NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio banned large gatherings through September 30 after he, with a large group of people, painted Black Lives Matter in front of Trump Tower.

BLM Mural

NYC is not in decent shape due to the shutdown and cuts to the NYPD budget.

So what does de Blasio prioritize?

Painting BLACK LIVES MATTER in front of Trump Tower.

Watch this video. I don’t see much social distancing. I spot de Blasio without a mask! Didn’t the media and the left give President Donald Trump a hard time for not wearing a mask while he’s talking to a large group of people?

I guess it doesn’t matter when a leftist does it. He puts it on when he helps paint the mural.

De Blasio faced some jeers and boos while performing the publicity stunt.

After de Blasio announced the project, a source said “he is doing it to antagonize the president” and called him an “amateur politician.”

Large Gatherings

NYC will not have feasts, parades, or fairs until September 30:

“No, we don’t need big events anytime soon,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said on CNN. “We’ve had a lot of success making New York City healthier and we’ve got to stick to that plan.

“The kinds of gatherings we’re used to — the parades, the fairs — we just can’t have that while we’re focusing on health right now,” he added.

In a statement, de Blasio said:

“As New York has begun its reopening process, accessible open spaces are more important than ever,” said de Blasio in a statement. “While it pains me to call off some of the city’s beloved events, our focus now must be the prioritization of city space for public use and the continuation of social distancing.” The city will refund or defer fees connected with a denied permit.

This means no:

  • West Indian American Day Carnival
  • Dominican Day Parade
  • San Gennaro Festival

De Blasio does this after his little spectacle in front of Trump Tower. Yes, the crowd painting the mural wasn’t as big as the events, but come on. No one social distanced. De Blasio didn’t even put on a mask until he started painting.

This man has no self-awareness and it seems to come out every single day.

[Featured image via YouTube]


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