It is my sincere hope to warn this nation about what is headed your way from the testing grounds of a Maoist takeover: The West Coast of the United States. 

Last week, I shared with you how the West Coast helped nurture Antifa, which President Trump correctly labeled a domestic terror group. The Seattle area was the site of their first major act of terror, when one of their members got ahead of the plan, and attempted to murder federal agents. 

Antifa, or their helpers, under the pretense of caring about black people, now has control of a police station, and more. 

Seattle’s politicians have ceded control over one of the oldest police stations in the city to a group of leftists, who have used the death of George Floyd, to advance one of their long held goals, seizing government property in the name of a Marxist revolution. 

One law enforcement source tells me third-shift officers still have personal belongings in the building:

Officers went to the precinct, which is now patrolled by armed protesters. They asked if they could go into ‘our’ building to retrieve personal belongs. They were denied entry by the armed factions.

This group, quite likely members of the Antifa-affiliated John Brown Gun Club, now controls, not just the station, but four blocks of the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, which they have renamed:

As is always the case with Marxists and anything related to freedom, the label ‘Free Capitol Hill,’ is a lie. Q13 FOX’s Brandi Kruse, a friend of mine, found out just how “free” the newly mob-controlled area is, to the free press. Brandi bravely stood her ground, and even attempted to talk sense with the mob, until they forced her to leave for the safety of her crew. (Watching this, one is reminded of Melissa Click’s former campus, Mizzou, Legal Insurrection told us about. Click now teaches at Gonzaga University, a nominally Catholic school in Spokane, WA.) 

You will note that the people who threatened Brandi, are largely young, white and masked: hallmarks of Antifa and Seattle wokeratti. 

Antifa and John Brown Gun Club have been training to take over government property for years in Seattle and Portland; they have been allowed to do it temporarily on a number of occasions. This is what unchecked leftism does: It radicalizes itself to the degree that insurrectionist (the illegal kind), are not even investigated for literal terrorist attacks by leftist governments or local media.

Now, it’s not just ignoring their acts, the criminal Marxists who literally occupy four blocks of Seattle, are getting the assistance of public officials–that is not hyperbole.

Seattle has two avowed socialists on the City Council, amongst a council of pure, leftist radicals. The socialists want the police department abolished, and they always have. Council member Tammy Moralez has seemingly demanded more rioting and looting. She believes looting solves problems. Council member Tersa Mousqueda stood approvingly by Monday night, as an agitator told police officers to kill themselves.

Abolishing the police is simply an extension of Seattle policy, a City where officers who were exonerated by a Court are blithely called murderers by elected officials. The City Council has vowed to cut police funding by 50%, that, in a City plagued by repeat offenders–because the radicals in Seattle refuse to enforce the law.

The result: a repeat offender problem so profound that 100 repeat offenders were responsible for 3,562 criminal cases in a 12 month period. One individual had 112 criminal cases and was still on the streets. Dan Satterburg, the County Prosecutor, known locally as “Heroin Dan,” bragged in a Ted-X talk about low incarceration rates. Pete Holmes, the City Prosecutor effectively refuses to charge people with with felonies, which he charges them at all. Shutting down a police department is merely gradualism to these people. 

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Antifa is happy to use drug addicts, adept at theft and assault, in the continuance of their goal: a take over of Seattle. Do not mistake this for a protest. Antifa intends to create a literal base of operations for a Maoist take over of the City. Laugh if you will, but before you do, please make sure you read about Mao’s phases of insurgencies

Phase 1: Propaganda; attack the organs of government. This phase continues through all three phases.

Phase 2: Escalating attacks against the government security apparatus and critical installations. What is happening in the U.S. now is a venture into Phase 2 with a strong simultaneous Phase 1. If this fails, move back to Phase 1. If successful, move to Phase 3.

Phase 3: Conventional warfare to take over cities and overthrow the government. If this fails, revert to Phase 2. Unlikely to ever reach this phase in the U.S.

Seattle’s radicals knew what they were doing when they created an untouchable criminal class in Seattle. They were fostered an ecosystem in which lawlessness is normalized, subsidized and, in some ways, deified. Now, lawlessness runs four city blocks and controls what was Seattle’s East Police Precinct.

Please learn from this! Before the madness of unfettered leftism makes it to your city. flood your city council meetings; if you are conservative and brave, run for city council. Back your police departments with money, time and vocal support. Demand that law and order be maintained in your city. Never again consider the crazy, campus radicals and their speech codes, and totalitarian demands, just a phase of youth. The campuses are a training ground for Maoists, as Professor Jacobson well knows


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