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New York City Coronavirus Failure Pitched as Success

New York City Coronavirus Failure Pitched as Success

No new deaths because so many already have died, the house has burnt down and the fire is out.

No one died from the Wuhan coronavirus in New York City on Sunday. That’s awesome. I’m glad.

The left has found a way to praise NYC even though Mayor Bill de Blasio screwed up royally at the beginning of the outbreak.

Did NYC really have no deaths on Sunday?

Valerie Jarrett cheered that “short term sacrifice saves lives!!!”

Can someone remind her that de Blasio and other NYC officials encouraged residents to go out and about? They even pushed people to attend Chinese New Year celebrations. Researchers believe NYC is the primary source of virus infections across the country.


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buckeyeminuteman | July 13, 2020 at 1:09 pm

I have been to NYC a couple of times. Never again. It’s not worth my life or my health. It’s literally becoming hell on earth.

The Dhimmi-crats are unabashed and brazen liars and propagandists, always nonplussed to engaged in brazen historical revisionism, to suit their self-serving political aims.

Putting on a happy face… even if it is a death mask.

I’m going to say I’m glad the press hates Trump so much…

Reason being is he has to deliver 10x the results to win.

If I were on the other side of the coin…I’d be happy with the above results because it lets me feel good about the narrative.

I’ve said elsewhere, I’m sure that allowing COVID to kill off the vulnerable populations early is a factor in their new-found “zero deaths” glory, but I’m extremely skeptical that it’s the only cause.

Remember when the virus first started making the news, and the government wanted everyone in “PANIC!” mode, and so the death tolls were inflated by including car accidents, heart attacks, gunshot wounds, and a thousand other causes-of-death in the “COVID-related” numbers, as long as the deceased posthumously tested positive?

There was political advantage in doing that, and with the media providing cover they could get away with it, so they did.

Now, there’s political advantage in pushing a “zero deaths” narrative, and the media will provide them cover, so I have no reason to assume they’re not recording honest-to-God COVID deaths as “acute respiratory distress”, “cardiac arrest”, “stroke”, or a thousand other things not COVID-related.

Others have already demonstrated that Florida’s “surge” in cases is largely due to increased testing, and that NY is not seeing a “surge” because they’re largely NOT testing; even after all the talk of “test everybody so we can take precautions”, NY tests ~1/10th as many people as Florida. The rate of positives is about the same, but the raw number of positives is what’s getting reported, and makes NY look much better than it is.

They fudged the numbers before – repeatedly – for political gain. It’s reasonable to assume they’ll do it again.

    txvet2 in reply to Archer. | July 13, 2020 at 2:30 pm

    “”the death tolls were inflated””

    They’re still doing that here. Virtually none of the 29 deaths logged so far in this county were due to the virus. The vast majority have occurred in nursing homes, and they were due to “underlying conditions”. Only one was younger than 60, and he had a bad heart.

    randian in reply to Archer. | July 13, 2020 at 8:19 pm

    Florida counties want big case numbers to justify their “emergency” lockdown orders and mask mandates.

Planned Parent… hood (PP) is an essential service. That, and reduce, reuse, recycle (clinical cannibalism) of Mengele clinics for profit.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | July 13, 2020 at 3:21 pm

Dan Bongino
Jul 11
Local “reporters” trying to out-Karen each other in the Karen Olympics, when discussing these dreaded mask mandates is the most Karen thing you’ll see all weekend.

That’s what good marketing can do for you. Cuomo’s press conferences were on TV every single day for so long and he could appear on CNN whenever he wanted, that he got painted early on as the face of national leadership while at the same time Trump was being lambasted for being ineffectual, and that belief has stuck with many.

I still see him being lauded elsewhere on the internet by people, even New Yorkers, who have caught the “Cuomo has been an awesome leader” bait hook, line, and sinker. Quite a few of these people are the same ones who are in the camp that the more a state was/is shut down, the better the governor was/is. I’ve even seen people shrug off the nursing home issue as no big deal, he admitted making a mistake, carry on.

Democrat governors who converted nursing homes into Nazi German extermination camps and prohibited doctors from administering hydroxychloroquine sure chose who to sacrifice in short term.

NYC deserves its demise. We don’t.

After all of the social programs and wealth redistribution in New York City, the result of the Democrats’race and class war will be like the old days where NYC was a place for some extremely rich people and massive mobs of poor people with nothing in between.