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Conservative Students Sue SUNY-Binghamton and Leftist Campus Groups Over Anti-Conservative Bias And Disruptions

Conservative Students Sue SUNY-Binghamton and Leftist Campus Groups Over Anti-Conservative Bias And Disruptions

A mob of left-wing students attacked the campus table exhibit of Young America’s Foundation, then disrupted a scheduled talk by economist Art Laffer. YAF contends that the school was complicit.

In November of 2019, students of the conservative Young America’s Foundation, along with the College Republicans and Turning Point USA, exhibited at a table on campus, when they suddenly found themselves surrounded by an angry mob.

The exhibit was happening in anticipation of a campus talk by economist Art Laffer, an event which was disrupted by another mob.

I wrote at the time:

VIDEO: Anti-Trump Mob Attacks and Taunts Conservative Students at Binghamton University

Students from the College Republicans and Turning Point USA were exhibiting on the campus of Binghamton University in New York, when they suddenly found themselves surrounded by an angry mob.

The video, which is posted below, shows students yelling obscenities at them and throwing their materials on the ground.

Frank Camp of the Daily Wire has details:

SHOCKING VIDEO: Conservative Students Harassed And Intimidated By Leftist Student Mob

On Thursday, conservative students affiliated with the College Republicans and Turning Point USA (TPUSA) at Binghamton University in New York were harassed and intimidated by a massive mob of activists.

The groups were “tabling” side-by-side in a public space on campus, according to John Restuccia, president of the College Republicans.

While the College Republicans were handing out flyers for an upcoming speech by famed economist Dr. Arthur Laffer sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation (YAF), the individuals at the TPUSA table were handing out buttons and posters pertaining to conservative political ideology.

Restuccia left to attend a class, but was later called back to the site due to the burgeoning protest. He dialed the State University Police and headed over…

In the video, one activist attempts to dismantle the College Republicans/TPUSA set up, throwing buttons and posters to the ground, and flipping the table.

Now YAF is suing the school and the official campus groups involved in the attack.

Spencer Brown writes at the YAF Blog:

YAF Sues SUNY-Binghamton, Leftist Agitators for Multiple Constitutional Violations

Young America’s Foundation (YAF)—joined by plaintiffs SUNY-Binghamton College Republicans (BUCR) and current BUCR President Jon Lizak—filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Harvey Stenger, president of SUNY-Binghamton; Brian Rose, vice president for Student Affairs at SUNY-Binghamton; John Pelletier, chief of SUNY-Binghamton’s University Police Department; College Progressives, a registered student organization at SUNY-Binghamton; and Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT), a leftist collective based in Binghamton, New York.

-On November 14, 2019, a 200-person mob of leftist College Progressives activists harassed and assaulted BUCRs while they were tabling on campus to promote a November 18, 2019, YAF lecture featuring Dr. Arthur Laffer. The SUNY-Binghamton campus police did nothing to protect the BUCR’s right to free speech and SUNY-Binghamton administrators took no actions to hold the responsible individuals accountable.

-Following the tabling fiasco, YAF repeatedly sought assurances that SUNY Binghamton administrators and police would not allow such a debacle to happen a second time and instead would protect Dr. Laffer and his right to speak if a similar mob of leftists attempted to impose a “heckler’s veto” by disrupting the lecture and shouting him down. YAF requested that the protesters be removed, not Dr. Laffer. SUNY Binghamton declined to provide any such assurance.

-In between the tabling episode and the lecture, College Progressives and radical leftist agitators, operating as “PLOT,” worked in tandem to develop a strategy to interrupt and silence Dr. Laffer before he could speak. SUNY-Binghamton authorities were aware of these plans ahead of the lecture and took no action in opposition.

-Despite their knowledge of the protesters’ plans to violate the constitutional rights of Dr. Laffer, YAF, and BUCR, SUNY-Binghamton administrators actually took action to make the planned disruption easier by providing the leftist agitators with a room immediately adjacent to the lecture hall in which Dr. Laffer would be speaking.

The short video below takes you through the events leading up to the present:

College campuses used to be a place for intelligent discussion. People of differing political views held debates and worked out their differences with words.

In recent years, the left has resorted to using bullying tactics and sometimes violence. They do not want to have a debate. They want anyone who disagrees to be banned from the public square.


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I wonder if the FBI has an open file and investigation concerning George Soros and whoever else it is that bankrolls this stuff.

Soros bankrolls arguably legitimate groups that attract thugs. Like having a protest that attracts looters.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Ira. | July 24, 2020 at 2:22 pm

    Are they the groups that put out all the ads for “rent a rioter?”

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | July 24, 2020 at 2:34 pm

Rut Roh.

Cornell University has been accused of misappropriation of student fees to fund the BLM which funnels all the fees to the DNC.

Remember misappropriation is the politicians’ disingenuous evil way of saying embezzlement and accounting fraud!

People should sue them.

Cornell Improperly Sends Student Fees to BLM Activists – $10,000

Cornell University campus at Ithaca, New York.
The Death of the Liberal US University Occurred This Month

As a SUNY-SB grad, I’d love to say that I want to see the Harpur good guys win this one. But then I’d have to admit that there ARE Harpur good guys.
Although in this case, it would appear that there actually are.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | July 24, 2020 at 2:49 pm

Would love to know more about this comment found on the web.

“liberal US universities are there and used by politicians as their money laundering operation”

2smartforlibs | July 24, 2020 at 2:55 pm

Now the dance is getting interesting.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | July 24, 2020 at 3:00 pm

Good news on a related topic.

President Trump:

Give parents federal cash for choice if public schools fail to physically reopen

If Public Schools Close, Give Parents the Money for School Choice

broomhandle | July 24, 2020 at 3:22 pm

SUNY B was a great school before it self destruction. Certain parts of it still are great. Is there any chance this lawsuit will succeed?

When I attended SUNY Oswego we thought that the really smart kids were in SUNY Binghamton (we just knew how to party better). But after viewing the videos I am pleasantly surprised to see that I was wrong. Not only did we party better, but we were smarter too. These Binghamton fascists make my blood boil.

Nick $andman and L. Lin Wood could become the first conservative ‘lawfare’ warriors, if they fund these kinds of cases.

Good on them. Just like the left sued the kkk and bankrupted them we need tough lawyers to do the same to the left.
Riot on the people offering information like YAF and everyone video taped causing harm should be sued individually. Put their lives on hold for 20 or 30 years paying off lawyers,fines and other charges. Make their stupid really hurt.
Nick Sandman should be the ideal for the right.