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Twitter Exec In Charge of Fact-Checking Once Called Trump and His Team ‘Actual Nazis’

Twitter Exec In Charge of Fact-Checking Once Called Trump and His Team ‘Actual Nazis’

“I’m just saying, we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason.”

Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth is in charge of “developing and enforcing rules,” which means he likely had a say in fact-checking President Donald Trump’s tweets about mail-in ballots.

But can we truth Roth to enforce these rules across the board? He has a long history of attacking Trump and other Republicans.

Look, I love free speech. Roth can say whatever he wants, but until I see Twitter actually go after the left like it does the right, I don’t trust him or anyone else there.

I mean, Roth doesn’t hold back.

Roth’s tweets surfaced because it fact-checked Trump’s tweet about mail-in ballots potentially leading to voter fraud.

If you click on the link on his tweet it says: “Experts say mail-in ballots are very rarely linked to voter fraud. … Fact-checkers say there is no evidence that mail-in ballots are linked to voter fraud.”

However, some experts have said that mail-in ballots is “an invitation to widespread fraud.”

One such study came in 2005 from the Commission on Federal Election Reform. Here’s a surprise! President Jimmy carter chaired that commission.

The study said: “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”


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Yes. Hold that thought. Don’t do business with Twitter. If you go to a whorehouse would you be shocked and surprised to find it full of whores?

“Twitter’s Head of Site Integrity Yoel Roth is in charge of “developing and enforcing rules,” which means he likely had a say…”

are you sure you’re using the correct personal pronoun here? The Twitter Diversity Police want to know.

Labeling this snot nosed punk an executive is a travesty.

Wonder what he does with that ‘human pastrami’ . . .

(Philip Roth/Portnoy’s Complaint and liver . . . )

2smartforlibs | May 27, 2020 at 9:20 am

Propaganda even Paul Joseph Gobbles would be proud of. However, that is an in-kind contribution to the DNC and needs to be reported to the FEC.

I was permanently removed from Twitter because I Tweeted to my congressman that the exemption social media has to the communication act allowing them to be a network like your telephone company. social media said, oh, we won’t censor comments. A lie. Blocking threats and foul language should be censored, even the phone company can do that, but kicking me out of Twitter with no appeal is, IMO, illegal.

    Milhouse in reply to amr. | May 28, 2020 at 11:53 am

    I don’t get why you were blocked for that, but you’re wrong about the law. The phone company can’t block threats or foul language or anything else. Congress created the category of Interactive Computer Service specifically to allow them to block anything they find offensive, without becoming liable for everything they don’t block.

    The correct analogy is to a book store, which is free to refuse to carry certain books, and can do so on a completely partisan basis, but is still not responsible for what’s in the books it didn’t reject. If that weren’t so, book store owners would have to read each book before carrying it, and the shelves would be a lot emptier.

Twitter blocked my account within five minutes of opening it, but I think it was for not having a cell phone number.

An effect of robots in charge.

Anacleto Mitraglia | May 27, 2020 at 10:15 am

His name sounds jew. He should know better than calling Trump a nazi.

Even for Twitter, employing a man with his head so screwed up is surprising. Seems that the pro BDS anti-Israeli Nazis will have an ally on Twitter with Mr. Roth.

Not to mention that people have been prosecuted, here in Texas, in the recent past for vote fraud involving absentee ballots. Years ago it used to be a fun Socialist-Democrat pass time to go to Nursing Homes and apply for, complete, collect (actually that was collect and complete) and turn in absentee ballots from the patients. It was more widespread, and lucrative in votes cast, than Johnson’s graveyard voting scheme.

Mail in voting is an invitation to vote fraud. Widespread mail in voting is too inviting to pass up the opportunity to engage in large scale vote fraud.

    randian in reply to Edward. | May 27, 2020 at 10:47 am

    The problem with vote fraud prosecutions is the prosecutors treat the offender as a lone wolf. They never seem to search for more such offenders, of which I am sure there are many, probably related to the one they’re prosecuting, and no election that I know of has ever been reversed or redone as a result of such a prosecution. Therefore there is little reason not to engage in vote fraud since the final result is never overturned even if a few take one for the team.

      amatuerwrangler in reply to randian. | May 27, 2020 at 11:14 am

      As with many crimes that obviously involve a group and conspiracy, prosecutors prefer to only go for the easiest participant. Otherwise they risk getting in over their heads or expending too much money. Not to mention that it risks rolling up “important” people.

      Note that I refrain from mentioning the possibility that some might find themselves calling in fire on their own position. Prosecutors are elected, after all.

      Milhouse in reply to randian. | May 28, 2020 at 11:55 am

      On the contrary, the biggest problem is genuine lone wolves. Those are the hardest to catch. And each one can only have a small impact, but when hundreds of them operate independently the cumulative effect can be significant.

      But yes, when they do catch someone they should at least inquire into the possibility that he had accomplices. I don’t know whether they do so.

        randian in reply to Milhouse. | May 28, 2020 at 10:08 pm

        The paucity of multiple-offender prosecutions for vote fraud leads me to believe that prosecutors don’t in fact look into possible accomplices. And by “accomplice”, I don’t mean that in a formal legal sense. I consider a group of people, working for a common cause, accomplices even if they don’t know each other and aren’t under common direction. I consider the latter vanishingly unlikely in modern vote fraud schemes. Heck, it’s best if they don’t know each other if they do have common direction, from the point of view of the director.

When your “Tegridy Czar” has none, that’s all we need to know.

Katy L. Stamper | May 27, 2020 at 12:14 pm

Kill the H1-B visa. Make all the staff American.

Then this fellow would be an outlier, and jack dorsey would have his hands so full with dealing with American employees, he wouldn’t have time for this horse crap. Better yet, he’d make less money.

    Milhouse in reply to Katy L. Stamper. | May 28, 2020 at 11:56 am

    On the contrary, foreigners tend not to care about our elections. Citizens do, and are thus more likely to manipulate them.

      randian in reply to Milhouse. | May 28, 2020 at 10:12 pm

      That’s absurd. Elections very much matter to foreigners. How many illegals from Mexico and parts south would be flooding California if, instead of Newsom promising handouts, an immigration hardliner was governor of that state?

This policy of ‘fact checking’ isn’t going to play out the way some hope.

1. Big MSM hoopla as PDJT gets fact check naughty from Twitter
2. So, the next PDJT tweet that doesn’t receive naughty is then an endorsement by Twitter as to the truthfulness?

3. The head fact guy is already revealed as a partisan progressive, any takers for bet that his staff are as well?

Twitter would be smarter to try and police the low hanging fruit: perhaps anything in the realm of ‘fighting words’; they could easily list objectionable words and hammer folks for it

Policy differences are a bit too much to tackle. Demonstrated by the failure to accurately represent the flaws in mail out,mail in voting. This is distinctly different from traditional absentee voting.

RichardA1701 | May 27, 2020 at 1:04 pm

The same thing happened last week on the Gaming App TWITCH. A Transgender Deer Furry, FerociouslySteph, said almost the same things and warned “I have to power now to ban you white supremacists.” Amazing, fascist have to fascist.

This pajama boy would melt in the face of actual Nazis. Go back to your mother’s basement.

It’s beyond sad how brainwashed this guy is: it’s downright dangerous.

There is an army of these lunatics trying to destroy the nation.

Until we take back our educational system, forget all hope.