Isn’t this the worst time possible to raise tuition? reports:

Syracuse University increases tuition and financial aid for 2020-21; sticker price likely more than $76K

On the heels of taking austerity measures to combat the financial impact of the coronavirus, Syracuse University will increase both the amount it charges students in tuition and the amount of financial aid it provides students next year.

In an announcement by the school, the university indicated that it will increase its tuition fees by 3.9%, up to $54,270 for students admitted in fall 2018 and afterward. For those admitted prior to that, tuition costs $50,700.

If the other factors of cost-of-attendance remain the same as last year, that would increase the actual price of a full year at the school (tuition and cost-of-attendance costs) to approximately $76,859 for those admitted in fall of 2018 and afterward. The actual sticker price will likely be a little bit higher. Syracuse said that it would increase the cost of room rates around 3.5%, food plans around 2%, and increase other fees by small amounts.

While the change likely will put the school’s sticker price above $76,000, only 25% of Syracuse’s students actually pay the full price. Most pay a lower amount thanks to financial aid and grants.


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