If you’ve spent any time on Twitter during the Coronavirus crisis, you may have noticed that some people on the left seem to enjoy fantasizing about the deaths of Trump supporters and how it could impact the election.

This comes from the same people who like to say Trump lacks empathy.

Now this narrative is even making its way into mainstream news outlets.

Christopher Cadelago writes at Politico:

Study: Elderly Trump voters dying of coronavirus could cost him in November

Mass casualties from the coronavirus could upend the political landscape in battleground states and shift contests away from President Donald Trump, according to a new analysis.

Academic researchers writing in a little-noticed public administration journal — Administrative Theory & Praxis — conclude that when considering nothing other than the tens of thousands of deaths projected from the virus, demographic shifts alone could be enough to swing crucial states to Joe Biden in the fall.

“The pandemic is going to take a greater toll on the conservative electorate leading into this election — and that’s simply just a calculation of age,” Andrew Johnson, the lead author and a professor of management at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, said in an interview. “The virus is killing more older voters, and in many states that’s the key to a GOP victory.”

Johnson and his colleagues Wendi Pollock and Beth M. Rauhaus projected that even with shelter-in-place orders remaining in effect, about 11,000 more Republicans than Democrats who are 65 and older could die before the election in both Michigan and North Carolina.

Note that all the people tweeting this story below are verified blue check Twitter accounts and almost all of them work in media. This is called concern trolling:

Newsweek has been indulging in a similar fantasy over FOX News viewers:

This crisis has caused some people to reveal a side of themselves that is downright ugly.


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