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Report: Shootings “Unexpectedly” Rise As NYC Eliminates Anti-Crime Units

Report: Shootings “Unexpectedly” Rise As NYC Eliminates Anti-Crime Units

In one day: “At least 19 people were injured in more than a dozen shooting across New York City Saturday morning, the NYPD says”

As Kemberlee blogged earlier this week, New York City decided to eliminate its plain clothes anti-crime units.  To no one’s surprise, the effort is already a disaster as shootings in the city have surged.

There have been 28 reported incidents, with 38 victims just since Monday’s announcement.

The New York Post reports:

Shootings are surging this week in New York City, with 28 incidents and 38 victims reported since Monday — the day the NYPD disbanded its plainclothes anti-crime unit, The Post learned on Friday.

By comparison, the same week last year there were only 12 shootings for the entire week.

In the most recent reported shooting, at 4 p.m. Friday in East New York, Brooklyn, a 27-year-old man died of multiple gunshot wounds to his torso, face and leg in front of 640 Stanley Avenue.

A 17-year-old boy who was also shot there was in stable condition, police said.

“This is what the politicians wanted — no bail, nobody in Rikers, cops not arresting anyone,” one angry law enforcement source said Friday.

. . . . Members of the NYPD’s anti-crime unit were reassigned to uniformed patrol duties on Monday — part of what Police Commissioner Dermot Shea called a “seismic” shift affecting some 600 cops.

On Saturday alone, 19 people were wounded in various shootings around New York City.

NBC New York reports:

At least 19 people were injured in more than a dozen shootings across New York City since 12 a.m., the NYPD reported Saturday afternoon.

The police department says it’s investigating 13 separate shootings that occurred in the 12 hours since midnight. A 35-year-old male shot in Brooklyn just after 11 a.m.

According to data provided by the NYPD, six shootings occurred in the Bronx, four in Brooklyn, two in Queens and one in Manhattan.

. . . .  The NYPD says its officers are also investigating eight shootings from Friday that injured at least nine people. One of the victims of Friday’s shootings has died, the spokesperson said.

This weekend is the first since NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea announced he was disbanding undercover anti-crime units across every precinct.


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Unless those shot were black and shot by the NYPD, those lives don’t matter. Only certain black lives matter. Otherwise, we can’t remember their names. They are just statistics.

This guy is actually deranged. Literally.

He is a highly functioning madman.

NYC: you deserve him.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to | June 21, 2020 at 8:02 pm

    Like Adolf Hitler you mean?

    New York State and New York City are way past overdue for a major dust-up. Things are starting to happen there.

    J e f f T h o m a s

    Do people understand why this is so Huge??

    The southern district of New York is where the Anthony Weiner laptop is Thumbs upRaising hands

Pray for those needlessly lost, and those to follow, before something like sanity comes back.

bobinreverse | June 21, 2020 at 6:40 pm

Places like Philly DC Balto Chi NYC never too many murders/shootings for the co-moon-it-y always too few no matter how many.

Reap what you sow…

rabid wombat | June 21, 2020 at 7:09 pm

But they are SAFE, and have the laws to prove it…

Easy fix. Change laws. Make nothing illegal. Crime is gone.

This would appear to be Democrat on Democrat crime. Anything I can do to speed the process up while minimizing the threat to civil society?

    ConradCA in reply to Max17. | June 21, 2020 at 9:50 pm

    Organize classes in marksmanship so they will be able to hit their target and only their target.

LukeHandCool | June 21, 2020 at 8:11 pm

Golden Oldies. Back to the 1970s with Mayor De Blasio!

Wow, a real puzzle here. Hope they can figure out what might be causing this.

It can’t possibly be true because guns are outlawed in New York City. Any good Socialist can explain to you why there won’t be any gun violence once they outlaw all guns (especially those of the police).

No problem. The MSM/DNC axis will blame “white supremacists” for the killings. Oh – and the NRA. And “climate change”. And Aunt Jemima’s syrup and Uncle Ben’s rice. The list of villains is endless…

“The people of New York have spoken. The voters know what they want, and they should be given it good and hard.” -Ed Koch

Chicago’s weekend Stupidity Tally starts at noon on Fridays.

As of 6:00p today… Stupidity Tally: 9 killed, 61 wounded.

Visit to flesh out the body count.

I live in NYC. It was a safe city. Now it is hell. DiBlasio thought this record of incompetence qualifies him to be President.

Not only can’t he spell but he’s a whiny little bitch who doesn’t understand EMS isn’t allowed to go into an area of violence until the area is cleared by the cops….who apparently aren’t allowed into the “Autonomous” zone. Raz should learn medicine so he can help out with the free health care.

Defund the police in liberal h*ll holes, what could go wrong ? /s

healthguyfsu | June 22, 2020 at 1:27 am

I suppose you all heard about the shooting in the CHOP zone today. The cops were yelled at and prevented from tending to the wounded who died en route to the hospital while being “transported by volunteer first responders” from the protest zone.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to healthguyfsu. | June 22, 2020 at 1:38 am

    Was it this one?

    Andy Ngô

    “The table is covered in blood.” The brother of man who died at CHAZ describes what he witnessed when he arrived at the scene. CHAZ “street medics” gave wannabe treatment at the Ranchos Tacos Restaurant they’ve been occupying as command center.

    Andy Ngô
    The cop-free territory of “CHAZ,” created to be a refuge from the anti-black, imperialist United States, has a 100 percent black death rate.

We who live in backwater, out of the way places watch all this and wonder if/when we will start seeing it too.

When we go to the grocery store we buy an extra can or package of something with long shelf life. The gas tanks never get past half empty. The generator gets load tested monthly and the spare gas contains stabilizer.

Stock up.

NYC citizens deserve better.
When protestors cross the line which includes acts of sedition and/or disrupting the lives of other innocent people, blocking their movement, violent acts, or stopping them from accomplishing their jobs or purpose, blocking their speech, and/or unnecessarily interfering with the activities of their environment, or smear tactics, then they are violating their Constitutional rights, 1st amendment rights, breaking existing laws, and need to be brought to justice. Protesting has its limits and place. These protests are not spontaneous and are organized activities by outside domestic terrorist groups. Many are paid by George Soros, BLM, Antifa, and related extreme liberal groups ( Obama). Those who incite and/or fund riots/looting/arson (George Soros) need to be arrested for being an accomplice and/or sedition. They need to account and pay for the damage they create including costs created by obfuscation. Rioters and looters/arsonists should be placed on notice that they can/will be shot! Likewise any rioter/looter/arsonist arrested who lives outside of the immediate area does not have a “dog in the fight” and deserves an additional citation for being a paid rioter/looter and face felony charges. It is a federal crime to cross state lines or to use interstate facilities to incite or participate in violent rioting. Those rioters/arsonists arrested need to have a criminal/outstanding warrant background check, students need to be expelled, and all face loss of any government subsistence. Unmasking and disarming protestors of weapons should be enforced and Mayors, governors, government officials allowing out of control riots or preventing the police from doing their jobs should be arrested and held accountable.
I hate the probable fact that the real issue is we have a segment of our society that feels destroying other people’s lives when they face adversity is justified.
These are the inevitable consequences when a nation forgets who and what it is and when some of its citizens reject the values that built and sustained it. But tearing things down, including history, does not help others rise. No life is improved, no family stabilized.
“Out of many, one” is our national motto. We seem to be practicing it today about as much as the unofficial one, “In God we trust.”

“When every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and Street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the State is always right.” -George Orwell ‘1984’
We were warned