Martin Tolchin co-founded The Hill newspaper, helped launch Politico, and worked for the New York Times. This is a man who has been a major player in Washington, DC, media.

In a recent letter to the editor at the New York Times, Tolchin said the quiet part out loud.

Joe Concha writes at The Hill:

Washington journalist: ‘I want a coronation’ of Biden, not an investigation of allegations

Washington journalist Martin Tolchin in a letter to the editor published Tuesday in The New York Times argued that he wants a “coronation” for former Vice President Joe Biden and not an investigation of a sexual assault allegation against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

“I don’t want an investigation. I want a coronation of Joe Biden,” Tolchin, a founder of Politico who is also a former top editor of The Hill, wrote in the piece.

“Would he make a great president? Unlikely. Would he make a good president? Good enough. Would he make a better president than the present occupant? Absolutely,” Tolchin wrote in a letter headlined “Joe Biden and Tara Reade: Whom to Believe?”…

“I don’t want justice, whatever that may be. I want a win, the removal of Donald Trump from office, and Mr. Biden is our best chance,” he wrote.

Guy Benson of Townhall posted an image of the letter on Twitter:

Chrissy Clark of The Federalist offers this observation:

Tolchin is saying out loud what “women’s advocate organizations” and so-called feminist icon Hillary Clinton have yet to admit: Reade’s allegation is politically inconvenient.

Organizations that allegedly advocate for women’s rights have been silent during Biden’s sexual assault allegations. Examples include Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Emily’s List, the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, and more. So-called “feminist” Clinton endorsed Biden during an online panel on women’s issues, while ignoring the hypocrisy of discussing women’s issues with a man facing sexual assault allegations. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is also among the hypocrites saying they are “satisfied” with Biden’s response to sexual assault allegations.

Tolchin at least deserves credit for his honesty. He is merely saying out loud what many people in his industry are thinking.

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