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Taiwanese Prof Forced to Apologize for Using Term ‘Wuhan Virus’

Taiwanese Prof Forced to Apologize for Using Term ‘Wuhan Virus’

“If my speech caused any discomfort, I offer my apology here.”

This happens as a Yale professor claims Trump’s response to the pandemic is ‘close to genocide.’

The College Fix reports:

Taiwanese professor forced to apologize for using term ‘Wuhan virus’

A professor at Taiwan’s Chun Yuan Christian University is in hot water for suggesting the COVID-19 virus originated in China and for referring to it as the “Wuhan virus.”

Dr. William Chao, a biotech assistant professor and one of four certified toxicologists in Taiwan, was discussing nucleic acids with his class on March 13 when he suggested COVID-19 originated in Wuhan. This upset a Chinese student, who complained to the university, demanding an apology from Chao in front of the class.

During the lecture, Chao questioned the infection statistics being released by China, saying, “How is that possible? Right, I’m talking about you,” while motioning to Chinese students attending the lecture by teleconference.

According to a report by The News Lens, Chao was forced to apologize – but his apology brought even more trouble.

The university told Chao his apology could not use the term “Republic of China” – a term used by the Taiwanese to assert their independence from China. Taiwan is currently claimed by the People’s Republic of China, but the people of Taiwan claim they are a sovereign nation.

Chao, who earned his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States, ignored the warning.

“As a professor in the Republic of China, Taiwan, I would not discriminate against anyone, especially in this classroom,” Chao said. “If my speech caused any discomfort, I offer my apology here.”


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healthguyfsu | May 15, 2020 at 2:08 pm

Fight the good fight, Prof!

Taiwan?! WTF? Seriously, WTFF?

George_Kaplan | May 15, 2020 at 7:42 pm

I don’t get this. Taiwanese and foreigners in Taiwan commonly use the term Wuhan Pneumonia. How does Wuhan Virus differ? Is this a case of academia being politically correct again?

Apparently, there are students in communist China who take classes in Taiwan over the internet.