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De Blasio Suggests Keeping Ban on NYC Indoor Dining Until Creation of COVID-19 Vaccine

De Blasio Suggests Keeping Ban on NYC Indoor Dining Until Creation of COVID-19 Vaccine

Whatever happened to flattening the curve?

De Blasio hinted that he will not allow indoor dining to return until there is a vaccine for COVID-19.

From The New York Post:

The mayor sounded less than optimistic that eatery owners and workers would be able to start earning a living again — and diners able to enjoy a meal inside an eatery — before the June 1, 2021, return date, set earlier this month.

“We do expect — and pray for and expect — a vaccine in the spring that will allow us to get more back to normal,” he said at his daily press briefing, “but I will absolutely tell you, we’re going to keep looking for that situation where we can push down the virus enough where we would have more ability to address indoor dining.”

Whatever happened to flattening the curve? Now people have to wait until there’s a vaccine?

I mean, de Blasio said that the city has a 0.59% infection rate. It’s one of the lowest since the pandemic started!

But it’s not low enough: “Is there a way where we can do something safely with indoor dining? So far we have not had that moment, honestly.”

In other words, it had nothing to do with flattening the curve. I guess it’s a good way to keep the people on the government payroll.

Governor Andrew Cuomo found other reasons like the flu. Oh, NOW they take the flu seriously:

“We are coming into Labor Day,” he said. “Labor Day will see more people going back to school. That is a factor we have to watch. We’re coming into the fall. Flu season is a factor that we have to watch.”

He also indicated the lack of compliance enforcement is not helping. Cuomo asked out loud who will monitor the restaurants if they are only permitted to occupy 25% of their indoor dining space?

Cuomo said the state is watching and considering but not rushing into a decision, while de Blasio sounded far more dire and suggested indoor dining may be months away.

But de Blasio and Cuomo might have to recant his decision since New Jersey will now allow “indoor dining with limited capacity.”

Pressure will come from the NYC Hospitality Alliance:

“With indoor dining resuming soon in New Jersey, New York City will be surrounded by indoor dining but locked out from participating at significant economic peril,” said Andrew Rigie, executive director of the NYC Hospitality Alliance. “The situation is at a boiling point, and our government leaders must immediately develop a plan to reopen indoor dining across the five boroughs, like what’s been provided to restaurants throughout the rest of the state. Otherwise, our city’s economic crisis will reach a point it cannot come back from, with thousands of more restaurants permanently closing and likely more lawsuits filed against the government.”

It’s not just New Jersey. NYC diners can hop over to Long Island and Westchester to enjoy indoor dining.

We’ve seen restaurants and eateries close down from the initial shutdown. What will happen if NYC remains shut down?

Rigie stressed that these places “are hanging on by just a thread” and “employ hundreds of thousands of people.”

Hold Fast owner Jason Clark pleaded with officials to let them open up so they can survive. He knows people will not want to eat outside in the cold:

“Please give us an opportunity to move forward, to allow our guests to have that experience, we will take care of public health,” Clark said. “That’s always been our top priority, just give us guidelines and we will follow them.”


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Haven’t read of such aloof tone-deaf cognizance since Louis XVI.

He has destroyed NYC

    And unfortunately the rats are shipping out to conservative areas where they’ll overwhelm common sense, thrift and real morals to recreate the slime pot they slithered out from.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to gonzotx. | September 2, 2020 at 11:34 am

    Most cities morphed from trading centers to manufacturing, and thrived. Today, manufacturing usually does not need many bodies, hence cities are in decline.

    Today, there is no reason to concentrate manufacturing in cities, and many good reasons to place them in rural settings.

Until a vaccine was NEVER the deal. Damn I hate communists.

I guess property values haven’t dropped far enough yet for de Blasio to really clean up in real estate.

But it’s nice that Cuomo is looking for creative ways to use flu season to kill even more New Yorkers. Never rests on his laurels, that guy.

I guess he figures there are too many restaurants in NYC, and he can cause more of them to go bankrupt and close permanently.

Remember that NY is the second-highest state in deaths per capita (after NJ) only because Cuomo forced the nursing homes to take infected patients.

If the US had adopted Sweden’s approach (like we did with the Hong Kong flu and the Swine flu), just the old and the sick would have quarantined themselves, and the nursing homes would have used strict precautions. The Wuhan Flu would have swept through the young and healthy population by now, and we old timers could have started coming out of our basements in July or August. That would have avoided most of the economic damage, as well as minimized the deaths.

Look to Virginia’s motto: Sic semper tyrannis. I don’t think that whatever legal pretext he’s using, actually gives him God-King for Life authority.

The New Mexico governor put the word out that we will not completely reopen until a majority of the population is vaccinated. Our death rate is 37 per 100,000. 779 total deaths and she’s acting like this is an extinction level event. We’ve lost hundreds of businesses due to her orders. As long as people are spending money at the big box stores she doesn’t care about small businesses because the taxes are still rolling in. When asked, her response was that they should have been better prepared and if they need to, they can take out low interest loans. It’s all part of that “shared sacrifice” don’t you know?

    Ironclaw in reply to Sanddog. | September 2, 2020 at 12:03 am

    This is exactly why I simply folded up my entire business in March and sold all of the assets. I had a feeling that it would be much more than two weeks.

Here is the text of a comment I made on 7/31/20 at the YouTube video “The shifting message on masks” ( Note the bolded paragraph. Now we know the answer to my question at the end of the paragraph. (Presented in its entirety to provide context and maybe some of you will appreciate the comments.)

“Anthony Fauci…said Wednesday that the U.S. could eventually reach a point where it recommends the use of eye goggles to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Just saying this is an admission that masks aren’t adequate protection against viruses. Everyone with any sense knew this already (hence the face shields available online). But a statement like this from Fauci just seals the deal – officially, masks alone are ineffective at preventing virus transmission. Making people wear masks does not stop transmission.

The objection to this will be, “Mask wearing wasn’t intended to stop the virus, only retard its spread.”

That’s what we were told prior to the initial 15-day shutdown in order to justify it – it will “flatten the curve.” That became more than two months of shutdowns and then, when states started easing up, governors and health officials acted surprised that the virus started to come back. Hello – no one ever even suggested the shutdown would STOP the virus. The shutdown was only meant to spread out the cases over time. (Mathematically speaking, the area under the curve would remain the same.) So what are they going to do, start another round of shutdowns until it’s flu season again? And then what?

The point is government keeps moving the target, changing the narrative to justify the next set of orders. It is NOT reacting to new knowledge about the virus. (For instance, as cited above, governments are retreating on their “openings” of businesses and society because of the rebound after the first shutdown. There was nothing unexpected about this. But they wouldn’t have been able to justify the first shutdown if they had told people, “And when this round of shutdowns are through, we’ll need more because we know the virus will rebound.” IF they were paying attention to science, they knew this already. And if they didn’t know the virus would rebound, then they aren’t paying attention to science at all. We’re being manipulated with a combination of bad science, lies, and bad decision-making, sometimes based on science, but as often not.)

The facts are that fewer people are ill and deaths, and the death rate, are falling. In some places death rates (by all causes) have fallen below averages for this time of year because some of the people who died of corona virus a few weeks earlier than they would have had they not died of the virus, so they’re not around to contribute to the overall death rate now. The point is that the vast majority of deceased victims of the virus were/are elderly and those already ill. And the most important fact is that over 99% of corona virus victims survive. Any statistician will tell you the death rate is effectively zero, because it is statistically insignificant.

Two seasons ago the flu killed 80,000 Americans. Dangerous? You bet. Panic-inducing. No.

The 1968 pandemic (which I lived through, as well as the pandemic of 1957) killed 100,000 Americans when the population was less than two-thirds what it is today (200 million to 325 million). What was the government’s response? Did it shut down the economy, tell people to “shelter in place,” and require mask-wearing? No, it did not. Were people cowering in fear, looking suspiciously at people they passed in the streets because they could see their faces? Was the news media covering the pandemic 24/7, with front pages stoking fear every day? No, they were not. In the summer after the start of the pandemic there was a small get-together in upstate New York. You may have heard of it. It was called “Woodstock.” Did people maintain “social distancing”? Did they worry about renewed transmission of the virus? No and no. What has changed since then that we, as Americans, are so fearful, or can be moved so easily to fear?

The current pandemic is not unusual. It’s not even particularly deadly, compared to previous pandemics for which there was little or no hysteria. Stop it. Just stop it. Get on with your lives. Go out and get hit by a bus, struck by lightning, drown in a kiddie pool, die in a car accident, fall down a flight of stairs or off a cliff, get mauled to death by a raccoon, die of cancer, heart disease, or complication of diabetes, get murdered, die from smoke inhalation in a fire, or die from any one of the other thousands of ways humans die every year and that most people don’t even think about.

And if you are afraid of any of these things (including COVID) do what you think is necessary to protect yourself. Don’t bring everyone else along for a ride with your personal hysteria over whatever your fears may be. I already have enough of my own to handle, thank you very much. COVID, for the record, is not one of them.

Next time you see someone without a mask, don’t yell at him. Thank him for helping to move his community towards herd resistance, the only thing that’s ever proven to work against the spread of corona virus. (There has never been a successful vaccine against this class of virus.)

“Did people maintain “social distancing”? Did they worry about renewed transmission of the virus? No and no. What has changed since then that we, as Americans, are so fearful, or can be moved so easily to fear?”

I lived through all those pandemics and don’t even remember them except as “oh, yeah. It’s flu season.”

Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) in Texas for Covid is approx 0.2%-0.25%

IFR for the regular flu is approx 0.1% to 0.15%

Covid is approx 2x worse than the flu and then only for individuals with other health problems. Only difference in immunity in the general population has not yet been built up, therefore higher infection rate.

Once immunity built up, (aka sweden, france UK, ) then IFR will fall below regular flu

Bill deBlahblah isn’t satisfied with murdering a groundhog, now he wants to match or surpass Gov. Cuomo-tose’s body count.

Escaped from RI | September 1, 2020 at 6:46 pm

“A vaccine is just around the corner.” AIDS Research Scientist, 1987

    DaveGinOly in reply to Escaped from RI. | September 1, 2020 at 6:58 pm

    Everyone knows there is no cure for the “common cold.” The common cold is caused by a corona virus.

      drednicolson in reply to DaveGinOly. | September 1, 2020 at 9:27 pm

      There’s thousands of strains of the common “cold virus”, so yes, there’s no single “cure” that could possibly cover all of them.

      Just like there’s no single “cure” for cancer, because there are hundreds of different types and each one may require a different regimen of treatments.

    Ummm, wasn’t that Fauci???

Planned Parenthood is poorly considered. Planned Parent is under investigation. I guess that a Planned Patron, or at least its appearance, would be catastrophic. Fortunately, the risk profile of the Wuhan virus is well-established, most people are either immune to disease progression or can be inoculated to mitigate infection, and the epidemiological curve indicates that the virus has evolved with progressive viability.

Wilhelm’s out in 2021, so he doesn’t care. It’s all about inflicting pain, he’s been remarkably effective at that.
He says he wants to wait for a vaccine, but it’s not like all 8 million New Yorkers will get it the first day. Will he want to wait 6 months? What about people who refuse, what about people who’ve had the coronavirus or a positive antibody test? Unfortunately, New Yorkers seem to be waiting as their lives and livelihoods are destroyed by this guy.

They say you get the politician you deserve, we’ll wait to we see who will run to replace deBlasio. The moving vans are booked months out these days, that’s voting with your feet. Bah.

Inoculated… rather “disinfected”, including border control through early consumption of the HCQ cocktail.

Is anyone going to take this numbskull to court?

It’s getting near, if not already past the time, for tar and feathers, or even rope, lampposts, assembly.

Up yours, commie dunce.

I honestly don’t understand why New Yorkers aren’t rising up against this clown. He’s clearly enjoying the misery that he’s imposing on people.

Trial Balloon.

I can’t help laughing my asz off when I think about new yorkers electing this commiePOS to run the city. What dopes. They deserve every bit of pain they’re receiving. When the middle class starts rioting, and they will, it’s going to make for great tv. Can’t wait.

This idiot was ELECTED by NYC. If you want to go down with the SS di Blasio, by all means stay and grumble to the NYT. If you have a lick of sense, cut your losses and leave. The patient is flat lined, cooling, and beginning to smell.

This guy is genuinely crazy. No hyperbole, either.

20% of the population of his city has already fled. Many, perhaps most, will never return.

Even now, demand for UHaul trucks there is off the charts insane.

If he were deliberately trying to destroy the City, what would he have done differently?

Trust us we’re from the government. We will give the power back…

De Blasio appears oblivious to the fact that NYC is not a desert oasis. As the weather gets colder (and rainier) eating outside ceases to even be an option. So he is effectively decreeing that all eateries close down again—without even the justification that seemed to be there in March. I think the socialists’ bizarre belief that life can be made totally risk-free is about to collide with one of the unfortunate facts of existence. Now if only liberals cowering in their homes would come to the same realization, we might begin to make some progress putting this plague behind us.