuerwrangler | September 29, 2020 at 10:47 pm

Mail voting: The rule is that ballots must be postmarked before the close of the polls on election day. Period. In most places the post offices close their “public window” at around 5pm, local. Mail ballots should be in the POST OFFICE, not the corner mailbox, on the Monday before, if they will bear the proper postmark.

I can drop my various payments into the mail, usually the drive-by box outside the PO and 3 days later the recipient half a continent away is thanking me for my payment. Its been that way for years.

So. Any ballot received after close-of-business at the election office is not counted. Right into the shredder. If a person is not interested enough in voting to make sure their ballot gets counted, they don’t deserve to vote.

First thought:

1) Chris Wallace had absolutely NO control of this debate. His questions, with two exceptions, were couched in favor of Joe Biden and, again with two exceptions, he consistently failed to force Biden to answer the question posed.

2) Biden, held up well, physically. But, he was also obviously scripted. He seemed to have a real problem with responding off script. And, he resorted to personal name calling.

3) We still have NO idea what Biden’s position on anything is.

4} Trump did an adequate job of defending his record. But, it was impossible for him to put forward any of his future vision, in any detail, when he had to spend so much time rebutting Biden’s unsupported claims.

It was like watching an UFC fight. No knockout. Each candidate’s supporters will see a win for their man. But, the results were mixed.

My takeaway:

1. Wallace wasn’t 100% in the tank for Biden but the phrasing of some questions revealed his bias. He did try, unsuccessfully to disguise it, so points for that.

2. Biden was ok when he was needling Trump or regurgitate talking points. Many times he went off the rails a bit.

3. After Biden’s display tonight I don’t want to hear about Trump and ‘the dignity of the office’ or ‘respect for norms’ to the end of time.

4. Trump visibly restrained himself from punching Biden, at least to me, so that’s a win for Trump on that point. He didn’t let Biden’s prattling get to him after that early moment.

5. Trump had much better, funnier one line zingers when interrupting Biden. Biden came across as a condescending ahole, IMO.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | September 29, 2020 at 10:57 pm


Tl Howard

Joe loses here because the suburban moms that the Dems so much want to get to vote for them are SICK of the racial diversity mantra, the identity politics.