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National Security Advisor: Trump “should be a frontrunner for the Nobel Peace Prize.”

National Security Advisor: Trump “should be a frontrunner for the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Robert O’Brien’s comments upon announcement of the Israel-UAE peace deal triggered an avalanche of TDS.

Donald Trump announced an Israel-UAE peace deal today, an historic accompishment by any measure.

Of course, the haters were gonna hate, but the effort also was widely praised.

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien triggered TDS world when he suggested that Trump deserved a Nobel Peace Prize:

“It wouldn’t surprise me if the President is eventually nominated for a Nobel Prize,” the president’s top national security adviser, Robert O’Brien, told reporters Thursday. “Today’s work is an example of why he would be rightly considered and should be a front-runner for the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Trump has long complained that he would deserve the Peace Prize if it were handed out fairly.

Recall Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize just for existing.

The reaction to Obrien’s statement was predictable.


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But did he make the sea levels stop rising?

Would he really want an “award” with the taint of Barack Obama, Yassar Arafat, and all the other shitstains previously awarded?

And the sun should not rise in the east.

Ain’t NEVER gonna happen!

“Recall Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize just for existing.”

This is a beautiful sentence. Thank you, Professor.

Donald Trump is one of the greatest presidents America has ever had. He is transformative on the scale of Washington: our entire crop of corrupt, foul humans infesting our government are being turned on their head by this man.

Forget ‘Nobel Dumbell Obama’ prizes; forget the corrupt ‘Pulizter’ NY times Prizes.

We all know the truth. The greater truth is that our country is hopeless divided into three classes: the left/islamists, the swamp (including the GOP) and the rest of us (which includes Trump).

Horrible to say this, but it’s true: our future is not 50 states (57, if you’re obama). We should start planning now.

Donald Trump has let 165,000 Americans die, and my twitter feed is filled with Washington reporters credulously repeating that he should win the Nobel prize.

— Adam Parkhomenko (@AdamParkhomenko) August 13, 2020
I seem to remember the “experts” saying we’d lose 2.2 million people to the chinese flu. So in reality PDJT has by any measure saved over 2 million. Subtract the governors who murdered the elderly by placing the sick in elder care facilities and it makes PDJT look even better.

Democrats reaction should the Nobel actually happen.

Australia ABC news says they would have made the peace deal even without Trump. Also that it undermines Palestinians, who for some reason are really popular.

Nevertheless a good youtube live channel.

James O’Keefe is worthy of nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize and a Medal of Freedom.

    Not if you’re a leftist, islamist, corrupt GOPe piece of sh*t, or democrat.

    That’s about half the country, and most of the people infesting our government.

    We’re not going to make it as 50 states going forward. We might as well cut ties peacefully. We’ll be a lot happier. And the characters we leave behind will be, well, left behind.

      Wrathchilde in reply to | August 14, 2020 at 8:34 am

      There will be no “peaceful” cutting of ties. No matter how much the left is given, they will always want the little that we keep. California needs water and power, so they’ll want lands supplying those items given to them…etc…ad nauseam.

      No peaceful divorce. Conquer the blue areas, march them off to the loading docks for recycling ships operating in the South Pacific, relish their lamentations. Adapting a line from Josey Wales, fish got to eat, too.

All of the above is true…

Forget it…

If nothing else, this is the most world class suck up to the boss EVER…

celebrate that fact alone!

He would have to be nominated by someone from the “right” group of people, probably with a bit of bakeesh involved. It’s not going to happen.

But he has my respect.

It’s so much fun to see all the leftist heads explode.

Should the Hague arrest and prosecute all the other leaders of the world whose citizens died of Covid on their watch? Merkel, Johnson, Macron, Spain and Italy’s leaders all had death rates greater than Trump’s America. Why single out Trump? Sorry. Rhetorical question. We know why.

The Nobel Peace Prize has unfortunately become a symbol of nothing but politics ever since they awarded it to Obama before he ever did anything either good or bad for peace. They don’t like Trump, so no matter what he does for peace, he will never be considered.

God, imagine how many deaths there would be on the left ?? I would be lovely to ram this down lefties throats as an example of an award being earned instead of being given just for being black baby jesus ??