Progressive ideas are so popular that they have to be made mandatory.

The College Fix reports:

Emory University to add ‘Race and Ethnicity’ requirement in fall 2021

Emory University will mandate that students take a “Race and Ethnicity” course as part of their General Education Requirement beginning in the fall of next year.

According to The Wheel, the new obligation comes five years after the group Black Students at Emory demanded a requirement “that focuses specifically on the histories and experiences of people of color.”

President of Faculty Representatives at the Emory College Senate Elena Pesavento said the College Senate will choose a course that is currently offered. The class will teach students how “racial and ethnic antagonisms and inequality develop historically,” and “how to communicate respectfully across ‘various racial and ethnic perspectives,’” Pesavento said.

As noted in the College Senate proposal, in order to satisfy the new requirement a course must meet three of the following:

• Develop a critical awareness of how racial and ethnic antagonisms and inequality develop historically through individual, institutional, and cultural forces.
• Discern how racial and ethnic power dynamics shape and may be reflected in intellectual inquiry across disciplines.
• Recognize the ways in which race and ethnicity intersect with other group identifications or ascriptions, such as language, religion, class, ability, nationality, sexuality, age, and gender.
• Adopt tools to communicate more effectively and respectfully with others from various racial and ethnic perspectives.


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