The Texas Land Commissioner made it clear Saturday that any attempts to deface the fulcrum of Texas history will be thwarted.

George P. Bush tweeted Saturday:

Reports indicated that some protesters were calling for the destruction of the Alamo:

Two weeks ago, peaceful protests turned violent later into the evening. Just a block from the Alamo, businesses were destroyed and vandalized. Rioters threw “rocks and other objects at SAPD cruisers in downtown San Antonio, and authorities using tear gas to disperse crowds,” according to reports. Later in the evening, rioters attempted to set a parole office on fire, using “an accelerant to light the lobby on fire. Damages estimate around $20,000.”

As a result a private group, This Is Texas Freedom Force, took it upon themselves to guard the Alamo.

Not surprisingly, the San Antonio Express-News published commentary calling the Alamo a symbol of racism and decrying efforts to prevent defacement and destruction of the Alamo:

We saw our community join together in peaceful protests, asking government officials to take action against the racial discrimination of black Americans by law enforcement.

Incidents of vandalism were committed downtown, and we saw Alamo Plaza become a fulcrum of protest and unrest. For facets of our community, the Alamo symbolizes many uncomfortable truths of our history: colonialism, slavery, civil rights and the fight for Texas independence. We see this because the plaza has long been a place where people assemble in solidarity to voice their grievances, and a recent Saturday night was no exception.

What was exceptional was the large number of heavily armed civilians, members and supporters of This Is Texas Freedom Force, who took it upon themselves to “defend” the Alamo and the Cenotaph. This “defense” was not called for or welcomed, nor was it needed. It was dangerous, and these individuals are not deserving of praise; they are deserving of scorn. With their vitriol, inflammatory words and, most dangerously, their firearms, they risk not only their lives but the lives of others.

[Featured Image Credit: Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush]


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