As seems to be the case throughout history, those in the midst of historic events rarely see them clearly or understand their significance in the moment.  It takes decades to make sense of things, how they fell apart, what eventually took place to turn the tide, and even then, it’s easy to get it all wrong.

There are, though, those insightful thinkers who do catch on early and attempt to sound the alarm.  In many ways, I think Professor Jacobson and Legal Insurrection have been serving this purpose for over a decade; it was, after all, Jacobson who saw the writing on the wall in the different and dangerous tenor of this generation’s college students, who knew we had to cover and expose their campus antics because he knew with his characteristic prescience that they would spill into the real world.

Well, here we are.

Those snowflake college students shutting down all dissent, demanding “safe spaces,” and insisting that the world conform to their vision so they don’t have to ever hear ideas that make them feel “unsafe”—whatever that means—have graduated college, entered the workforce, and are demanding that all “wrong thoughts” be censored, removed from the public square, abolished.

Further, they demand that the people holding these wrong, “unsafe” thoughts be canceled:  have their lives and livelihoods destroyed beyond repair.  In the name of . . . some kind of bizarre cult they’ve created in which God, country, family are sacrificed on the altar of their SJW religious zeal.

We saw signs of this when white regressive cultists bowed down to Black Lives Matters representatives for their great sin, their crime against humanity, of being born white.

We see that when a Massachusetts police chief prostrated himself, flat out and on his stomach, before Black Lives Matters’ insurgents.

And we are seeing develop an even more religious, fevered pitch as white police officers and white leftist protesters wash the feet of “black faith leaders.”

The Daily Mail reports:

White police officers and community members gathered to wash the feet of black faith leaders in North Carolina, echoing the Biblical story of how Jesus washed his disciples feet.

People of faith gathered for a unity march in Cary on Saturday, braving the summer heat to protest the brutal police killing of George Floyd and demand an end to racism.

Members of the Legacy Church Center, led by co-pastors Faith Wokoma and her husband Soboma, helped organize the unity prayer walk, where people gathered, observed eight minutes and 46 seconds of silence to mark how long a white cop had his knee on Floyd’s neck in killing him, and prayed for the country.

As a part of the event there was a ‘Washing of the Feet’ ceremony where at least three white law enforcement officers and three other white attendees washed the feet of pastors Faith and Soboma Wokoma.

. . . .  The washing of feet is a religious rite observed by various Christian denominations based of Jesus Christ’s commandment that his followers should wash one another’s feet, following his example, and to express humility and love.

Video of the ceremony was shared to Facebook where it went viral racking up over 2,400 views.

‘Powerful display of what reconciliation looks like,’ one Facebook user wrote.

‘This is how racial healing starts,’ another added.

This “ceremony” is absurdly unAmerican on any number of levels, but I think that what it symbolizes is most important, particularly as it intersects with calls to “defund the police.”

Meanwhile, we have to ask, with tongue only partly in cheek, what’s next?  Some no-brain SJW freak submitting to crucifixion on the White House lawn to atone for white people’s sins?  Honestly, at this point, I would not be in the least surprised, nor would I be surprised when even that is not enough to appease the unappeasable.


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