Every time I hear “progressive” these days, I kind of laugh a little inside.  Is there anything less progressive than a backwards-looking ideology that embraces the worst of the twentieth century?

Today’s “progressives” love the 1930s and the 1960s best of all, but any dated, last century communist revolutionary antic is apparently on the table.

The latest?  Bible burning.

Communists burn Bibles.  It’s what they do.

I think we are supposed to be outraged, but honestly, my outrage meter tapped out long ago, and all I see are a bunch of ridiculous, spoiled, entitled brats attempting to provoke a response with tired, silly stunts.

Excuse me if I can’t work up more than an eye roll and a yawn for this facile, ridiculously laughable Bible burning protest theater.

What is more worrying, however, is the continued attack by government officials on religious liberty:


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