Despite record high deaths attributed to COVID-19 and the nursing home scandal that followed, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is experiencing a major boost in the polls.

I’m so old, I remember when facts at least sort of mattered and sentencing thousands to their deaths would be the political end of an elected official.

According to a new Marist poll, 72% approve of Cuomo’s handling of coronavirus.

Governor Andrew Cuomo enjoys his highest job performance score since taking office in 2011. 60% of registered voters in New York, up from 38% in March 2019, rate Cuomo’s job performance as either excellent (29%) or good (31%). Cuomo’s previous high rating occurred in October 2012 when 59% of registered voters thought he did an excellent or good job as governor.

Regardless of region of residence, at least a majority of New York voters think highly of Cuomo’s job performance. He rates highest in New York City (67%) followed by the city’s suburbs (61%) and then Upstate (55%).

“New Yorkers are responding in a very positive way to Governor Cuomo’s leadership during this unprecedented time,” says Dr. Lee M. Miringoff, Director of The Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “Cuomo has been able to govern in a convincing way both on COVID-19 and the economy.”

When asked, overall, whether they approve or disapprove of how Cuomo is executing his job duties, two in three (66%) New York State residents, including the same proportion of registered voters statewide, say they approve. 29% disapprove. A partisan divide exists, but even more than one in four Republicans (28%) approve of the job Cuomo is doing as governor. 89% of Democrats and 65% of non-enrolled voters say the same. 70% of Republicans disapprove of the governor’s job performance.



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