What a s–tshow. Chris Wallace was horrible, at times literally arguing with Trump, and continually reprimanding Trump for interrupting when interruptions were bipartisan during the debate — Biden did it continually.

Hard to assess who “won” — I’m too close to it.

Trump did very well on law and order. Just when Biden had a potentially deadly moment of debate silence when Trump pressed him to name a single law enforcement group that supported Biden, and Biden had no answer, Wallace saved him by changing the subject.

I don’t think Trump won people over, but I could see Biden’s image as the supposed nice guy being damaged.

I value Andrew Sullivan’s view on this because he hates Trump and supports Biden, but he’s willing to speak some truth on this. He thought Biden did horribly:

Maybe that’s the only takeaway, that Biden came across as weak. It’s one I’m seeing from a lot of lefties on Twitter.

Update: I just switched to MSNBC and CNN, and they seem to agree with Sullivan that Trump dominated (of course, that means Orange Man Bad to them):

Nicole Wallace: Trump showed “an insatiable need to dominate and control.”


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