A week ago, when it was clear that the $350 billion Payroll Protection Program to help business retain workers would not be sufficient given the demand, Republicans propose a clean unanimous consent authorization to add another $250 billion to the program.

That proposal, however, required unanimous consent, which Democrats in the Senate — working in coordination with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi — refused unless Republicans agreed to an additional $250 billion (bringing the total to $500 billion) of spending unrelated to the Payroll Protection Program. This was the same type of hostage taking Democrats did to delay the original $2 trillion rescue package.

Nance Pelosi thanked Senate Democrats for blocking the Senate funding vote.

Yesterday, Tuesday night, April 14, when it was clear the PPP would run out of money on Wednesday, Pelosi repeated that Democrats would not agree to clean funding unless they got some or all of the additional unrelated spending. Pelosi then went on the Late Late Show to show off her very expensive kitchen and massive refrigerator/freezers packed with expensive ice cream.

Pelosi was so proud of her posh lifestyle while tens of millions of people were thrown out of work and businesses collapsed, she share the Late Late Show clip on Twitter:

[Full Late Late Show segment here.]

Today the PPP ran out of money, and stopped taking applications.

Pelosi is not backing down, and insists that the additional funding she demands still needs to be negotiated.

A Bloomberg reporter summed up what she’s hearing.

“I’m having a tough night. Hearing from small business owners who didn’t get PPP and who aren’t going to make it, it’s just brutal.”

My guess, Republicans will pay off the hostage taker to release the nation from her clutches. Which will ensure she will do it again.


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