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Progressive Youth Groups Issue List of Demands to the Joe Biden Campaign

Progressive Youth Groups Issue List of Demands to the Joe Biden Campaign

“While you are now the presumptive Democratic nominee, it is clear that you were unable to win the votes of the vast majority of voters under 45 years old during the primary.”

Now that Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign, Joe Biden is truly the presumptive Democratic nominee. Progressives are wasting no time letting Biden know what he must do to win their votes.

Several progressive youth groups have sent a letter to Biden’s campaign, which outlines a long list of demands on everything from policy to personnel.

Sahil Kapur reports at NBC News:

Progressive youth groups issue a list of demands for Joe Biden

Seven progressive groups made up of young activists wrote a letter to Joe Biden, the apparent Democratic presidential nominee, with a set of aggressive demands spanning policy and personnel to earn their support in the general election against President Donald Trump.

The letter, which comes hours after Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., ended his campaign, tells Biden that his pitch to “return to normalcy” won’t earn the trust of younger generations or inspire them to vote, arguing that they were already falling behind economically before Trump took office.

“Exclusively anti-Trump messaging won’t be enough to lead any candidate to victory. We need you to champion the bold ideas that have galvanized our generation and given us hope in the political process,” read the letter, signed by the Alliance for Youth Action, Justice Democrats, the March for Our Lives Action Fund, NextGen America, Student Action, the Sunrise Movement and United We Dream Action.

The letter, posted online by NextGen America, begins:

Dear Vice President Joe Biden,

We write to you as leaders from a diverse array of organizations building political power for young people in the United States. We are all deeply committed to ending a presidency that has set the clock back on all of the issues that impact our lives.

While you are now the presumptive Democratic nominee, it is clear that you were unable to win the votes of the vast majority of voters under 45 years old during the primary. With young people poised to play a critical role deciding the next President, you need to have more young people enthusiastically supporting and campaigning with you to defeat Trump. This division must be reconciled so we can unite the party to defeat Trump.

Messaging around a “return to normalcy” does not and has not earned the support and trust of voters from our generation.

On policy, their top issue is climate change:

CLIMATE CHANGE: Adopt the frameworks of the Green New Deal and make specific commitments around achieving a just transition to 100% Clean Energy by 2030 for electricity, buildings, and transportation; restart the economy by committing to mobilizing $10 trillion in green stimulus and infrastructure investments over 10 years that will create tens of millions of good jobs of the future; and commit to take on and prosecute the fossil fuel executives and lobbyists who have criminally jeopardized our generation.

Next up is gun control. This is the most telling passage:

hold the gun industry accountable by directing the IRS to probe the NRA’s non-profit status

On personnel, they want far-left figures involved as much as possible:

Commit to appointing progressive elected officials who endorsed Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as Transition Co-Chairs, such as Representatives Ro Khanna, Pramila Jayapal, Ayanna Pressley, or Katie Porter.

This is also noteworthy:

Appoint a DHS Secretary committed to holding ICE and CBP agents accountable and dismantling ICE and CBP as we know them.

Those are just a few highlights. Read the entire thing here.

These folks might be waiting quite a while for satisfaction. While the world is in a pandemic, and the American economy has shut down, this is what their presumptive nominee is talking about:


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to the full extent allowed by law.


make all the demands you want, he will forget them an hour later.

Here we see the difference between “intelligence” (?) and wisdom. For most of their lives someone has taken care of them. Just as with the “julia” cartoon… government takes over for parents when (if ever) they leave their parents’ home. Majority of their decisions up until then usually have avoided any lasting consequence (think PP). We are already playing for keeps with questionable disease modeling the is destroying the world more surely than anything these Biden(Bernie) Young Pioneers can imagine. Can we push Elon to get the Mars Project fully up and running so that we can offer these groups a whole planet that they can Progressa-form?

The Friendly Grizzly | April 9, 2020 at 1:34 pm

The phrase young leftists, combined with the word demand, certainly turn up a lot these days. College campuses, politics, life in general.

To these young people I say, go earn it. Go work for it. Demands, my foot.

When we run out of food and have to go “Soylent Green”, this is the group we send below.

I demand none of you idiots use any more electricity generated by anything other than direct solar panels and that you use no oil products.

Jesus Christ, I hope these retards are just a vocal and shrill minority. Or this country is truly finished.

$10 TRILLION just pulled out of thin air for a tech that does not work and nobody will buy. But it will create MILLIONS of high-paying jobs. When does the shooting start? We need a hard societal reset.

“In addition to a chicken in every pot I promise I will deliver to every disadvantaged youth a free record player, one with settings for 45rpm and 78rpm”

— Joe Biden, a man for our times

Disappointment … get used to it, kids …

This article was my Laugh of the Day.

So from the time Bernie dropped out and Biden assumed presumptive nominee status, that letter was composed and coordinated with 8 progressive PACs?

BS …

Albigensian | April 9, 2020 at 2:35 pm

“and make specific commitments around achieving a just transition to 100% Clean Energy by 2030 for electricity, buildings, and transportation.”

Belief that you can have something just because you “demand” it surely is a form of magical thinking. Why not demand antigravity-powered moonships, energy from extracting moonbeams from cucumbers, Star Trek transporters?

“Clean energy” in this context surely means non-nuclear as well as non-fossil-fueled. Yet no one in the world (and surely not you!) even knows how to do this, or, really, knows if can be done.

Unless perhaps energy becomes a luxury good, priced so that only the very rich can afford it. The rest of us can cook over wood fires (if we can afford the firewood), and perhaps an hour of stationary-bicycle cranking to charge a cellphone for a few minutes’ use. If the cell towers and server farms can be kept operating, of course.

But no, that’s not what you “demand,” is it? It’s more like “I snap my fingers and stomp my feet, and you will just create what I demand!” magical thinking, isn’t it?

Prog. Youth: is there anything they don’t know?

biden: “Youth group??? I love kids sitting in my lap! I got hairy legs man…”

texansamurai | April 9, 2020 at 4:29 pm

can think of a three-word reply(should be simple enough even for slojoe): ” get a job. “

So very monotonic, but are they divergent, too? #HateLovesAbortion

Sounds like we ought to make their colleges refund their tuition and fees, as they got nothing from paying. Or maybe we could get their mothers to authorize a very late term abortion.

We need repubs that will go nuclear on this pissant little demanding group.
Take away PP funding and use the money to promote gun ownership. Kill off the MPG mandates. Automakers will do fine.
Starve the most liberal dems of any money for their district. Let them go like oblunder did to rural areas.
Put the knife in deep and twist it viciously.

Conservative youth groups would find ways of working with the campaign. Lefty groups threaten to destroy theirs.

caseoftheblues | April 10, 2020 at 8:50 am

Count on old Joe to agree to literally anything they demand…if they said they all wanted a unicorn he would start spouting it as a constitutional right for every American to have a unicorn