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Wuhan Virus Watch: Cuomo Now Says New York has Enough Ventilators

Wuhan Virus Watch: Cuomo Now Says New York has Enough Ventilators

Texas woman recovers after taking “Trump Touted Drugs.” Sen. Paul has recovered. Twitter CEO donating $1 billion for virus relief. India agrees to send hydroxychloroquine to the US.

After making a massive fuss about ventilators, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo now says the state has enough for now.

So no, the situation in New York is not as dire as was initially feared.

For days, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has sounded urgent warnings about an anticipated shortage of ventilators in his state’s hospitals.

On Thursday, April 2, Cuomo warned that “at the current burn rate,” his state would run out of ventilators for coronavirus patients in six days. On Friday, Cuomo announced that he would commandeer ventilators from Upstate New York for hospitals in Manhattan and other hotspots.

But at a news conference on Monday, Cuomo was less alarmed. He announced that New York has enough ventilators — or ventilator substitutes — for current needs:

“We don’t have anyone who says they need them now,” Cuomo told the news conference.

Sen. Paul Recovers From Coronavirus

On March 22, we reported that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tested positive for coronavirus.

Now it is being reported that the senator has recovered from COVID-19.

Sen. Rand Paul announced Tuesday that he has retested negative for COVID-19 after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus and placing himself in self-quarantine last month.

“I appreciate all the best wishes I have received,” Paul, R-Ky., tweeted Tuesday. “I have been retested and I am negative.”
Whoops! We couldn’t access this Tweet.

He added: “I have started volunteering at a local hospital to assist those in my community who are in need of medical help, including Coronavirus patients. Together we will overcome this!”

Patients with underlying respiratory conditions are more at risk for serious health effects due to infection with the novel coronavirus. Paul had lung damage after the attack by his neighbor that left him hospitalized, so this is excellent news.

Woman recovers from COVID-19 after taking “Trump Touted Drugs.”

A traveler to Egypt returned with a coronavirus infection, and had the worst two weeks of her life until she received the malaria-drugs “touted by Trump.” (as our elite media would phrase it).

An Amarillo woman who tested positive for COVID-19 is now considered recovered and is sharing her story in an effort to show others how serious the disease is.

“I was totally out of control, there’s not anything I could do,” said Laura Taylor. “It was the worst two weeks of my life, I’ll just say that.”

…It wasn’t until she was given hydroxychloroquine, a drug used to treat Malaria, that things started looking up.

“After I started taking the Malaria medicine, I started to feel a lot better,” she said. “Like, the next day.”

Trump says the US may put a ‘very powerful hold’ on funding to the World Health Organization

Kemberlee Kaye reported on President Donald Trump’s tweet in which he threatened to take a good look at the financing of the World Health Organ after its atrocious initial coverage of the Wuhan Coronavirus outbreak.

It appears he may put a hold on the monies, at least according to his statements at the most recent Coronavirus Task Force meeting.

President Trump signaled Tuesday he may put a “very powerful hold” on funding to the World Health Organization as he lashed out at the United Nations specialized agency and accused it of “being very China-centric” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Reiterating his complaints from a tweet earlier in the day, the president said that the WHO “has been wrong about a lot things.” Trump has been critical of the WHO for opposing the travel restrictions from China and Europe.

“They’ve been wrong about a lot of things,” Trump said during the daily press briefing of the White House coronavirus task force. “They seem very China centric.”

He added: “We’re going to put a hold on the money sent to the WHO.”

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is putting $1 billion into a fund for coronavirus relief

Twitter may be the Thunderdome of social media, but it’s good to see its CEO stepping up and helping out.

Jack Dorsey is using his substantial wealth to help tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Dorsey, who is the CEO of both Twitter and Square, announced on Twitter on Tuesday that he’s created a new fund called Start Small LLC that will be funded by $1 billion in his Square equity. He said it’s about 28% of his wealth.

He’s got big plans once the pandemic is over.

After the coronavirus outbreak has been contained, Start Small will shift its focus to funding girls’ health and education, as well as universal basic income, a regular cash payment made to citizens by the government, Dorsey said.

India drops export ban on the drug being tested for COVID-19 after Trump threat

It’s heartening to see our President demand that allies treat us as if we were allies.

Hours after President Donald Trump warned of “retaliation” if Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi refused to allow the export of an anti-malarial drug being tested as a possible treatment for the new coronavirus, India said it would supply hydroxychloroquine to “nations that have been badly affected,” without naming the United States or any other country specifically.

“In view of the humanitarian aspects of the pandemic, it has been decided that India would licence paracetamol and hydroxychloroquine in appropriate quantities to all our neighbouring countries who are dependent on our capabilities. We will also be supplying these essential drugs to some nations who have been particularly badly affected by the pandemic,” Indian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said.

To battle COVID-19, India is converting trains into hospitals

India isn’t just ramping up the production of hydroxychloroquine. It’s shut down its passenger train system, which is historic.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi imposed a nationwide lockdown on March 25, Indian Railways took the unprecedented move of suspending passenger trains across the country until April 14.

It was the first time in 167 years that Asia’s oldest rail network had been suspended.

Now the railway network has decided to convert as many as 20,000 old train carriages into isolation wards for patients as the virus spreads.

The network, which is the world’s fourth-largest rail operator and India’s biggest employer, already operates 125 hospitals across the nation, so has the expertise to expand into mobile beds.

On April 1, India had recorded 4,288 cases of Covid-19, including 117 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University — a relatively small number for a nation of 1.3 billion. While India’s hospital system isn’t overwhelmed yet, the repurposed trains could ease some of the pressure if the number of coronavirus patients begin to rise.


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UnCivilServant | April 8, 2020 at 7:09 am

“Now that I’ve stolen enough, we don’t need any more we’d have to pay for.” -Andy

this is a rhetorical question, am I the only one with my BS meter pegged to the roof. lets start Fredo the second(Chris is the third) first he doesn’t have enough then confiscated them from hospitals at planned ahead, now he doesn’t need them. lets move on to the ‘clinical trials’ for quinine, there is a real world situation going on, the drug have been available for what 50 years so the side effects should be very well known, since its used to treat illness already found, and used as a prophylactic in malaria prone counties still want to do a clinical study, go to any hospital with critical wuhan virus patients, split the ward in two, one sides the current treatments the other side gets the same treatment but with the addition of quinine , zinc, and antibiotic.

Time to go back and see how accurate his math was?

Authored by Aaron Ginn

After watching the outbreak of COVID-19 for the past two months, I’ve followed the pace of the infection, its severity, and how our world is tackling the virus. While we should be concerned and diligent, the situation has dramatically elevated to a mob-like fear spreading faster than COVID-19 itself.

pretty much enacted UBI starting this week or so.
you know there will be at least 2 more payments like this and by then any politician that does not vote to keep it going will get booted out.
so welcome to the UBIVirus.

New York City auctions off ventilators from it’s emergency stockpile.
They did not replace them.

Cuomo probably never needed the ventilators, it was a means to disparage the Federal Government instead. In one interview he was asked about the 1000 ventilators that were warehoused, and he said then that they were in readiness but not needed yet.

While there have been deaths from this disease, and some hospitals were hit with more patients than others, the viral video of the nurse who was at Elmhearst turned out to be someone who is claimed not to work there, though it’s not 100% certain in that regard. She specialized in simulation medicine. What that is would be a guess. Her video showed a long line of people outside the medical center, trailers for the dead bodies (refrigerated, her claim, but no refrigeration units on the trailers – hmmm). The next day or so after the release of her video some citizen went to see, no lines, a couple of people were there, but the lobby was basically empty, the barricades were up, but no one in lines, no one in the tent that was set up. It sure seems unlikely that a place with hundreds lined up outside one day would be empty the next day.

It just feels like we are being played. Cuomo seems to be the prince in waiting to now swoop into the slot should Biden have to drop out. What better exposure than to be giving briefings frequently, which are broadcast across the country. Why would anyone outside NY care?

This response to the virus is massive across the globe, yet despite the doom and gloom being talked about, the numbers still aren’t there. There may be some pockets of those affected, mostly in communities which are in heavily populated areas.

Is the quarantine working? The social distancing? Probably it isn’t hurting, but it seems an extreme measure for a disease which is nasty, but which isn’t producing the percentage of people dying even among those who test positive. Are we being told anything of the truth about this Chinese virus? I somehow doubt that with the agendas of the left and their propaganda team.

Cuoma’s hysteria is the kind of hysteria you see from someone who isn’t particularly close to what goes on in their business on a day to day basis. Hence why his arms were flapping about like the useless appendages they are.

2smartforlibs | April 8, 2020 at 9:18 am

Had plenty before they AUCTIONED THEM OFF. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m sick of Chicken Little screaming the sky is falling when he’s the causes of it.

So is Cuomo going to explicitly acknowledge that the feds were not wrong to simply just hand over all of the national supply just because he demanded it?

As well, imagine if the feds had sent them all to NY. Cuomo had promised to send them to other areas of the country that needed them once NY was done with them. So now that it looks like NY is OK in the ventilator department, would he have politely sent most of them back to the feds to let them distribute them or would the feds have had to fight to get them back while headlines started popping up of how Cuomo is distributing them to other states in need, and isn’t he such a great guy for doing so?

Are you sure Cuomo isn’t confusing ventilators for bloviators?

After the coronavirus outbreak has been contained, Start Small will shift its focus to funding girls’ health and education, as well as universal basic income, a regular cash payment made to citizens by the government, Dorsey said.

Paid for by the government? Why not paid for out of Dorsey’s personal bank account?

Girls health? Why is this not considered to be completely sexist? And repugnant? And evil?

Also…… is “girl’s health” code for “abortion”?

this is just a test, can 2 or 3 people reply to me please?
diagnosing a notification error, my spam firewall blocking and I need to check against a specific msg to rule out spf/dkim/mx record score from here.

After the coronavirus outbreak has been contained, Start Small will shift its focus to funding girls’ health and education, as well as universal basic income, a regular cash payment made to citizens by the government, Dorsey said.

F*ck Jack Dorsey with a rusty swordfish.

At least eight states, Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Virginia, are already reporting racial demographic data. Based on those numbers, blacks are overrepresented in both infections and fatalities.

Clearly the Wuhan China COVID-19 virus is RACIST.
Meanwhile, the MSM has been doing everything possible to make sure there is “death equity”

healthguyfsu | April 8, 2020 at 12:42 pm

I’m very happy to see what India has accomplished in a short time under Modi.

These are a people making the kind of moves that made China a world super power, but they are doing so sans the totalitarian regime of China and the destructive “soft war” tactics therein.

The question we should be asking is why we’re in a position where we have to twist India’s arm to get these drugs instead of manufacturing them ourselves.

“My short message is please quarantine politicizing COVID” — WHO Director