So there I was, minding my own business, enjoying my newborn second grandaughter (did I mention that?), when shit rolled downhill at me in the form of fury from some Cornell Law School faculty, alumni, and students, because I told some hard truths and expressed some tough opinions about the start of the organized Black Lives Matter Movement and the recent rioting and looting.

See these posts for details:

It’s not over. I’ll be reporting on more details in the coming days.

This isn’t a controversy I sought out. They came after me, I didn’t come after them. All I ever asked from Cornell Law School was to let me do my job in the building and on the campus, and to otherwise leave me alone. But being left alone no longer is an option.

In these cases, where someone is isolated and doesn’t have a platform, groveling is the outcome the bullies have come to expect. That’s not me, however, so I defended myself the only way I could — by casting sunlight on what was happening to me.

The outpouring of support has been overwhelming and uplifting. My posts have been widely shared in conservative media, and I have made numerous media appearances, with more to follow. I have received hundreds of supportive emails. Thank you.

There is a theme in the emails. People are scared, this is nothing like anyone has seen. The speech policing is so intense that people are afraid to speak up for fear of loss of a job, even if the speech is not on the job (mine wasn’t). Views and speech are being driven underground. No minds are changed, it’s just pure intimidation.

People are thankful that there are some people willing and able to speak up, even if they can’t.

This time it’s different. This is not the usual political correctness.

I discussed how things have changed during an appearance Friday night on the Mark Levin Show. Here are excerpts on the pertinent point (full audio at bottom of post):

LEVIN: One of the people who’s been under attack. He’s an old friend of mine, is a law professor at Cornell. He runs a magnificent website. You’ve probably seen it if you follow my social media, called Legal Insurrection, which is kind of ironic because what we have going on now is an illegal insurrection. Bill Jacobson, how are you my friend?

WAJ: Good. Thank you, Mark, for having me on.

* * *

[6:30 time mark in audio]

LEVIN: You know, professor, there’s another professor on the West coast, an accounting professor. And he’s been a professor for like 38 years. And, Black Lives Matters, among others, insisted that he not give final exams, particularly the black students so they could participate in these protests and so forth. And he said, no, if an individual has a specific cause. you know a death in the family, they’re sick, I would always, entertain that, but I’m not going to have a mass, no final exam. And do you know, they’re destroying his career.

WAJ: Yeah, I’ve read about that. This is happening. I am hearing so many stories. And one of the things that me getting attention and publicity about my situation, my inbox is flooded with people telling me similar stories. Everybody is afraid to speak up. Everybody’s afraid they’re going to lose their job, or they’re not going to get their PhD. Everybody has been cowered into silence.

Now I’m in a position where I can speak up. Obviously you are too Mark. But a lot of people aren’t, you know, they’re early in their career. They haven’t necessarily reached their success point yet. And so they just keep their mouth shut. It’s a really terrifying reign of terror. And it is so much worse now than it ever was. We always had political correctness and leftism on campuses. But with this new movement, they are totalitarian in nature.

The students who are organizing against me have on their Facebook page, that Silence is Violence. Think about that. What happens? I studied about the Soviet Union. I actually studied in the Soviet Union. And what would happen is you could not be left out of politics. You had to attend the meeting at your factory, where they would praise the leadership and failing to show up was considered a counterrevolutionary act. And that’s where we’re going. It used to be, if you were on campus as a student, you could stick to your studies, stay out of politics, keep your mouth shut. They would leave you alone. You will not be left alone anymore. You must participate in the revolution going on. And I hope all your listeners understand that this time it is different and people need to speak up

* * *

I think the cultural purge that is going on now, and that’s what it is. It’s like an old style Stalinist purge where people are disappeared [but this time] from the internet. They’re disappeared from TV, they’re disappeared. They’re going to disappear from radio, where people lose their jobs because they’re not, they won’t participate fully enough, that we are really seeing a fundamental change. And I think if Biden wins, these, the people who created the situation will now be have the levers of government power. They don’t have that right now. It’s the one thing they don’t control. They may control a city, but they don’t control the national levers of power. And I think they’re going to use it to their advantage and all of the purges you’re seeing going on in the culture now are going to be emphasized even more.

* * *

… This is not the first time I’ve gone through something like this. I mean being literally the only openly political conservative at the law school and one of maybe three or four in the entire university of almost 2000 faculty members. I understand what it’s like. But it’s never been as bad. And let me just tell your listeners, it has never been as bad as it is right now. Something has changed in the last six months.


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