With Bernie suspending his campaign today, it might seem self-evident that Joe Biden will be the Democratic nominee.

But while Bernie is suspending his campaign, he’s going to remain on future state ballots and continue to accumulate delegates. That might seem contradictory, but it’s not if you consider Joe Biden’s very public and sad ‘cognitive decline.’

So here’s the possible Bernie strategy: He can’t win the nomination in contested primaries, but he can set himself up as the only alternative to Biden based on Bernie’s substantial delegate count and primary votes, should Biden falter.

I don’t think it is out of the question that Biden may not make it. That is plainly obvious to any honest person, and there are plenty of Democrats who are honest about that. If Biden becomes nonviable, there will be Bernie, hanging around with his hundreds of delegates and impressive primary vote count. Any attempt to parachute in someone else will create a Berner riot.

So the reader polls is simple: Will Joe Biden actually be the Democratic nominee?

(Poll open until midnight Pacific Time on Friday, April 10, 2020. You need to enable javascript to see the poll.)


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