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White Cops, Leftists Engage in “Ceremony” of Washing the Feet of Black “Faith Leaders”

White Cops, Leftists Engage in “Ceremony” of Washing the Feet of Black “Faith Leaders”

“there was a ‘Washing of the Feet’ ceremony where at least three white law enforcement officers and three other white attendees washed the feet of pastors”

As seems to be the case throughout history, those in the midst of historic events rarely see them clearly or understand their significance in the moment.  It takes decades to make sense of things, how they fell apart, what eventually took place to turn the tide, and even then, it’s easy to get it all wrong.

There are, though, those insightful thinkers who do catch on early and attempt to sound the alarm.  In many ways, I think Professor Jacobson and Legal Insurrection have been serving this purpose for over a decade; it was, after all, Jacobson who saw the writing on the wall in the different and dangerous tenor of this generation’s college students, who knew we had to cover and expose their campus antics because he knew with his characteristic prescience that they would spill into the real world.

Well, here we are.

Those snowflake college students shutting down all dissent, demanding “safe spaces,” and insisting that the world conform to their vision so they don’t have to ever hear ideas that make them feel “unsafe”—whatever that means—have graduated college, entered the workforce, and are demanding that all “wrong thoughts” be censored, removed from the public square, abolished.

Further, they demand that the people holding these wrong, “unsafe” thoughts be canceled:  have their lives and livelihoods destroyed beyond repair.  In the name of . . . some kind of bizarre cult they’ve created in which God, country, family are sacrificed on the altar of their SJW religious zeal.

We saw signs of this when white regressive cultists bowed down to Black Lives Matters representatives for their great sin, their crime against humanity, of being born white.

We see that when a Massachusetts police chief prostrated himself, flat out and on his stomach, before Black Lives Matters’ insurgents.

And we are seeing develop an even more religious, fevered pitch as white police officers and white leftist protesters wash the feet of “black faith leaders.”

The Daily Mail reports:

White police officers and community members gathered to wash the feet of black faith leaders in North Carolina, echoing the Biblical story of how Jesus washed his disciples feet.

People of faith gathered for a unity march in Cary on Saturday, braving the summer heat to protest the brutal police killing of George Floyd and demand an end to racism.

Members of the Legacy Church Center, led by co-pastors Faith Wokoma and her husband Soboma, helped organize the unity prayer walk, where people gathered, observed eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence to mark how long a white cop had his knee on Floyd’s neck in killing him, and prayed for the country.

As a part of the event there was a ‘Washing of the Feet’ ceremony where at least three white law enforcement officers and three other white attendees washed the feet of pastors Faith and Soboma Wokoma.

. . . .  The washing of feet is a religious rite observed by various Christian denominations based of Jesus Christ’s commandment that his followers should wash one another’s feet, following his example, and to express humility and love.

Video of the ceremony was shared to Facebook where it went viral racking up over 2,400 views.

‘Powerful display of what reconciliation looks like,’ one Facebook user wrote.

‘This is how racial healing starts,’ another added.

This “ceremony” is absurdly unAmerican on any number of levels, but I think that what it symbolizes is most important, particularly as it intersects with calls to “defund the police.”

Meanwhile, we have to ask, with tongue only partly in cheek, what’s next?  Some no-brain SJW freak submitting to crucifixion on the White House lawn to atone for white people’s sins?  Honestly, at this point, I would not be in the least surprised, nor would I be surprised when even that is not enough to appease the unappeasable.


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The Friendly Grizzly | June 8, 2020 at 7:13 pm

Maybe defending the police us not so crazy after all.

    There is no need to defend the police. They are subject to the same criminal and entitled to the same civil, including due process, rules as all Americans. The Minnesota legislature and attorney general are responsible for the laws and enforcement. They cannot simply share/shift responsibility.

    Was the suspect a danger to himself and/or the officer. Was the forced applied justified by circumstance (e.g. psychoactive drugs, disparate strength). There is no evidence that diversity was a motive. There is no evidence that the restraining action aborted his life, but it may have contributed to loss of viability. Are the protests warlock judgments backed by JournoListic bullhorns and politically congruent (“=”) special and peculiar interests?

    That said, social (i.e. relativistic) justice anywhere is injustice everywhere.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to n.n. | June 8, 2020 at 7:39 pm

      I meant DEFUNDING.

        Was just gonna type that. We have your back, TFG, even though you do fine on yer own.

          The Friendly Grizzly in reply to WestRock. | June 8, 2020 at 8:13 pm

          The sad part is, im too old and in not so great health for the hot war that is so rapidly coming.

          alaskabob in reply to WestRock. | June 8, 2020 at 9:40 pm

          Griz…you still have a good brain to work with.

          notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to WestRock. | June 8, 2020 at 10:52 pm

          This is blasphemy.

          What next brisk for police, women included?

          notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to WestRock. | June 8, 2020 at 11:03 pm

          When you know the playbook of Benjamin Crump; and you understand the playbook of how the AME grievance network intersects with the playbook of Crump; it is easy to predict activity. George Floyd’s life wasn’t what mattered, the political opportunity was.

          This election year opportunity brought together Ben Crump, James Clyburn, Joe Biden and the DNC. The death of George Floyd was the vehicle, the opportunity, that created the background for the network to align for mutual interests; money, power and politics.

          Quick, Retreat – The Biden/Clyburn Campaign and Key Democrats Now Reverse Position, and Oppose Defunding of Police….

          The Last Refuge

          notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to WestRock. | June 9, 2020 at 12:55 pm



    The new policing policy in a minute and a half.

      The Friendly Grizzly in reply to 4fun. | June 8, 2020 at 9:26 pm

      Not so far-fetched. Oh, and, if the house had an ADT alarm, the burglar is white.

      fscarn in reply to 4fun. | June 8, 2020 at 10:47 pm

      The donut eater on the right is so realistic of government employees. Er, they’re not really employees; more accurately they’re takers of an unearned paycheck.

    Why not defund them? It already looks like they’ve been defeeted.

Rabid diversity… deny your dignity. #morons

Sure it’s cowardly and disgusting. But look at it from the police point of view. Political leaders not only won’t defend the police, they openly give support to those who try to murder and maim them. Thus it’s not surprising that some white officers have buckled and are willing accept public degradation, shaming and humiliation in an effort not to be killed on the job.

This is what totalitarianism can do – turn ordinary people into spies, informers, and traitors whose only thought is to just go on breathing. Get ready for more scenes like this as more police and military soldiers seek to save their own skins at the expense of others. Genocidal dictators are very good at getting their slaves to fight, backstab and murder each other.

Cowards and quislings.

Absolutely disgusting.

NavyMustang | June 8, 2020 at 8:21 pm

I was a beat cop. Any cop who does that needs to hand in their shield.

I never abused any arrestee. I used force against them, but once the fight was over and the cuffs were on, if they were cooperating, no problems from me.

But going to these lengths to appease the mob is just insane. There is something on the street that if a cop loses it, he or she might as well pack it in. That something is respect, and I can guarantee you these cops lost it in spades.

I do worry about the military supporting Trump, not so much the everyday soldier, but the political leaders, who have sold out to the Global elite long ago… we just didn’t know it, at least I didn’t.

Obama and the cable have been working since 11/8/16 to dethrone Trump and finish the job hillary was suppose to have done

The money to support this chaos is coming in from all over the world to destabilize America, to destroy us, our way of life…
I’m old too fuzzy, but I will lock and load and will so mine, unfortunately, and very sadly, my only son is lost.

But your right, it’s coming…

These liberals are sick! They probably have a fetish for black feet too!

Frankly, I don’t like Trump. He’s an arrogant, disloyal SOB. But what choice do we have? It’s either Trump or the Democrats, who are ready to move toward socialism and defund the police.

If a Democrat is elected, he or she will try to move the Supreme Court back toward the left. That means that SCOTUS will go back to being a super-legislature with no checks and balances, enacting whatever left-leaning policies they want. Conservatives won’t have free speech, college students won’t have due process, and gun owners will become instant felons.

I used to think that RINOs didn’t really exist. But the Republicans who have recently come out against Trump are implicitly endorsing the leftist trend toward anarchy and the loss of our fundamental civil rights. It doesn’t really matter that I don’t like Trump. I will vote for him, support him, and help his campaign because the alternative is much, much worse.

    Mac45 in reply to OldProf2. | June 9, 2020 at 1:56 am

    You miss the point. There have not been any Republicans in the US for the last 30 years. The Democrats and Republican have been the same party up until 2008. At that point, one of the factions within the Global Establishment embarked on a path to essentially dominate the country by dividing it. They succeed in dividing it. But, they ended up dividing it into the liberal left and the populists. And, they do not control the populists. The old time conservatives, most of the moderates and the middle class became the new Populists. And, it was international, in scope.

    So here we are. One faction of the Establishment is so terrified of the populist movement that it will do anything to destroy it. And, now other factions of the Establishment, which have been opposing the scorched earth strategy of the dominant faction in the Establishment, are no longer opposing them. And, the lunatic revolutionary movements have been released upon the citizenry of this country.

    The problem now is there can be no compromise. The left has pushed things to far. If Trump is reelected the left will step up the violent revolution. If Trump loses, the populists will have no choice but to resist the establishment goons, violently. Maybe the violence will not increase before the election. Then again it might ramp up next week. It is only a matter of time now. The Establishment can not back down. It has done too much damage and the middle class will not forget that. Even if the rest of the country stands up and stops the violence, many of the Blue urban areas may already be lost.

      txvet2 in reply to Mac45. | June 9, 2020 at 2:43 am

      “There have not been any Republicans in the US for the last 30 years.”

      Of course there have been, and still are, Republicans. You mistake “Republican” for “conservative”, and that has never been the case. The Republican Party hasn’t been conservative since before Teddy Roosevelt (in fact, they admitted at the time that “we are all socialists now”. The fact is that conservatives have simply had no other viable home, because there haven’t been enough of us to influence, much less control, the debate otherwise, as demonstrated by the failure of the Conservative Party (or any other) to get any traction. We’ve been generally pulling the Republican Party to the right since Goldwater, although not the whole party. This makes sense if you realize that the Dem Party has over the same period been ostentatiously moving to the left. As they’ve done so, they’ve left a vacuum in the middle, and part of the Republican Party has moved to occupy the open ground. The obvious result has been a schism in the Republican Party as they’ve tried to occupy too much of the political spectrum; we’ve been split into two (or more) separate entities under one roof (although people here frequently misinterpret this as being a leftist uniparty including the GOPe and Democrats – that isn’t the case except for a few fringe outliers like Romney, who is likely more motivated by his desire to supplant Trump as the leader of the party than any ideological grounds).

        Mac45 in reply to txvet2. | June 9, 2020 at 11:06 am

        The Republican Party and Democrat Party used to be different things and support different demographic groups. The Dems were always the rabid socialists and the Republicans were the much more moderate party. And, they represented different factions of the Establishment; the Democrats represented the financial wing and the Republicans the business wing, most notably manufacturing. Both sought dominance for their respective patrons, but they served as a check and balance within the demographic groups in the country. That changed in the 1990s. The financial wing of the Establishment gained ascendance, with the culmination of Global manufacturing. As the large manufacturers moved abroad, the financial and business wings of the Establishment merged. This caused the Democrat Party and the Republican Party to essentially merge as well. They essentially became a Uniparty, with all elected officials working for the same masters. Their overriding goal was to maintain the status quo, to the detriment of the middle class and the upper lower economic class.

        Now, conservatives have long thought of themselves as being of import in politics. However, that has never been the case. The aims of the conservatives were always going to be antithetical to the Establishment. The goal of the Establishment has always been to dominate the country. The goal of most conservatives is to increase the freedom to succeed for the middle and lower classes and to promote social and economic upward mobility. The conservatives were treated exactly the same, by the Republican Party, as were the African Americans by the Democrat Party. They promised them they would champion their interests and then ignored them after the elections. Even the leadership of the conservative movement was co-opted by Establishment Republicans. The leadership dragged the Republican party further and further to the left, until it was holding the liberal moderate position. It was only “conservative” when compared to the ever more liberal Democrat party. More and more conservative voters stayed home election after election, as they slowly realized that they were never going to realize anything that the Republican party had promised them. Populism began to rise worldwide. Then everything began to change in 2015. Two candidates arrived on the US political scene who ran as populists. One was Ted Cruz. He saw the rise of populism as a road to the White House. He was, in fact, prescient, in this regard. He positioned himself as the alternative to the Uniparty. Unfortunately for him, he was unable to overcome the fact that he was a political insider who had long been affiliated with the Establishment, a la the Bushes. Donald Trump stepped up as the ultimate outsider. He had no political establishment backing at all. He was a businessman with no prior political aspirations. And, the swelling populist movement embraced him. What did they have to lose? He was elected, with a Republican Congress. Immediately he was attacked by the entire establishment. The Republicans, even though they controlled the entire Congress, refused to support him legislatively. And still he produced for the people. This stimulated the populist movement across the globe. In order to crush populism, it had to fail in the US and that required the removal of Donald Trump as President. When 2020 arrived and Trump was not only still in office, but was likely to be reelected, the Establishment panicked. It launched an all-out war on the populace of the world, most notably the Western world. First iit was the attempted destruction of the Western Economy using the draconian measures to combat the new Swine Flu. Then it was “systemic racism”. Anyone wonder why Europe and the rest of the world is concerned about a dead felonious dope head in Minneapolis? All major countries are now controlled by the same interests and people. All major political parties are controlled by the same interests and people. There was a relatively peaceful usurpation of power underway, in the world and the US. It was generally peaceful. But, the Establishment response has driven it into the realm of a violent war.

Trump is NOT disloyal! He just doesn’t suffer fools galdly!

    alaskabob in reply to gonzotx. | June 8, 2020 at 9:44 pm

    People have been disloyal to him but please… when has Trump been disloyal to the people of the USA? Please list.

What has this country come to?

Son of Hippie Morons!

Useful idiots.

JustShootMeNow | June 8, 2020 at 9:49 pm

No, f-ing, way. This is getting way past stupid

Dare I suggest they’re completely backwards in their foot washing? The One who was without sin washed the feet of those who were born sinners and who were about to sin against Him (betrayal). In so doing, Jesus laid the ground work for them to return to Him after His resurrection – in what can best be called a selfless act of “preemptive” grace.

Where foot washing is about cleansing of sin and forgiveness, shouldn’t it be the blacks washing the feet of the whites instead?

Leave it to the left to take something holy and turn it 180 degrees out in an unholy show of self exaltation.

Preemptive Grace.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to MrE. | June 8, 2020 at 10:29 pm


    After all they baby murderers and such……

    UserP in reply to MrE. | June 9, 2020 at 8:50 am

    It was the Religious Leader who did the foot washing. Nobody washed His feet. “I came not to be served but to serve.” The foot washing was never repeated. What took place here in NC would be like the disciples going around demanding that the Roman soldiers wash their feet. And then after their feet was washed crying out, “Defund Roman soldiers!”

I just picture some meeting where everyone is sitting around “spitballing” ideas on the crazy things that they can get white liberals to do…Lay on the ground? Oh man, that would be so funny…tell them to wash our feet….NO WAY, No one is going to do that…but ask…I want to see their faces when you ask…I got it…I got it ….DEFUND the PO-PO….Do away with all the Police…tell them They are perpetuating privilege in the patriarchy or some such B.S. Make it sound really good, use some buzz words and stuff…

Seeing this made me want to throw up.

texansamurai | June 8, 2020 at 10:33 pm

perhaps, just perhaps, may have been able to watch something like this occur in a church/religious setting and not been totally disgusted–to do something like this in so public a fashion, with all the symbolism associated with this practice attached by the lord himself, and to see it bent and twisted to humble and humiliate otherwise innocent people for the sin of being white is beyond the pale

these are some sickos indeed(on both sides of this exchange)would never have believed something like this could be contrived for public display as if to re-inforce the mantra, now decades old, that white people are guilty, white people are evil, white people are responsible for all the ugly things in this country

just sickening and pure bullshyt

Dantzig93101 | June 8, 2020 at 10:37 pm

There are more honorable ways to handle such situations. Just saying.

“echoing the Biblical story of how Jesus washed his disciples feet”

The police are Jesus? That was a twist I didn’t see coming in this narrative.

(It was really hard to resist adding an apostrophe to the quotation.)

Subotai Bahadur | June 8, 2020 at 10:50 pm

This was purely an act of public submission to the BLM and ANTIFA. We are on our own, people. Prepare accordingly because these people are working for those at war with us.

Subotai Bahadur

Listen, the media wiped obama’s ass whenever he crapped all over himself, so some feet-wiping here and there isn’t much worse.

Dantzig93101 | June 9, 2020 at 1:12 am

Has it occurred to anyone besides me that they used exactly the same playbook with Covid-19 as with racial incidents?

Horrifying video, often carefully edited or outright faked (as with CBS running video of an Italian hospital and claiming it was in New York). False or misleading statistics. Personal vilification, attacks, and deplatforming of dissenters. Media assets activated with the volume turned up to 11. Government apparatchiks doing their best to terrify and confuse people.

So they ran the same play twice in sequence: First with Covid-19, to get people warmed up for the main event, and then with an inevitable (in a country of 300+ million) video of some police officer that allegedly done somebody wrong. And we fell for it both times. Maybe we Americans really are too stupid for self-government.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Dantzig93101. | June 9, 2020 at 12:59 pm

    Absolutely correct.

    John~Kiss markKiss My Bot
    Facts Matter and here’s one of them — Several independent studies show that there is NO Epidemic of Racist Police Shootings. If you listen to Fake News and Democrats (one in same) You would never know that Fact, now you do !

    #BlueLivesMatter #KAG

Anacleto Mitraglia | June 9, 2020 at 5:07 am

This reminds me of the cretin-in-chief kissing the shoes of Sudan’s warlords, one year ago.
They looked embarassed themselves!

nordic_prince | June 9, 2020 at 6:15 am

Those whores who participated in that disgusting, very public demonstration of submission need to turn in their badges. As police, they need to present themselves neutral if the public are to have any confidence in them whatsoever. It’s clear they’ve abandoned all pretense of neutrality.

They are a disgusting embarrassment.

Once upon a time, pandering and ass kissing was enough. Now, not so much. Public prostration and humiliation is mandated.

The establishment of a racial hierarchy has begun

A year or so ago I started reading some books by Kurt Schlicter (e.g., Indian Country). The premise of these books is that the US splits up with the blue and red states separated from each other. While the red states did fairly well, the conditions in the blue states, their politics, economics, and such, I thought were way over the top. It made for some fun reading to see how caricatured he painted the blue states. Now, after watching the events of the last year, I have come to the conclusion that Schlicter’s vision of these states, should a split occur, is actually quite realistic. Their insane ideas of social justice, identity politics, defunding police, censorship, and so much more, are all extremely destructive ideas and yet those who are the most unable to see this are the Leftists pushing these ideas.

    TheOldZombie in reply to Cleetus. | June 9, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    I’ve read all four of his books. It was a entertaining read but at the time I didn’t think the book would come true. I’ve changed my mind. The books and reality are starting to merge and I can easily see this country split between red and blue.

    I do think however the blue states won’t last as long as they do in the books. For those who think that’s a spoiler: You really think the left having the ability to go bonkers and do whatever it wants with nothing to check it would build a country that last a long time before collapse? HAHA!

    Now we just need to find a Kelly Turnbull.

I think it’s hard to tell who are a bigger disgrce…the cops and “leaders” or the BLM/Antifa mob of terrorists. Disbanding the cops in these cities won’t change much…they’re already more like Beirut than they are like any American city. If this is how they want to live I guess I could care less. I guess regular folks should just move to America! Without the ant’s labor the grasshopper won’t survive to fiddle. It’s a self-correcting problem.

Old Navy Doc | June 9, 2020 at 10:01 am

Kinda obvious the DNC will put Joe out to pasture and put forward General Zod.

Leftists have become six-year-old Anthony Fremont, (“ It’s a Good Life,“ 1961, TheTwilight Zone), who destroys everything that displeases him. He creates his own mediocre music and television programs, and eliminates the rest.

He kills people who anger him. The townspeople are terrified of Anthony, so they seek to placate him, so he doesn’t kill them. When Anthony tortures small animals to death or murders someone, the people tell him, “You done good. You done REAL good!”

Whenever someone disagrees with him, Anthony shames them publicly: “ You’re a bad man! You’re a VERY bad man! And you keep thinking bad thoughts about me!“ He then murders them, and turns them into jack-In-the-boxes, toys he can control. The people beg him to ”wish [the dead people] into the cornfield,” so they don’t have to look at the corpses.

No one takes the chance to take out the the little tyrant/serial killer, out of self preservation, so they’re not next. And their freedom ebbs away, as they tolerate his acts of evil in their midst.

A good analogy for our times.

This is the result of decades of “white privilege” indoctrination.

Check out “critical race theory” also.

It doesn’t surprise me that there are black nationalist movements, with openly stated goals of overthrowing the government, creating a socialist government run entirely by black people, and exterminating white people. That’s been around since the ’60’s (and Obama was a lifelong disciple, along with everyone at his “church”).

No, the disturbing bit is the degree to which liberal white people, and for some reason its mostly liberal white women, that have bought in to it and are its most passionate disciples.