Sounds about right. Team #MeToo is only loyal to the cause until a greater cause comes along. And in this case, Rep. Ilhan Omar is willing to sell out an alleged victim of sexual harassment for what’s politically expedient.

Despite the fact that Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar says she believes Tara Reade, the woman who has accused Joe Biden of sexual harassment, Omar will still vote for Biden to “help him defeat Trump.”

In an interview with the The Times of London (which is behind a paywall), Omar said “Justice can be delayed, but should never be denied.”

More from CBS:

In the Times article, Omar tells the reporter that if it were up to her, Biden wouldn’t be the Democrats’ nominee for the November election. During the primaries, Omar was a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders.

On Monday, in response to criticism on Twitter, the congresswoman tweeted that “believing survivors” is consistent with her values. She also said that the Times interview was conducted on May 6 and that the “quotes aren’t always in context.”

While Omar did not explain the context for the quotes in her tweets, she did say that she’ll vote for Biden in order to get Trump out of the White House.


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