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Student Govt. at Georgetown Votes to Condemn College Republican’s ‘I Love America’ Column

Student Govt. at Georgetown Votes to Condemn College Republican’s ‘I Love America’ Column

“some students cried and others struggled to breathe during heated debate over the issue”

The column was also critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, which was likely one of the things that triggered critics.

The College Fix reports:

Georgetown student government votes to condemn peer’s ‘I Love America’ column

The student government at Georgetown University has passed a resolution to condemn their peer for writing a column on his personal website that stated “I love the United States of America” and criticized the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a contentious online hearing Tuesday, the Georgetown University Student Association approved the resolution by voice vote while some students cried and others struggled to breathe during heated debate over the issue.

The lone student targeted in the resolution is Georgetown University junior Billy Torgerson, a member of the College Republicans, who published a column on Independence Day that argued “The United States of America is the first country in the world that is made of free, self-governing individuals.”

“When applied correctly, our national principles are exemplary,” Torgerson wrote in his column, titled “A Nation of Virtuous Individuals” and published on his website American Buckler.

Only two student senators voiced objection to censuring their peer for his personal writings. The rest of the body voted to officially condemn the piece and called on the entire campus community to file bias reports against Torgerson as part of the approved resolution.

“[T]he rhetoric in this article is racist, ignorant, discriminatory, demeaning, and hateful,” it states.

Georgetown University’s media affairs division did not respond to an emailed request Thursday from The College Fix asking if Torgerson will face an administrative probe as a result of student leaders’ lobbying.

As for Torgerson, he’s standing his ground.

“I will never bow to a mob,” he appended to the top of his column along with a longer explanation stating that he stands behind what he wrote while also agreeing there is room for improvement on how he articulated his thoughts.


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Dantzig93101 | July 10, 2020 at 1:21 pm

Close Georgetown University and transfer any actual students (i.e., able to do college-level work and desirous of doing it) to some university that still educates.

As for the rest of the enrollees, the ones who can be saved would benefit from Fred Reed’s suggestion in his column “Fred for Dictator:”

“As for higher education, it will actually be higher. To begin with, all applicants to college will be required to go through Marine Corps boot camp, reconstituted to the standards of 1965. This will work miracles. Our pansified little darlings will then know what trouble is and not go all limp over Microaggressions.”

If this were written as parody, I would criticize it as too ridiculous to be believed. And, yet, here we are.

“while some students cried and others struggled to breathe during heated debate over the issue” — this is very difficult to believe. Anyone who cried or had difficulty breathing due to this issue needs serious therapy! And Dantzig’s suggestion of boot camp is just a start.

    irv in reply to Geologist. | July 10, 2020 at 6:03 pm

    They did not (mostly) cry or struggle to breathe because they were so upset. They did these things because that’s what has always gotten them their way in the past.

    They are just a bunch of rotten little cry-bullies. It’s horrifying how much of this generation acts this way, but there it is.

Any rational employer should regard a Georgetown degree as absolutely disqualifying unless accompanied by a clear personal history of conservative resistance to the totalitarian leftist mob. Imagine having one of these totalitarian Red Guard freaks in your company, seeking every opportunity to substitute their own perverted agenda for whatever you hired them to do?

buckeyeminuteman | July 10, 2020 at 11:05 pm

A bias report? WTF has happened to our universities?

I wonder if what we are seeing is the result of widespread benzodiazepine addiction. See Jordan Peterson’s experiences here:

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