This weekend, I proposed that COVID-19 should be renamed colloquially to something more in-line with the symptoms and likely outcomes for most Americans.

Now it turns out that my temporary, daily column may have to get a new name…at least according to social justice scolds:

I think I will keep the name just as it is. You can ask the Spanish about the long-term effects the Spanish flu had on their culture. I think the Chinese are going to be OK.

CA Gov. Newsom has kind words for Trump over handling of coronavirus

Despite the elite media’s portrayal of President Trump and his Coronavirus Task Force as chaotic and incompetent, California’s Governor Gavin Newsom had some very kind words for the federal support he has received in handling the state’s outbreak situation (hat-tip,

Newsom indicated that during discussions with Trump, related to managing the people aboard the Grand Princess, was “everything that I could have hoped for. And we had a very long conversation, and every single thing he said, they followed through on.”

First passengers leave the coronavirus-stricken Grand Princess in Oakland

The process of disembarking the Grand Princess, which has moved off the coast of California, has just begun.

The first two passengers aboard the quarantined Grand Princess cruise ship disembarked the liner on Monday afternoon, with one man seen being placed into a stretcher.

The cruise ship carrying 3,500 passengers and crew landed at the Port of Oakland on Monday after five days of being held in limbo in international waters.

There are at least 21 people infected with coronavirus aboard the ship, that made its way under the Golden Gate bridge Monday morning before docking in Oakland shortly after noon local time.

The 2,421 passengers cheered as the Grand Princess docked at the port where medical experts and officials in Hazmat suits awaited them.

WHO Chief Praises Trump for Leading Coronavirus Response From the Top

Elite media pundits hardest hit:

On Thursday, WHO Secretary-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, at a coronavirus briefing in Geneva, spoke at length about the importance of countries’ responses to the outbreak being led from the highest level of government.

Many countries – he did not name them – were leaving the response to health ministries, which he said was a mistake.

Instead, heads of government should be leading, from the top, all-of-government efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19, Tedros said.

“If the highest level of the government, the head of state or head of government, starts to lead and coordinates all sectors, that brings qualitative change in the way we respond to the epidemic,” he said.


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