University of Missouri student Mark Schierbecker was one of the student journalists on the scene when former Mizzou professor Melissa Click famously called for some muscle.

Yesterday, he published a story with additional details at the College Fix. It seems Click had a second incident with a student reporter that day, a charge she initially denied.

Here’s part of Schierbecker’s report:

VIDEO: Mizzou’s Melissa Click grabbed another journalist’s camera at racial protest

Instructed protesters ‘Do not talk to the press’

The University of Missouri communication professor who was fired this month for her role in fighting with student journalists at a racial protest in November has denied her actions then represented a pattern.

A new documentary film made by Mizzou students, however, undermines multiple claims by Melissa Click that her actions toward one student journalist were an isolated incident.

It even shows that Click instructed protesters to avoid the media.

The student filmmakers were given special access to the racial protest group Concerned Student 1950, whom Click was defending, and they reveal that the professor’s trouble with the media began just minutes after System President Tim Wolfe stepped down.

The footage shows Click laying her hand on an unidentified reporter’s video camera to prevent him from filming group member Andrea Fulgiam after she addressed the crowd. The reporter reacts, grasping Click’s arm down forcefully. Another unidentified reporter, working with the first, scowls at Click.

“Wow,” Click replies. “You’re so scary! You really got me! Good job!”

“We all have rights,” says the second reporter.

Click escorts Fulgiam away from the reporters, shouting “Do not talk to the press.”

Here’s the video:

Even after all the evidence of her behavior, the American Association of University Professors is investigating the circumstances of her termination and threatening to censure Mizzou.

KQFX News reports:

AAUP investigating Professor Melissa Click’s termination

Days after professor Melissa Click was fired in February, the American Association of University Professors sent a letter to interim chancellor Hank Foley asking the UM Board of Curators to rescind Click’s firing.

AAUP’s investigating committee consists of three AAUP members from other institutions. They visited Columbia earlier this week to meet with administrators, board members, faculty leaders, and Melissa Click.

AAUP said they will determine if Click’s firing violated academic procedural standards as well as MU’s own policy.

They will then submit a report of their findings to AAUP’s committee on academic freedom and tenure. That committee will decide whether the UM administration should be censored at its annual meeting in June.

“The association’s censure list is basically just a public signal that conditions for academic freedom and tenure at the institution are not satisfactory,” said Hans-Joerg Tiede, AAUP’s Associate Secretary.

Professor Jacobson had more on the threatened censure in a prior post, Mizzou Muscle Prof: We want people to take chances, don’t we?

Mizzou Missouri State Journalist Professor Melissa Click Protest

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