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Report: Co-founder of NeverTrump Lincoln Project was vying for Trump campaign role in 2016

Report: Co-founder of NeverTrump Lincoln Project was vying for Trump campaign role in 2016

Had online meltdown trying to explain it away

Well, well, well. Not sure who dropped this oppo but it’s hi-larious.

According to a an article in the NY Post, one of the co-founders of the Lincoln Project, Steve Schmidt, interviewed for a post with Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign but wasn’t picked for the role because Trump thought he was “an idiot.”

The Lincoln Project is a PAC outfitted by NeverTrump hangovers that’s actively fundraising to oust Republicans from office.

According to the NY Post:

Steve Schmidt, one of the co-founders of anti-Trump political action group the Lincoln Project, met with then-candidate Donald Trump and tried to join his campaign during a 2016 Manhattan meeting, sources with knowledge of the conversation told The Post.

But the Republican operative — best known for his work on John McCain’s failed presidential bid before becoming one of the faces of the “Never Trump” movement — failed to get the gig because Trump thought he was a “total idiot,” one of the sources said.

Ten days after Schmidt’s March 2016 meeting at Trump Tower, the campaign hired Paul Manafort as chairman and eventually promoted him to campaign manager.

In an interview with PRWeek two years later, the Jersey-born political strategist and PR executive nonchalantly recounted the meeting with Trump as a chance to “see what he was about” and likened it to being given the opportunity to see a UFO in Central Park.

But sources familiar with the meeting said Schmidt spent the entire encounter presenting what he thought the outsider candidate needed to do to win the election and was reportedly gunning for the campaign chief role, which Corey Lewandowski was fired from three months later.

After the NY Post spot was published, Schmidt went to Twitter to defend himself, though I wouldn’t say it’s convincing.

Sure, ok. Except that’s not really how it looks based on his TV appearances around the time of the interview. Which have been found and published. So, you be the judge.

Grifter’s gonna grift, ya know.


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Funny, indeed.

His entire tantrum/meltdown oozes of butthurt, which in my opinion goes to prove Bowden’s claim.

And then there are additional receipts.

Jackie Gleason captures Schmidt,


Seem the same thing happened to Mittens

He went begging for SoS gig and ended up leaving with the elastic waistband of his Magic Underpants hooked over his forehead

Does Schmidt have any sort of credentials or experience in anything?

Sounds like Trump had him made, early on, as an idiot.

I am surprised that Trump still has Bannon around.

Schmidt was once lucid as a pundit, but he is unhinged, as are Wilson and Conway, and probably others. Maybe there is something in the water they are drinking at Lincoln.

Being rejected by PDJT is one of the leading causes of TDS it seems. judge nap, scarborough/mika, bolton, mattis… the list is long. Wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of the schmidt gang were also told “Thanks but no thanks.”

ThePrimordialOrderedPair | July 27, 2020 at 11:55 pm

Steve Schmidt is the idiot who ran John McCain’s pathetic 2008 campaign. He never should have been talked to, again, by anyone with even half a brain. THe guy is totally retarded loser. Trump had this guy nailed and, I’m sure, knew he was an incompetent, America-hating boob from his 2008 folly (giving the country away to the Indonesian America-hater who wasn’t even qualified to do anything more than push a mop, if that … or fetch coffee, if you asked BJ CLinton).

Once I got to tweet #6 I couldn’t bring myself to read more, he was so nauseatingly transparent.