Protesters continue to occupy City Hall after the City Council didn’t meet their demands in the NYPD budget cuts.

Videos show the protesters taunting the police officers. One black man called the black cop a “black Judas.”

“I can’t believe you all are getting paid to sit there like f*cking idiots,” one woman said. “You guys go to clown college for like 26 weeks.”

“Your hairdresser has to go to school for longer than you do,” another man screamed. “Half of you don’t even have a college education — to be out here making demands about the people when you can’t even read a f—ing history book.”

“You should f—ing know better,” the man shouted at the black officer. “You should know better. Traitor! Traitor to your f—ing people! You’re like the f—king black Judas.”


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