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Joe Biden Campaign Already Assembling White House ‘Transition Team’

Joe Biden Campaign Already Assembling White House ‘Transition Team’

“will play a role in guiding Biden’s appointments to his Cabinet and to lead the government agencies”

The Biden campaign certainly seems confident. They’re putting together a White House transition team. It sounds like they’re already measuring the Oval Office for new drapes.

He hasn’t even clinched the nomination yet.

From Jonathan Easley of The Hill:

Biden assembling White House transition team

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he’s begun assembling a White House transition team so he’ll be able to staff up quickly in the event that he defeats President Trump in the 2020 election.

Speaking at a digital fundraiser hosted by Jed Katz, the managing director of Javelin Partners, Biden said he first started putting together a transition team shortly after his string of primary victories on Super Tuesday in early March.

“I promise you that has already begun,” Biden said. “Sounds presumptuous. I don’t want to say we started thinking about it a month ago, we did, because that sounds like I was certain this was going to happen that I would be the nominee. I don’t want it to sound like that, but it has to happen and that’s why the transition team is already being put together.”

The transition team will play a role in guiding Biden’s appointments to his Cabinet and to lead the government agencies.

The former vice president did not give any indications about who was on the transition team or whom he’s considering for top-level roles within his potential administration.

Bronson Stocking of Townhall makes an excellent point about this:

Biden Forgets He Hasn’t Won, Puts Together a White House Transition Team

Someone needs to explain to Joe Biden that he’s the presumptive Democratic nominee, not the presumptive next president. The Democratic candidate is reportedly assembling a White House transition team with over six months to go before the general election.

During a virtual fundraising event, Biden announced his campaign has already begun building a transition team, and the candidate would not rule out announcing cabinet nominees before November’s election…

While Biden refused to identify who exactly is heading up this transition team, the candidate promised the group will consist of “first rate” individuals.

With Biden’s cognitive abilities rapidly deteriorating, the campaign is likely planning to reassure voters by surrounding the candidate with a strong team of individuals who will be the real people running the country should Biden win in November.

The Biden campaign might want to focus on more pressing matters, like choosing a running mate and helping Biden form complete sentences.


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The Democrats have been running a shadow government since Trump won. They never stopped governing. They should all be in prison.

“The Biden campaign certainly seems confident.”

Actually, it’s the opposite, which is why they are putting together a “team” to take the focus off of a corrupt useless dimwit.

Does Joe know that his campaign is starting a transition team (that will never need to perform its duties)? And who on this team is responsible for seeing to it that the residence wing of the White House is fully equipped and staffed to act as a nursing home?

“Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he’s begun assembling a White House transition team”

Never hire a Democrat home builder. They try building the roof first, then the foundation. Other builders, possessed with common sense, do the opposite.

This is a cheap, very cheap attemtp to project a non-existing level of confidence.

He’s behind schedule. Stacey Abrams started her White House Transition Team months ago, and she’s all set to move in.

Part of me is not surprised they’ve already started one. What is surprising is that he happily proclaimed it.

The number of people who are reaching out to people they know in Bidenworld for a job in a potential Biden administration, whether it’s for a cabinet position, the Assistant Deputy Secretary of Whatever, or even hoping to get their kid a White House internship, is likely overwhelming.

And that’s not the people working or volunteering for his campaign, many of whom will think that will give them a leg up on the competition for an administration job. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work that way.

Biden couldn’t compete in a crowded field. Before the DNC started gaff hooking candidates his best finish was what, 4th place? That’s more reflective of Dem enthusiasm for Biden. The media is covering for Ukraine, Hunter’s corruption and predelictions, Joe’s #MeToo crimes against women, his ChiCom connections … he’s one indictment away from removal, victimized women are being ignored, voters have been disenfranchised by the DNC primary process … Trump will hammer him mercilessly not to mention the TrumpArmy.

The only transition lecherous Biden will be making is to the Alzheimer’s ward.

Seriously, does this “Transition Team” have the all important “25th Amendment” committee?

Has Joe named a “Secretary of Protective Undergarments” yet?

“Ok team, remember, we have to shred every document!”

“Um, I think you have this transition thing backwards, Mr. Biden.”

His religion advises to not count the babies before they are born.

2smartforlibs | April 18, 2020 at 1:54 pm

When this is over they will transition him to a white Home, not the WH.

I think I know what is going on. The Democrats are setting Biden up to believe he won the White House in August, so that he can end his career believing he is “President’ while the party transitions to another, DNC-approved candidate.

Obviously they’re planning on riding COVID-19 and the shutdown all the way to the White House by forcing universal mail-in balloting. It’s literally all they’ve got. If people don’t regain their sanity and force the economy back open, they may make it.

The only “transition” that delusional chester is going to make is into a memory care facility.

He has to get this in early, with the way he is moving down hill mentally, and his struggles to name himself and Obama, he needs the time to name the team which will never be doing the job.

So? Even if he never becomes president-elect he can still be the president-pretend, can’t he?

The only transition biden’s “team” should be preparing for is biden’s transition to room temperature.

Yes, I hear “transitioning” is all the rage with Democrats these days. Maybe “Josephine” will be able to sneak up behind himself and sniff his own hair.

The eunuchs behind the throne come to power again.

I wonder if all the joking might stop if Michelle is picked as Biden’s running mate? The 25th Amendment has not been repealed and TDS has not been cured. Of course, it would be perpetrating a major fraud on the American people. However, power not the people is Dems concern, as Nancy Pelosi eats high end ice cream in front of her high end refrigerators, while American small businesses go broke. “Let them eat ice cream.”

Shovel Ready Joe only has one more transition to make. Go’on Joe, git’r’dun.

Will he even remember he assembled the team and who’s on it?

Biden shows all the confidence of a Nazi general in 1941 planning for a victory parade in Moscow’s Red Square.

A little premature, I reckon.

He needs to make these important decisions NOW, before he becomes too senile. By the time he would go into office, he would need all of his team around him, making the decisions for him.

has he set announced a price for cabinet position or ambassador spot yet? Might take a few mil to the campaign to get on the list.

Slow Joe’s transition team warming up…

Well, all I can say is I hope nobody on this team has any contact with any foreign government. Sally Yates should be put in charge of making sure of that.

Lemme guess…

Pretty much everyone that was in Obamas WH will be in Joes

Especially the ones that help commit the biggest scandal in US history