Slowly, oh so slowly it seems, we are starting to see more and more stories of pushback against the left’s insane cancel culture mobs that attack and attempt to impoverish and destroy individuals, businesses, whomever for failing to conform to their own ponderously illogical worldview.

A recent example of this welcome trend occurred in Long Island, New York and is one of my favorite stories because it involves a Trump flag, a restaurant owner refusing to be bullied by online “woke” mobs, and a community rallying to support the target of the leftist cry-bullies.  And pizza.  What’s not to love?

A Long Island pizza shop owner proudly displays an American flag at the front of his store and a Trump flag toward the back.  A random Karen was violently pummeled in the eyeballs by the horrendous sight of the Trump flag, her shriveled little soul similarly assaulted and “offended,” she shrilly—I imagine, it could have been “self-righteously” or “indignantly” or whatever—declared that she would use her Facebook platform to run the pizzeria out of business.

Presumably, only the destruction of this business would be “justice” for the pain and horror inflicted upon this sad, tiny little person who somehow cannot bear the sight of a flag honoring the duly-elected president of these United States.

But a funny thing happened on the way to her plans to throw this owner and all of his employees into poverty and social ostracism.  The community refused her call to boycott the establishment, and in fact, turned up in droves to show support not just for the pizza shop but for the president.

Fox News reports:

A Long Island, New York pizza shop owner is speaking out after he was canceled for flying a Trump flag in the back of his store.

In a Thursday interview on “Varney & Co.” with host Stuart Varney, Patio Pizza owner Guy Caligiuri explained that a woman who had come into store last Friday night to pick up an order noticed his flag and “took offense” after one of Caligiuri’s employees explained it was his.

The customer then announced that she was the administrator of a Facebook page and would post about the encounter on the social media platform with the intent of driving Patio Pizza out of business.

“I’ve been in business for 43 years and I’ve seen a lot,” said Caligiuri. “And, I just took it in stride… I just ignored it, basically.”

However, a short time later, the restauranteur recalled his phone began to ring with calls about “this woman who had posted nasty things about me online and was asking the [St. James] community to boycott Patio Pizza.”

But to Caligiuri’s surprise, on the following morning, New Yorkers from all over Long Island came to Patio Pizza, vocalizing their support for his business and for the president.

“They supported our president. They support the flag that I had hanging in the back of my store,” he recalled.

Even President Trump got in on the action and tweeted his support of this small business owner targeted by the woke mob.

Watch the report:


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