With Kamala Harris’ designation as Joe Biden’s running mate, comes the narrative battle.

The NY Times immediately pegged Harris as a “pragmatic moderate,” the line Democrats will be following in describing Harris.

The narrative battle over Harris is much more important than for most other VP picks because everyone expects that Biden will not make it through a full term, and if for some reason he did, he’s definiately not running again. Harris would be the President-in-Waiting in a Biden White House.

She’s a lightweight, as I noted after one of her many primary debate debacles:

Kamala Harris proved me wrong — I’ve viewed her as someone whose intellect is a mile wide and an inch deep. I’d like to revise that assessment — her intellect is a mile wide and half-an-inch deep. There’s no there, there.

Being a lightweight isn’t the worst thing a VP could be.

I scrolled through our Kamala Harris Tag to review some of our coverage of Harris, and was surprised both how much we have written about her, but also how wacky she has been. She’s no pragmatic moderate.

So, because I’m lazy tonight, rather than writing it up again, here are my series of tweets of Flashbacks to Harris’ political craziness.


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