Hillsdale College is one of the few colleges in the United States that could be considered conservative and the left despises them for this.

Campus Reform reports:

Hillsdale College rejects calls from ‘leftist mob’ to ‘virtue signal’

Across the campus of Hillsdale College stand statues of figures including Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and a Union soldier. For a school that sent a higher percentage of its students to fight for the Union in the Civil War than any other western college.

Despite the school’s history, Hillsdale has faced mounting pressure in recent weeks to comment on current race issues. Online postings and letters have said the “college’s silence is deafening.” On June 18, the administration posted a statement explaining its silence — and outlining the decades of action it’s taken in the realm of race equality.

The letter, released in the Hillsdale Collegian, says “the College is pressed to speak. It is told that saying what it always has said is insufficient. Instead, it must decry racism and the mistreatment of Black Americans in particular.”

Featured in the Wall Street Journal’s Notable and Quotable section on June 21, the letter goes on to say that these ideas are exactly what the college has always stood for, not just in recent times for the sake of conformity like some school’s recent statements.

“Everything the College does, though its work is not that of an activist or agitator, is for the moral and intellectual uplift of all,” the letter says.

“Any student who has spent any time in any classroom at the college knows that we deal with the dignity of the human person in all of his/her manifestations, attempting to see the essence of the person, rather than the accidents of a person,” Hillsdale Professor of History Brad Birzer told Campus Reform. “If a student does not know this, the student wasn’t paying attention.”


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