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Joe P. Kennedy III, First From Political Family to Lose a Race in Massachusetts

Joe P. Kennedy III, First From Political Family to Lose a Race in Massachusetts

Incumbent Ed Markey’s recent push to the progressive side of the party helped push him over the line.

Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy III became the first person in his famous political to lose a race in Massachusetts.

Incumbent Democratic Sen. Ed Markey defeated Kennedy in the Senate primary on Tuesday night.

Kennedy called Markey to concede defeat when he was down by 10 points.

Markey has served 43 years in Congress. This latest victory shows that younger is not necessarily the key to winning:

The incumbent was able to forge a coalition of younger and more liberal Democrats, the sort of voters who once formed the core of the Kennedy base.

By winning renomination in a generational clash — and the marquee Democratic Senate primary of the year — Mr. Markey, 74, proved that the ascendant left is not eager to simply throw out long-serving incumbents in favor of younger rivals, such as the 39-year-old Mr. Kennedy. Mr. Markey, who was first elected to Congress in 1976, was able to outflank Mr. Kennedy with progressives, leaving the heir of Massachusetts’s most storied political dynasty little opening.

Markey’s victory could also provide a glimpse into what the Democratic Party faces if the party wins the White House and Congress in November.

The party is moving to the far-left. Look at Markey, who has never had a reputation as a progressive until recently because of a certain congresswoman:

He has taken a leadership role on issues related to the environment and technology, however, and that linked him to perhaps his most important supporter: Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. Their joint authorship of the Green New Deal offered Mr. Markey access not only to her endorsement but also entree to a new generation of environmental activists. He captured the early support of the Sunrise Movement and built a strong coalition among young progressives.

“If we’re going to have a planet for people in my generation to live on, we need someone like Senator Markey,” said Lindsay Aldworth, 29, who was active with the Sunrise Movement in college and attended a rally for Mr. Markey in New Bedford, Mass., last week.

Kennedy tried to make the race about him and not his family, which ended abruptly later in the race when he added his grandfather Robert Kennedy and great-uncles to his mailers and TV ads.

The Kennedy name still means something to older people in Massachusetts across racial lines, but not so much to the younger generation.


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Seems a clue where every liberal will have to head.

    The Holyoke Homosexual went there, but it didn’t help him.

    This time.

    He’ll try again in 2022. Now he’ll go back to his city hall office, continue to get a paycheck, continue to do an incompetent job, making a mess of things play-acting like he knows what he’s doing. And he’ll use his paycheck to plot out the 2022 attempt.

    All employers tolerate this, right?

Maybe it’s because he’s NOT an alcoholic, womanizing, murderer. Say what you want, voters want a candidate who lives on the edge.

    legacyrepublican in reply to Mr85. | September 2, 2020 at 11:26 am

    Are you saying that if he gets drunk, drives off a bridge, leaves an intern to die, he can run for senate?

    He’ll need to do a lot more than that to get rid of an Indian wannabe.

legacyrepublican | September 2, 2020 at 11:23 am

Maybe this is the end of the Kennedy curse too. Or is that the Kennedy purse.

He is the first one to crash and burn w/o a plane.

Cannot believe that Moron Markey won. He voted against the USMCA which earmarked $$Millions for the Conley Terminal at Massport. Massport is going through a $Billion expansion which will add jobs and news business to the Boston area.

Markey voted against his own people and still won the election.

No more Bushes, no more Clintons, no more Kennedys – and HELL NO to more Obamas.

Enough with the political dynasties.

Either way, Massachusetts was going to send either a Schitt Sandwich or a Turd Taco to the Senate for the next 6 years

I think I read that this will be the first year since 1947 that a Kennedy hasn’t held a political office representing MA in one form or another.


Sadly, we have some leftover Bush family human trash here in Texas. I despise the any dynastic family of either party. Always arrogant and provide zero value to America. Bush is about as Texan as Obama is an example of black masculinity.

Our long national nightmare is over!

His family has already started calling him Jeb.

America needs No more Kennedys,Clintons,Bushs Ever.

As awful a US Senator as Markey is, it is great that the election pool of Kennedys is emptied. At least for now!