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Andrew Cuomo’s NY Health Dept Clears Andrew Cuomo Of Responsibility For Nursing Home Deaths

Andrew Cuomo’s NY Health Dept Clears Andrew Cuomo Of Responsibility For Nursing Home Deaths

Assemblyman Ron Kim: “This is a conflict of interest for the health department to investigate its own poor decisions.”

The New York Health Department’s report cleared Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his policies on the 6,300 coronavirus nursing home deaths blamed hospitals.

New York had the most deaths in nursing homes in the country.

On March 25, Cuomo’s executive order forced nursing homes to accept coronavirus patients.

Cuomo said he followed CDC guidelines on nursing homes, but the guidelines did not have it.

Cuomo tried to deflect blame to the federal government and President Donald Trump.

For some reason, the NY Health Department sided with Cuomo. Health Commissioner Howard Zucker insisted “infected nursing home staffers and visitors spread the” virus in the home:

Zucker, meanwhile, said he was surprised to learn that 37,500 nursing home staffers were infected with the virus during the peak of the pandemic — about one-quarter of the 158,000 nursing home workforce. Many of the staffers were asymptomatic and still caring for residents and inadvertently infected nursing home residents, the report said.

Testing also showed that 29 percent of the nursing home staffers had COVID-19 antibodies, according to the report.

Still, Zucker said the report found the peak of deaths in state nursing homes preceded the peak of admission of coronavirus patients from hospitals. The peak of nursing home fatalities occurred on April 8 , while the largest number of patients transferred from hospitals to nursing homes occurred on April 14.

The analysis said 6,326 COVID patients were transferred from hospitals to nursing homes between March 25 and May 8.

The report also claimed that most patients admitted to nursing homes from hospitals were no longer contagious when admitted and therefore were not a source of the infection.

The analysis also found that nursing home quality was not a factor in the fatalities. The homes with higher rankings had a higher COVID-19 infection rate than those with lower rankings.

Zucker cited a Mount Sinai Medical Center revealing the presence of COVID-19 antibodies was discovered in blood specimens as early as Feb. 23.

State Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) described the report as a “cover-up” for Cuomo:

But Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens), a critic of the state’s nursing home policies, slammed the report as a “cover-up.”

“This is a conflict of interest for the health department to investigate its own poor decisions,” Kim said.

“For them to say that the decision of sending COVID-19 patients from hospitals into nursing did not contribute to increasing infections is ludicrous,” Kim said.

“This is part of the beginning of a cover-up for their poor decisions,” he added.

This is my main problem with both sides when it comes to issues. Why can’t it be all the factors listed above? Cuomo’s policy, visitors, and infected staff members.

Kind of like the spikes of new cases. Why can’t it be both protests and reopenings?


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The Friendly Grizzly | July 7, 2020 at 11:14 am

In other news, the FBI has conducted an internal investigation and found no wrong-doing on the part of its agents, or the agency itself, in trying to bring down a duly elected president.

Dusty Pitts | July 7, 2020 at 11:22 am

“This absolutely impartial and judicious body composed entirely of people who owe their livelihoods to me personally has upheld my every word, thought, and deed as unerringly rightwous and correct. How dare you question their conclusions?”

Why the need to be cleared by a NYS Bureaucratic Dept. that the NY Governor oversees? Was there even the slightest hint of impropriety or incompetence raised formally by another NYS Dept. that the NYS Governor oversees? What am I missing here. Why the PR. Who’s kidding whom?

Choices were made… Planned Parent, and its sibling, Planned Parenthood, are essential services.

cleared Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his policies on the 6,300 coronavirus nursing home deaths blamed hospitals.

What does this mean?

Meanwhile the Politburo clears Stalin of the Holodomor
And the FBI clears Hillary of using an illegal email server
And the DNC clears FDRyms of putting Japanese Americans into concentration camps
And the ADL clears FDR yms of inactivity during the Shoah

“ Mistakes were made, let’s not politicize things”= “one million deaths is a statistic “

“ Mistakes were made, let’s not politicize things”= “one million deaths is a statistic “

“Why, yes, yes, I have reviewed my behavior, and I must say, I have done a remarkably good job”

    Owego in reply to pfg. | July 9, 2020 at 3:15 am

    Barack Obama, another arrogant narcissist who also left a trail of death and destruction behind himself, once actually said that about his own performance as POTUS.

    Owego in reply to pfg. | July 9, 2020 at 3:23 am

    Barack Obama, another corrupt arrogant narcissist who left a trail of death and destruction behind, actually once said that about his own performance as POTUS.

Frank Hammond | July 7, 2020 at 12:33 pm

Sonny Cuomo killed those elderly to pump up his Cover numbers, while the Navy Hospital Ship sat empty in NY Harbor.

It’s Sonny Cuomo! It can get away with anything.

Sounds legit to me.

Steve McInyre over at climate audit . org noted this morning that the study absolving coumo of responsibility used a sloppy chinese study.

Note that climate audit . org runs a good twitter feed on a variety of topics, (climate science, mueller probe, covid, syria, etc)

The monster is a mass murderer. Poor upstaters have to suffer this cretin who essentially another mayor of NYC and the anus of New York State.

Did it pass the Matilda test?

Did Chris Cuomo head up the investigation team?

Remember when Prince Andy spiked an ethics investigation on the grounds that the administration couldn’t investigate itself? Suddenly, that’s no longer true.

It’s good to be the king.

henrybowman | July 7, 2020 at 4:44 pm

Defund the New York Health Department!

Putting aside the NH debacle, there is still something troubling in the data that’s been bugging me. There is still a very large disparity in the data between NY/NJ/CT/MA and the rest of the country. Their death rate is much higher than the rest of the country, even today. So either they have a significant failure in their treatment protocols or their data is somehow skewed. They are way outside of the “norm”. I’ve been trying to come up with an explanation for weeks.

Next week we will be attending a small, private memorial for one of those nursing home victims. That man has blood on his hands, and if he is not judged in this world, surely we will be in the next.

This is like that traitor comey ‘clearing’ clinton.

Cuomo committed genocide

    Substitute the FBI or DoJ for Comey in your post and you are exactly right. Zucker is to Cuomo as Comey was to Obama. It is the “deep state” at the state level.

And in the energy sector, BP has cleared itself for any liability to the Deepwater Horizon accident.

From the late, great Richard Condon’s novel, The Final Addiction:

” Edward Price [nee Edwardo Prizzi] claimed to have invented the billions of dollars’ worth of junk bonds issued by companies he controlled, then sold to savings and loans, insurance companies and banks–that is basically to the stockholders who had bought them–bonds on which the sellers got 4 percent, the lawyers who drew up the indentures got $700 an hour [this was written in 1991, so mentally adjust this upward–a lot], the public went broke, but no one went to jail. Executives of Barker’s Hill companies were also encouraged to give themselves multimillion-dollar wages as they drove their companies into insolvency. Edward S. Price was the inventor of the dream of just writing out checks with the stockholders’ money, made payable to himself, then having his lawyers and bankers certify that it was legal and aboveboard. He had bought huge companies away from their stockholders at far less than real value while using the stockholders’ money to hire the lawyers and bankers to help him take away the stockholders’ money.

” When he had explained these procedures, which had become common practice of American business, to his father, the great capo mafioso, Don Corrado Prizzi, the old man had marveled with admiration. ‘You have really organized crime, my son,’ he said with awe. ‘Every year you skim off another two or three billion and the way you got it all figured out, nobody can call cop.’

” ‘It’s just the modern way, Poppa,’ Price had said. ‘There is no one to bother you. The Congress looks the other way because there is also a big buck in it for them, and the Securities and Exchange Commission doesn’t make any waves. There are private plaintiff suits, sure, but they all get settled using the stockholders’ money–and we come away from every deal richer and cleaner.’

” ‘But you gotta tie up a lot of cash for that.’

” ‘No, Poppa. We borrow from the banks.’

” ‘But that’s a lotta interest you gotta pay on loans like that.’

” ‘So sell off some companies and fire a few thousand people to pay the interest. The rest is not only clear to us, but we get it all free.’

” ‘Jesus,” his father said, “we used to have to use guns.’ “

This whole thing reminds me of the thread in “Anything Goes” by Cole Porter. The leading male, Billy, is a stowaway on board a ship. While masquerading as a member of the crew, he is ordered by the captain to help search for the stowaway. When he gets back from the exhaustive search, he says, “Guess what, we didn’t find me!”

This would be a good time for Mark Levin to replay a Friday March 6, call to his show that a Dr. made exposing the fact that NY government was forcing nursing homes to accept Covid infected patients. Three weeks before the executive order. Somebody is lying and I don’t think it’s the Dr.

    GatorGuy in reply to JimWoo. | July 8, 2020 at 8:50 pm

    Makes sense: the NYS DoH rule of 25 March was written in such a way as allow its administrators, the governor especially, the option to blame CMS’s early, broader rule for, as Gov Cuomo et al put it, “requiring or necessitating” NY’s action.

    CMS’s early, broader rule did not authorize NYS DoH language whatsoever. NY officials counted on deviously wiggling their way out of its logical framework and particulars, and they succeeded before “the press” over time. I find Commissioner Zucker’s Department ruling yesterday as much risible as it is absurd on its face. At least in Vegas, everyone accepts that “dealer wins”; it’s the house and all that. Government, on the other hand, is expected — at least it’s theorized — to recognize and respect the wisdom and sovereignty of the people. In this case, it’s obvious it doesn’t.

    Maybe that’s just the way things are done by Democrats in NY and Illinois.

    Anyway, why, this jaded view of administrative motive and aim runs, have a politically idle, oral and vague chain of command when you can effect “right and responsible,” politically active and accountably flexible, or even fungible rulemaking?

    Rather than if, but when the system parts, eg, county managers, nursing home administrators, etc, begin to rumble in response to the 25 March’s NYS DoH nursing home rule’s insane, criminally negligent requirements and the whole enterprise starts to go south systemically, you can go to the usual, default position of the ‘ol Democrat Party M O: deflect, distort, lie, deceive, and dismay.

    I’ve become this skeptical, cynical and so inclined to speculate causally outside official agency policy-and-procedure statements about the entire covid matter.

    It wasn’t in my nature and past cognitive manner to doubt the integrity and aims of authority actions as much as I have done recently — nearly always. Along with other, failed or unsatisfactory covid-related projects conducted by CDC, HHS, NIH-IAID, and FDA since March, I didn’t leave the comfortable credibility-and-soundness cushion of their authority and reliability; as the saying goes, rather, they removed the comfort cushion from beneath and left me.

Coumo is either dumb as hell or evil for exposing the most at risk community to the virus. Either way he’s not fit to govern anything and should be facing criminal charges. After all if the he/she in PA was smart enough to remove mom from the nursing home to avoid the influx of Covid patients I would think a Gov would be too.
At the very least a inquiry by the feds to make sure a hate crime wasn’t committed. But having seen parts of his pressers and interviews with his equally idiotic brother it wouldn’t suprise me if he’s just an idiot who manages to fool people into voting for him.

    GatorGuy in reply to JimWoo. | July 8, 2020 at 9:11 pm

    I’d say, rather, he’s cynical, shrewd, perverse, and anything else judged correctly as vexing, illegal conduct. Such corruption is today the political system’s feature and not its bug.

    I’m more amazed at how shamelessly and amorally they announce their patently corrupt procedures and findings.

    Naked malfeasors, such as Cuomo, and Pritzker in Illinois, have managed their environment and learned well how to immunize themselves against our largely contrary sensibilities and values.

    Evidently, then, government in America is broken enough to dysfunction, and maybe beyond repair. And too many of the population simply don’t give a damn anyway. It looks bleak and gloomy.

    Still, I can and will continue on, and won’t quit the fight. There’s too much to lose otherwise.

The headline’s correct: “Andrew Cuomo’s Health Department…” It is ‘his’ health department, he owns it. Howard Zucker, the department’s chairman, is a Cuomo puppet, the rest of the department are bureaucrats beholden to the state for their livelihoods who will do as told, including ‘clearing Cuomo of responsibility’ for anything he directs them to.

NY’s legislature, courts, agencies, and bureaucracies are the federal government’s ‘deep state’ writ small. They will say and do exactly as told. The problem is that there is no electoral college-like mechanism for ridding ourselves (I live in NY’s flyover country) of Obama-like dishonest, arrogant narcissists such as Cuomo. He will be term limited out but the NYGOP continues to flounder and the enlightened continue to send the Cuomos, De Blasios, Schumers, AOCs, and Gillibrands-remember her?-to government. (God, what a miserable collection of specimens of the species.) Also see California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, and other states for similar cases of mysterious, seemingly uncontrollable death, destruction, and mayhem of unknown causes.