If there is one thing that best illustrates the complete and possibly unbridgeable socio-cultural, moral, and political divide between leftist coastal elites and the rest of America it may well be trucks.  Big trucks.  Yuge trucks.  The bigger the better trucks.

The left has long had a cursory interest in normal Americans’ preference for trucks, an interest that was once fueled by global warming concerns.  How can anyone drive a gas-guzzling truck when the planet will be destroyed in 20, 15, 12 years?  How dare pickup truck owners endanger the lives of every. single. person. on the planet with their selfish truck purchase?  Isn’t that just so typical of selfish, capitalist Americans?

Such trucks should not be made, everyone should drive one of those nifty electric cars the size of a suitcase.  Because global warming / climate change / whatever they’re calling it these days when they bother to mention it at all.

Back in 2017, Professor Jacobson wrote a piece about just this whining leftism, noting that the New York Times even ventured out on “safari” to see why those odd creatures in flyover country favored pickup trucks.  Yuge ones, at that.

That’s a long way of getting me to an article in The NY Times which is something of a cultural perspective on how little liberal northeast media understands about the country.

But it’s not just Texans that love them some big trucks.  The whole South loves them, as does the Midwest, and the West, pretty much every region except elitist urban areas of the east and west coasts.

Fast forward a mere three plus years, and now the left sees big trucks as “basically . . .  deliberately designed to intimidate and kill pedestrians.”

They look at a truck, and they literally see a potential problem for their ongoing rioting, looting, arson, murder, and mayhem.

We look at a truck and think, nice!  Maybe it could be a bit bigger, but real nice.

Beyond the complete disconnect here between media elites and normal Americans, how morally bankrupt do you have to be to even think of this?

Cooper goes on to accuse auto manufacturers of using his “take” on big trucks as “deliberately designed” pedestrian killers as a “marketing gimmick.”

Needless to say, this did not go unnoticed (via Twitchy).

I’m guessing the latter.



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