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Thank you for your support in this time of cultural purge

Thank you for your support in this time of cultural purge

My appearance on the Mark Levin Show: “It has never been as bad as it is right now. Something has changed in the last six months.”

So there I was, minding my own business, enjoying my newborn second grandaughter (did I mention that?), when shit rolled downhill at me in the form of fury from some Cornell Law School faculty, alumni, and students, because I told some hard truths and expressed some tough opinions about the start of the organized Black Lives Matter Movement and the recent rioting and looting.

See these posts for details:

It’s not over. I’ll be reporting on more details in the coming days.

This isn’t a controversy I sought out. They came after me, I didn’t come after them. All I ever asked from Cornell Law School was to let me do my job in the building and on the campus, and to otherwise leave me alone. But being left alone no longer is an option.

In these cases, where someone is isolated and doesn’t have a platform, groveling is the outcome the bullies have come to expect. That’s not me, however, so I defended myself the only way I could — by casting sunlight on what was happening to me.

The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and uplifting. My posts have been widely shared in conservative media, and I have made numerous media appearances, with more to follow. I have received hundreds of supportive emails. Thank you.

There is a theme in the emails. People are scared, this is nothing like anyone has seen. The speech policing is so intense that people are afraid to speak up for fear of loss of a job, even if the speech is not on the job (mine wasn’t). Views and speech are being driven underground. No minds are changed, it’s just pure intimidation.

People are thankful that there are some people willing and able to speak up, even if they can’t.

This time it’s different. This is not the usual political correctness.

I discussed how things have changed during an appearance Friday night on the Mark Levin Show. Here are excerpts on the pertinent point (full audio at bottom of post):

LEVIN: One of the people who’s been under attack. He’s an old friend of mine, is a law professor at Cornell. He runs a magnificent website. You’ve probably seen it if you follow my social media, called Legal Insurrection, which is kind of ironic because what we have going on now is an illegal insurrection. Bill Jacobson, how are you my friend?

WAJ: Good. Thank you, Mark, for having me on.

* * *

[6:30 time mark in audio]

LEVIN: You know, professor, there’s another professor on the West coast, an accounting professor. And he’s been a professor for like 38 years. And, Black Lives Matters, among others, insisted that he not give final exams, particularly the black students so they could participate in these protests and so forth. And he said, no, if an individual has a specific cause. you know a death in the family, they’re sick, I would always, entertain that, but I’m not going to have a mass, no final exam. And do you know, they’re destroying his career.

WAJ: Yeah, I’ve read about that. This is happening. I am hearing so many stories. And one of the things that me getting attention and publicity about my situation, my inbox is flooded with people telling me similar stories. Everybody is afraid to speak up. Everybody’s afraid they’re going to lose their job, or they’re not going to get their PhD. Everybody has been cowered into silence.

Now I’m in a position where I can speak up. Obviously you are too Mark. But a lot of people aren’t, you know, they’re early in their career. They haven’t necessarily reached their success point yet. And so they just keep their mouth shut. It’s a really terrifying reign of terror. And it is so much worse now than it ever was. We always had political correctness and leftism on campuses. But with this new movement, they are totalitarian in nature.

The students who are organizing against me have on their Facebook page, that Silence is Violence. Think about that. What happens? I studied about the Soviet Union. I actually studied in the Soviet Union. And what would happen is you could not be left out of politics. You had to attend the meeting at your factory, where they would praise the leadership and failing to show up was considered a counterrevolutionary act. And that’s where we’re going. It used to be, if you were on campus as a student, you could stick to your studies, stay out of politics, keep your mouth shut. They would leave you alone. You will not be left alone anymore. You must participate in the revolution going on. And I hope all your listeners understand that this time it is different and people need to speak up

* * *

I think the cultural purge that is going on now, and that’s what it is. It’s like an old style Stalinist purge where people are disappeared [but this time] from the internet. They’re disappeared from TV, they’re disappeared. They’re going to disappear from radio, where people lose their jobs because they’re not, they won’t participate fully enough, that we are really seeing a fundamental change. And I think if Biden wins, these, the people who created the situation will now be have the levers of government power. They don’t have that right now. It’s the one thing they don’t control. They may control a city, but they don’t control the national levers of power. And I think they’re going to use it to their advantage and all of the purges you’re seeing going on in the culture now are going to be emphasized even more.

* * *

… This is not the first time I’ve gone through something like this. I mean being literally the only openly political conservative at the law school and one of maybe three or four in the entire university of almost 2000 faculty members. I understand what it’s like. But it’s never been as bad. And let me just tell your listeners, it has never been as bad as it is right now. Something has changed in the last six months.


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Four legs good, two legs bad! From Animal Farm by George Orwell.

I stand with Professor Jacobson.

Yes, something has changed in the last 6 months

They want to terrorize the American public not to re elect Trump, they were losing with their Alzheimer’s sexual predators nominee, and they raised their game of violence and hatred. If St Floyd hadn’t fallen into their lap, they would have “made” one…

You could see world wide they were ready.. and they calle sup their hounds from hell..

They want us to know if we do go to the polls and re elect Trump, they are coming to our houses, they will never stop… till we, the top silent America stand up and stop them..

And we must, it’s coming.. be ready

    SpaceInvader in reply to gonzotx. | June 15, 2020 at 10:01 pm

    This was supposed to kick off when Jussie Smallett did his fake hate crime. It was supposed to trigger the anti-lynching bill and these staged riots but Jussie got caught. Even the Obamas intervened on his behalf. This is all part of one big scam to overthrow western civilization.

    OwenKellogg-Engineer in reply to gonzotx. | June 15, 2020 at 10:11 pm

    We must never surrender. Ever.

    In the words of Winston Churchill:
    “Withhold no sacrifice, grudge no toil, seek no sordid gain, fear no foe. All will be well”

    maxmillion in reply to gonzotx. | June 15, 2020 at 10:45 pm

    And impeachment, and the virus, and rioting in the streets, all this year, Trump’s re-election year. This is by design.

    4fun in reply to gonzotx. | June 16, 2020 at 10:12 pm

    Comment from a small blog.

    “I’ve decided it is not about a Civil War…that implies conflict about lofty ideals and ideas worth fighting for and dying.
    We are engaged in Ethnic Cleansing. The cleaners will not be satisfied until we are all gone.”

    Latus Dextro in reply to gonzotx. | June 17, 2020 at 2:59 pm

    The US is the last effective nation and POTUS DJT the last effective POTUS obstructing the regressive UNEP ‘transformational’ agenda due 2030.
    Think of it as the rainbow swastika.
    All globalist ideologues, useful idiots and the disenfranchised, foreign and domestic, are now allied (being paid or coerced) to wreck the nation, its law, culture, customs and traditions.
    As has been said, now is the time make your choice.
    Fence sitting is done. It is an opportunity to bear witness for Judeo-Christian values. In this vocation, it is unfailingly amazing to observe how fragile, brittle and vapid is the Left.
    Little wonder then, finding themselves in a precipitous dwindling political corner facing extinction, they behave like rabid, insensate animals.

If you do not want to become a martyr, and I mean an actual deceased one, I would take a sabbatical from Cornell, convert a significant portion of your accumulated cash and investment assets into precious metals and cash and start carrying a gun. Preferably an high capacity weapon. And be prepared to use it to protect yourself.

This is not like anything which we have seen in this country in our history. There are factions who are no longer being constrained by societal standards. The government(s) are not constraining them. Institutions are not taking any actions to control them. And these cannibals have discovered that violence will allow them to do whatever they desire. Soon they will be actually eating others and they will start with their ideological opponents.

Now, it can still be reversed, if the government(s) takes quick, stringent action against those who step outside the restrictions imposed by society. If that happens, and the country survives, then your precious metals can be converted back into cash. Cash can be reinvested. But, you can not be resurrected.

Be safe.

    Kepha H in reply to Mac45. | June 17, 2020 at 3:35 pm

    I don’t know how old you are, but for me, it’s 1968 all over again. The noise and rioting got Nixon elected by a small margin; the increasing craziness that propelled McGovern to the Democratic ticket in 1972 got Nixon an unprecedented landslide. If Trump refrain from doing to the Dems what the Obama maladministration did to him in 2016, he’ll probably sweep Massachusetts and Oregon, if not California.

Welcome to Ayn Rand’s latest novel…. come on- that one has to start catching on.

    Did Ann Rand ever mention Cornell law dean Eduardo Peñalver being a jerkoff? – Or did she assume everyone knows it anyway?

    Peñalver, you dn’t even rise to ‘jerkoff. You are a bozo, and a rather pathetic one.

    You set back higher education to the an era where humans had not yet learned language.

    You must be very proud of your dumbass self.

    NGAREADER in reply to Andy. | June 16, 2020 at 10:03 am

    Atlas Shrugged should be required reading.
    The technology of the day has changed as it’s 70 or so years old but the underlying concepts are spot on.

Election season. This time they have prepared.

    puhiawa in reply to Petrushka. | June 16, 2020 at 2:51 am

    And given SCOTUS’ incredible weakness and duplicity this term, if not outright rejection of the Bill of Rights, I think the liberals are prepared to destroy the nation and have prepared all of their assets from the military to the FBI/DOJ cartel that initially tried the coup.

      artichoke in reply to puhiawa. | June 16, 2020 at 8:46 am

      I thought SCOTUS was doing rather well this term. Even their latest ruling on LGBT rights is just saying sex can’t matter, and if you’re going to play a certain sex role, your actual sex can’t matter for the rights you have in that role.

      The v-card is gone.

Congratulations on your newest grandchild! I wish I could do more to support you against these scurrilous organizations. Clearly they are not worthy of even scorn. Best Wishes, always!

All the evil that is happening now is largely a function of the strident leftist takeover of higher education, which has been ongoing since the 60s. The universities have been turning out legions of non-critical thinking, miseducated, brainwashed leftist social justice warriors, and their ranks have reached a critical mass.

If we are to reclaim America, we must IMMEDIATELY end ALL government funding of and assistance to non-STEM higher education. It should be President Trump’s first action after being re-elected.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Wisewerds. | June 15, 2020 at 10:40 pm

    Hear. Hear.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to Wisewerds. | June 16, 2020 at 6:53 pm

    They have been so much time on indoctoration that they have not been actually teaching them skills and logical reasoning which young people need to perform well in their professions.

    When hiring engineers and technicians I hired them knowing that they would be a year or more becoming effective employees. I expected them to have basic knowledge which college was supposed to have imparted. Far too many were a raw deal.

      How true that is JusticeDelivered. As a marine Chief engineer for 20 years I was often assigned newly licensed 3rd assistant engineers with college smart sheets that didn’t have the basic engineering expertise that God gave a goose. Some of them progressed, many were shown the gangway or found it on their own.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | June 15, 2020 at 10:23 pm

Proverbs 13:20

“He that walketh with wise men shall be wise:

but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”

What I think has changed is the left are dropping the masks, they are pushing revolution. Antifa gained world wide power bases and are well funded. BLM is another off shoot, though they do not see it the same way as Antifa.

The left have gotten more and more strident in their attacks. Just look at the manner in which President Trump has been treated since he announced he was running. The attacks against him keep ratcheting up, even to where they were inventing things to push against him.

We are in a civil war. It isn’t hot, well, not totally, but if the fascist Antifa and BLM have their way it would be. They have been escalating violence, and their propaganda wing has been blunted by being continually called out on their lies.

Remember, Obama had called those who opposed him and his Alynski tactics to “fundamentally change” IE overthrow the current Constitution and our way of governing – enemies. It was a chilling label to place on the opposing party members.

The left are desperate because they are seeing troubled waters ahead. What better way for revolutionary subversive groups to get their way than destroying the lives and livelihood of those who the left has deemed their enemies. This is the politics of personal destruction on steroids.

We are no longer up against a party which has different ideas on how to address problems in this country, where the road leads to a similar outcome and the methods to get there are different. This is full scale change in goals and outcomes via a Stalinesque method to silence political opposition. These are dark hearted people, and they hate us. They are the party of hate.

This is similar to most overthrow revolutions. Emotions run high, and the left see their chance, as they believe everyone hates President Trump as they do. They do not allow alternative opinions to intrude on their bubble world.

Colonel Travis | June 15, 2020 at 10:39 pm

Prof., you are one of the most reasonable, principled thinkers in America. Do not buckle. We need your voice. We fully support you.

Godspeed through this mess.

Seems like a 21st century version of McCarthyism. you are accused and guilty at the same time. No reasoning or defense of your position will be tolerated.

LukeHandCool | June 15, 2020 at 10:45 pm

Great interview, Bill.

I hope in the future you do at least one of two things:

1) Become a Fox News personality (hopefully with your own show).

2) Run for Congress.

You are spot on in your assessment. This time it’s different. I’ve never seen anything like this happening in America during my lifetime. If the Democrats take control this fall, I think America as we know it will cease to exist. Socially it will begin to represent the old Soviet Union and Mao’s China more and more than the America we’ve loved.

This arc of history is not a good thing.

    There’s an old adage: no publicity is bad publicity.

    Professor WJ: your star has risen – embrace it!

    Jordan Peterson did. He’s your role model.

    Blaise MacLean in reply to LukeHandCool. | June 16, 2020 at 1:26 am

    Congress itself is such a cesspool of unprincipled hacks that I think Prod. Jacobson may well have more influence right where he is. This website is becoming more widely seen. The Foundation has added more. For example the Gibson’s v. Oberlin case became a nationally known case because of this site. So, while I like your idea of Prof. Jacobson in Congress, I wonder if that is the best place for his talents. Maybe yes. Maybe no.

      notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Blaise MacLean. | June 16, 2020 at 3:27 am

      God allows some to be placed where they are for good reasons…..

      It’s too late for anyone’s mere ‘talents’. We have a generation of violent, narcissistic monsters acting as street thugs for fascists. Their only goals are gaining short-cuts to everything.

      The only way to prevail against their street power is to push back in harsh ways: not necessarily shooting, but locking enough of them up for long periods of time and re-educating them. The ones not locked up will ‘get’ it.

      We beat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, but we rebuilt them as a democracy after we decimated them. This has to happen to the swamp/left/islamic axis in this country: the likes of pelosi, omar and the rest of the democrat parasites and rats – and GOPe parasites and rats – have to be decimated.

    JusticeDelivered in reply to LukeHandCool. | June 16, 2020 at 7:49 pm

    I am not sure that running for Congress is good for either his family or him. Frankly, the Beltway is full of shysters and generally bad people. I have known a few exceptions to this regardless of their party affiliation, but they are not common.

You WILL prevail, Professor. You have made, and are continuing to make, this a nationwide story; much like your Oberlin reporting. Cornell won’t dare fire you, nor should they. A law professor, of all people, knows the Constitution and its attendant freedoms, down to the last letter.
Stand tall, stand strong….there are SO many who believe in you!

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | June 15, 2020 at 10:50 pm

A reminder of the Evil DEM Funders we are up against.

This Gentle Art person is real good.

DEMOCRAT CRINGE (The Best Thing the LEFT has to Offer ) Vol. 7

Stay safe Professor and thank you for standing up to the goon squad.

None of us should back down. Not one inch. Not in our discussions and not in our spirit. Arm yourself with knowledge and with weapons. Use the knowledge to ask for sanity in governing, and when they come for you be prepared.

I don’t know how close we are to a civil insurrection, but I know a lot of people are reaching their personal breaking points. When, not if, the dam breaks there is going to be a bloodbath.

With the current deplatforming and you are racist if you don’t overtly support BLM sufficiently, and people losing their jobs, it’s terrifying.

The Resistance Turned it up to an “11” after Trump was elected fighting him, and now they have turned that same intensity against anyone not fully supporting them, with the concept “Silence is Violence”.

National Review (I know, stopped clock) is right – we are in a cultural revolution. It’s a reign of terror.

And with Antifa and Looters being allowed to have no consequences, I am not sure where this will end up. There seems to be a weaponizing of these protests by the Democrats.

Every 4 years right before a US Presidential Election, everything seems to go negative for a few months, but this is off the scale. And the degree of censorship and doxing online are terrifying.

700+ Police Have been injured in the riots, yet that gets little media attention. Instead a ginned up case / setup of officers that were ordered, after 2 twelve hours shifts, at 1:30-4:30AM to a REp’s office, Bobby Rush, ex Black Panther, gets attention as a distraction to cover the Chicago Mayor’s incompetence.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Ray - SoCa. | June 15, 2020 at 11:17 pm

    Now you “know” why things Always go negative a few months before election day………

    We’re in a reign of terror until we decide to turn the terror the other way.

    Things will continue to get out of hand, and finally the military will be unleashed – unless rats like Mattis try to turn it on PDJT.


    Aren’t you glad no one can ‘fire’ Legal Insurrection? Yet.

    This blog should make arrangements for an alternative IP hosting overseas, or in Israel before it gets shut off by American traitors in tech.

Professor Jacobson:
I have certainly enjoyed parsing the issues with you.
You weren’t supposed to be one of them.

Hang in there Professor. You are not along in your journey. We are all experience this with our friends, neighbors and co-workers. Logic is lost and I question if it was ever even there in the first place. Thinks cycle and we must keep our eyes open for that next wave. Some think we are in Revelations, I sure hope we are not. Time will tell.

Hang tough brother. I’ve been clipped deeply by this insanity twice. My childhood and my career. If you can help us hold the line I might have a chance of salvaging the remaining 20-30 years of my life and use my skills for positive instead of defense.

    MajorWood in reply to krink26. | June 16, 2020 at 11:46 pm

    I have spent some time in peta’s top 10 hitlist. They aren’t around much anymore. In all matters take the high road. Those on the low road will always out themselves, just ask Avanetti (sp).

The delicious irony here is that by trying to oppress ProfWJ, they’re making him famous and a hero.

Keep exploiting, baby, keep exploiting!!

drednicolson | June 16, 2020 at 1:24 am

Frodo: “I wish this burden had not fallen to me.”

Gandalf: “So wish all who live to see such times.”

With SCOTUS totally abandoning the Bill of Rights this term, I think all of America now must worry. (And I am not talking about the gay civil rights ruling.) I think Roberts has been totally compromised, Kagan which at times seems reasonable is now a left wing deconstructionist. The majority of judges seem to think they are legislators whose primary mission is to reshape America into a liberal experiment.
This will end poorly.

Sociopaths will control you or destroy you. You had three options in the past – get away (silence), submit to their control, or fight back like a cornered badger. Now one has only two options – submit or fight back. They no longer take prisoners.

This recent decision that forces a funeral home to keep on a transgender and hence insult mourning families is ridiculous. Essentially, six justices have decided that anyone who thinks he’s a woman is one.

And the earth didn’t move until the Pope gave it permission to do so.

So very thankful for your fight!!!

You can never give in or settle. They will just go back on their word and continue in their efforts to destroy you. Unfortunately you are in the fight of your life. Losing is not an option.

On occasion, I have less than 100% agreed with something Prof. Jacobson has said. In this brave new world, does that make me the enemy of everybody?

    Vince Vonheeder in reply to J.D.Nobody. | June 16, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    To answer your question: Nope. The fact that you aren’t in 100% all the time agreement just means you’re a rational human being with a different perspective.


    Legal Insurrection Lives Matters representatives just might be placed outside your home, protesting, harassing you at your work place, and pressuring your employer to fire you.

    Our own operatives in Brentwood California will be launching a project to stalk and harass you because you oppose us 100%.

    Our armed warlords will be taking over the blocks around the area where you live. (For faster service, could you please provide your address?)

    Brentwood, California Fascist Tod Brilliant Launches Project to Stalk and Harass Those Who Oppose Homelessness and Black Lives Matter:

PrincetonAl | June 16, 2020 at 9:34 am

You shall be known by the enemies you attract. Clearly the work you do matters.

Yes, things are worst than they have been–we are faced with an insurrection by the forces of disorder and anarchy aided and abetted by the once again party of treason. Unfortunately
the president bloviates without any substantive follow up

Time for a counterattack attack. We should suggest professors or administrators that do not fully support the free speech rights of other professors and students have no place on campus. It should be the policy that no federal aid is given to institutions that support or allow positions opposite to free speech. Diversity will be measured by ideological positions. There should be, to measure compliance, investigations into institutions to determine the diversity of ideological positions commensurate with the population at large. If not proper diversity then there should be affirmative action.

Just the serious suggestion of the above will provoke panic. Get out the popcorn.

I stand with Professor Jacobson.

Yeah.. a day late, but this will be a loooong road to stand.

“Something has changed in the last six months.”

Well, I know what that was, don’t you?

“Feb 5, 2020 – President Trump was acquitted Wednesday by the Republican-controlled Senate of charges that he abused the powers of his office…”

What we are seeing now is plan D.

I stand with Professor Jacobson

The full armada of Democrat-run institutions has long held the country hostage whenever there is a Republican president, making constant attacks on our war efforts and our economy, filling our print and broadcast with constant hysterical lies, threatening in effect that there will be no normalcy until we put them back in power, and the weak middle of the American electorate (leaning conservative but easily manipulated because they get their information from Democrat sources), keeps caving and letting them back in.

Like a battered spouse we all know that one of these times these constantly battering co-habitators are actually going to try to kill us, even if it means them dying too. That day has come.

They are systematically destroying their own states, first with economic shutdown, now by allowing rioting, just on the possibility that these cataclysms MIGHT harm President Trump. Do all these white leftists actually WANT to live in a world where whites are required to kneel to blacks, something utterly antithetical to anything EITHER party ever even considered before? Of course not, but they would gladly make it permanent if it could serve as their vehicle for killing the rest of us: all us who will not kneel, and that is all they care about now.

We’ve always known this day was coming: if they could not break us the day would come when they would try to kill us, and suddenly it has arrived, as it always does. One day the abusive partner decides this is the day they kill and if both sides die, so be it. All they care about is power and if they can’t have it then America itself must die. They will kill us or die trying.

This is going into – predictably – overdrive.

Project to Stalk and Harass Those Who Oppose Homelessness and Black Lives Matter:

If you get hit by them, sue them.

    The only way this nonsense is going to stop is when these people have their faces smashed to a pulp. Everyone, no matter how moronic, understands an ass-beating.

      We have to lock them up by the hundreds, to serve sentences commensurate to their crimes.

      For these people, their futures are over. The rest of the clowns will get the message.

The university/academia is dead.

Just this morning, an incoming student in my Ivy League engineering department asked how to withdraw his acceptance of our offer. I gave him the instructions without asking why and without asking him to consider deferring.

I wish more incoming students would withdraw. I would be okay processing their requests until there were no more requests to process and I was out of a job.

Are you sure you do not want to withdraw?

What’s changed in the last six months?
They’ve realized that Trump is going to trounce them in November and time is running out. Once the coronavirus struck they found a great opportunity to pounce. Dragging this one for as long as they could, jumping all-in on that poor man’s murder, and they just might make Trump lose, or perhaps just barely squeak by in with a contested election result.
Desperate times for them: great economy, best ever numbers for blacks and other minorities, etc. has them pulling iut all the stops.
The situation is even more desperate than it was in 2016z

Illigiatmae non corobondum. This ain’t no hill for a hillclimber Professor!!!

There have always been irrational dissenters to the fundamental principles on which the USA was founded. In the past, their attitudes could be discounted as a consequence of simple (-minded) ignorance, a minority deviation from civilized discourse, and inconsequential to serious judgment.

In fact, less than 20 unarmed Black persons are killed by police in a year.
Since 2015, The Washington Post has maintained a comprehensive database of fatal police shootings in this country. Last year, the Post logged 1,004 killings. Of the 802 shootings in which race of the police officer and the suspect was noted, 371 of the those killed were white; 236 were black. The vast majority of those killed were not in fact, ‘unarmed.’ The vast majority were armed, and Africans American suspects were significantly more likely to have a deadly weapon than white suspects. Yet more white suspects were killed. (from Tucker Carlson).
The “Black Lives Matter” movement is therefore based upon a wild misconception. Sadly, this misconception appears to have irrationally captivated most liberal minds.

The death of any person, of any ethnicity, is always a tragedy. Professor Jacobson is trying to make some sense of the irrationality, and should be commended, not condemned.

Stay strong Professor. I may not have a Phd,or any degree really after my name. But where I work I speak out also. I refuse to be bullied by people who don’t like what I say. We all need to do that if we can. God Bless our President!!

Thank you for leading the good fight, Professor. This is very reminiscent of the Red Guard era in China.

It is not enough that you do not denigrate the left.
You must vocally support them.
Failure to do so is un-acceptable.

Thank you and your colleagues at LI for your good work. As we said in the “60’s”, you are fighting the good fight, win or lose.

Thanks for this website and for hanging tough. You knocked it out on the radio. You have exposed them, for now the country has seen them for what they are through you. Hypocrites all.

Me thinks we conservatives need to start persistently, and consistently, interacting with our so called “representatives”,
of both parties.

Be polite and respectful. Say something like: “Listen you little prick, get you head out of your ass” and do something useful. This country already has enough problems without your allowing these crazed leftist loons to pour gas on the fire.

Then write letter to the editor describing their response. You can leave out the part where you called them a “little prick”,
just stick to the facts. The folks can make up their own mind.

    aNanyMouse in reply to Slick. | June 16, 2020 at 11:24 pm

    I hope that Slick is being facetious here, about “little prick, get you head out of your ass”.
    I refuse to stoop to the Left’s level.
    If I judge a Lefty to have *some* humanity, I’m polite, and give them a chance to show more humanity.
    If I guess that they’re part of the mass-produced menagerie, I ignore them.

    In any case, Best of Luck to Prof. Jacobson!!

    GuyInAZ in reply to Slick. | June 18, 2020 at 1:32 am

    A few good private blanket parties for these pricks would do wonders , at least for my moral and amusement.

Sorry aNany, I was as serious as a heart attack. You can play nice/polite all you want with these folks, but in the end, they won’t respect you, and then they’ll rip your appeasing throat out. Don’t be a sap.

To thine own self be true. As long as we take the high road in all matters, no one can undermine and destroy us without taking themselves out of the picture as well. With enough push back, the 99% of the participants in these shows who are only there out of boredom will get tired and go home. The Dems need to keep the shutdowns in place because otherwise the participants will go back to serving coffee and cake. And perhpas those who have no job to go back to will consider voting R in the Fall when and if they sort out who was responsible for their newfound misery.

In reality, BLM is just a new hobby for bored, entitled, white millenials. That is why it only exists in Whitopias. Portland currently has more BLM yard signs than actual black people. What does that tell you!

Close The Fed | June 17, 2020 at 12:51 pm

I expect that you have tenure and that tenure will serve its purpose here.

But it’s rough having people libel and slander you.

You’re doing a great job and so is the rest of the staff here.

What did Andrew Breitbart say? “Politics is downstream from culture.”

Americans need their bravery now than ever, to emerge from their home and engage in the arena. Unless we do, this period of darkness will only become darkner.

Uncle Samuel | June 17, 2020 at 2:01 pm

If what I have read online is true, BLM has nothing to do with blessing black people – it’s not a charity – but a corporation and it’s just the DNC’s 2020 version of the CFPB – a deceptive (and most likely illegal) slush fund for the nearly bankrupt party and its candidates.

DNC is corrupt, bankrupt in its finances, devoid of morality and desperate for candidates. Poop maps and homeless camped out on streets, of San Francisco, CHAZ, Chicago shootings, freeing violent criminals because of the virus, sending virus patients to nursing homes reveal are the current state of the Democrat party.

Barely functional Joe Biden and the Jackass – as their candidate and mascot are a perfect fit.

hi from NZ! I heard your recent interview with NZ’s Leighton Smith on his podcast. Very good. Leighton has a lot of NZ fans who I’m sure will support you. We get our conservative news online here.

If anyone is interested, it’s episode 68 and starts about 10min mark – at:

Cheers from your NZ fan contingent! Lisa G in NZ

    Latus Dextro in reply to LisaGinNZ. | June 17, 2020 at 3:05 pm

    A delight to discover someone else from NZ where the rainbow swastika rules institutionally supreme and Comrade Princess struts to the strains of ‘March of the Volunteers’ when not kneeling to the globalists.