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I F*!$ing Hate Adam Schiff! The Head of Intel Committee Once Again Politicizes the Intelligence Community

I F*!$ing Hate Adam Schiff! The Head of Intel Committee Once Again Politicizes the Intelligence Community

Richard Grenell: Schiff’s “letter was sent to the press before it was sent to me. These press leaks politicizing the intelligence community must stop.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is slowly becoming the main reason why I want the Republicans to take over the House. The man cannot stop his power trips.

Schiff wrote a letter to acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell about reorganizing the intelligence community. Grenell said Schiff leaked the letter to the press before giving it to him.

Before I begin let me remind you that Schiff apparently has no problem with the FBI constantly abusing the FISA process and spying on Americans.

It’s all about ORANGE MAN BAD.

Here’s the letter in case you need to throw up this morning. Another point: the letter only came from Schiff’s office. It did not include any notiarizations from Ranking Member Devin Nunes.

Schiff is all mad because Trump let go of a few inspector generals. For some reason, he thinks Grenell ordered these moves, but from what I’ve seen, Trump took these moves.

Here are a few excerpts in case you don’t want to read the whole letter:

Details: Schiff claimed Grenell has undermined critical intelligence functions by failing to consult Congress about the personnel changes.

  • He added that the decision to act during the coronavirus pandemic and “amid indications … of political interference in the production and dissemination of intelligence” raised concerns that Grenell is not committed to ensuring the intelligence community is not “inappropriately influenced by political considerations.”
  • Schiff also requested that Grenell provide documentation from the acting general counsel of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence that officials, including Grenell, “will not permit retaliation or reprisals against anyone who has made, or in the future makes, protected disclosures of misconduct to Congress or Inspectors General.”
  • Schiff also cited reports that members of Grenell’s staff “may be inappropriately interfering with the production and briefing of intelligence information on election security to Congress,” following a March 10 congressional briefing on potential foreign interference in the 2020 presidential race that conflicted with a previous briefing on the issue. Schiff also demanded that Grenell turn over communications related to the briefing.

Schiff rubbed it in Grenell’s face that Trump did not nominate him as permanent director of the ODNI. I guess that is why he said that Congress did not authorize “organizational changes at ODNI” but as fas as I know that is Trump’s job.

Grenell has until April 16 to hand over all documents, including those about Russell Travers. He served as the acting director of the National Counterterrorism Center.

Everyone seems to think Trump fired him, but the ODNI said Travers “wanted to retire and that he did not want another assignment.”

Schiff wants another political witch hunt. He wants to do everything he can to get rid of Trump.

Grenell shot back because the press got the letter before he did:

Senior intelligence officials have slammed Schiff for once again politicizing the community:

One intelligence official noted that letters sent to ODNI by the Senate Intelligence Committee include signatures from both Chairman Richard Burr and Ranking Member Mark Warner and, often times, additional Senators from both parties. Schiff’s letter, the official pointed out, was sent from his office alone, without the notarization of Ranking Member Devin Nunes.

“The [ODNI] staffers are so sick and tired of [Schiff] politicizing the intelligence community for his own gain,” the official told Daily Caller. “Notice how he sent the letter to the media before he sent it to ODNI.”

A second intelligence official declined to directly comment on Schiff’s letter but told Daily Caller that the Senate Intelligence Committee had not told Grenell and ODNI to refrain from making any personnel decisions, despite some media reports.


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I think he needs a fact finding trip, with no PPE, to Wuhan.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Obie1. | April 8, 2020 at 10:44 am

    Don’t need a fact finding trip to know Schiff Head is Homophobic.

    Make DEM live up to their dictate.

    Mary I FISA hate Schiff-hole too.

I would truly enjoy seeing Grenell tear the letter up in a TV interview, just like Pelosi did to the SOTU.

2smartforlibs | April 8, 2020 at 9:17 am

Where does this piece of detritus get off telling AT&T to just hand over records and no one says a thing? Yet the same scum calls Trump a dictator.

If there is to be a reply (there shouldn’t be), Grennell should send it to media outlets rather than Schitt’s office. That seems to be the protocol Schitt prefers.

If I were Grenell I would respond that I will be delivering the full response, in person at 09:00 on the 16th of April to the full committee. Obviously, if the full committee isn’t present then I will be withholding the requested information until such time as the full committee is present to receive the information.

“Before I begin let me remind you that Schiff apparently has no problem with the FBI constantly abusing the FISA process and spying on Americans.”

Of course not. He’s a Leninist fascist. As long as he thinks it serves his purpose and agenda he’s all for it.

This is from a parody account..Sometimes you gotta laugh. I only wish it had been real.

Schiff is a psychopath. He is a true believer that he is some kind of super hero with magic powers that defy the separation of powers.

He is also butt hurt that his impeachment scam was over before it began, though it was allowed to play out. What is it with these leftists that are so off the wall, bat shite crazy? I think it is all the contradictions in their stances for politics which pushes them over the edge mentally.

Shift for brains seems to forget that personnel decisions regarding the intelligence community are the purview of the Executive branch (i.e. the President himself) and do not require consultation with any member of the House of Representatives. Even the appointment of Cabinet level officials does not need approval of the House.
Oversight does not mean the legislative bodies run Executive branch functions. The firing of subordinates with in the Executive branch is at the pleasure of the President. For example see the debate over the travel office firig during the Clinton administration.

Trying to think of someone who’s currently more deserving of being struck down by lightning. Schiff-for-brains would surely be a worthy recipient.

The good news is that Schiff is giving even HIS voters the creeps. The Republicans won’t challenge him with a candidate so he will be re-elected but most of the people I know voted for Hillary and are now appalled by what the Dems are doing. Only the kooky Hollywood stargazers haven’t changed. This can’t possibly be helping the Dems. IMHO, Trump could win CA.

Senior intelligence officials have slammed Schiff for once again politicizing the community

That’s almost funny, considering how that same intelligence community has organized itself against Trump.

Schiff; of; pile; Steaming.

Some assembly required.

Richard Grenell needs to drop that letter in the shredder and forget about it.

Schiff is still wielding and screwing the shiv. However, people are aware, and this will surely be a double-edged scalpel and a self-inflicted wound that progresses his viability.

The Constitution gives the Senate authority to provide its “advice and consent” to a president’s appointments to certain offices. It is completely silent on the issue of oversight when a president decides to remove any officials who serves “at will.” That informs me that it has no such oversight authority.

Dantzig93101 | April 8, 2020 at 1:30 pm

Mr. Schiff and his comrades have so far paid absolutely no price for their attempts to overthrow the government and for their attacks on America. Until they do, they will never stop.

The Russian czar thought the Bolsheviks were just ordinary politicians. He, his family, and hundred million other people paid with their lives for his mistake.

Tweets and legal briefs will not suffice. I wish it were otherwise.

Take over the house of reps, set up an investigation into schiff that lasts years, covers every donor and donation to his campaign fund tied into his voting record.
Then put him on trial and toss him into federal pound me in the……….

When I think of Adam Schiff, I think of the word, “weasel”. When I think of the word, “weasel”, I think of Adam Schiff.

Josey Yahoo | April 9, 2020 at 1:58 pm

Schiff, among others, has to go! BAMN!

texansamurai | April 9, 2020 at 4:00 pm

concur Danzig–one thing have noticed over the last few weeks is the deafening silence re crimes of opportunity committed as a result of all the ” stay at home ” nonsense–little to nothing crossing the airwaves–am wondering whether this is a result of few assaults/burglaries/lootings/armed robberies or a deliberate effort by the media to not report any statistics on same as would provide a clear detriment to all this ” non-essential ” business insanity