Quarterback Colin Kaepernick confirmed him kneeling during the national anthem is hatred for this country that gave him an opportunity to become a star and millionaire.

Kaepernick bashed Independence Day, calling it a “celebration of white supremacy.”

What changed? He sent out happy messages on Independence Day when President Barack Obama was in office.

Back in 2016, when Obama was still president, Kaepernick started a storm when he kneeled for the national anthem during the NFL preseason.

Kaepernick claimed he did it to protest police brutality against blacks, not out of disrespect for the military.

It sort of caught on, but then Kaepernick claimed the NFL blacklisted him since he hasn’t played since then.

However, Kaepernick’s name has come back into the news due to the protests and riots across the nation after the death of George Floyd.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell apologized a few weeks ago “for not listening to them earlier and encouraged them to protest peacefully.”

Kaepernick is worth millions. He has a huge contract with Nike.

But don’t forget this is the man who wore a Che t-shirt. You know, the guy who murdered blacks, gays, and anyone who opposed him. He also praised Fidel Castro.

That’s when people realized during Obama’s administration Kaepernick had a different view of Independence Day.



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