People on the left don’t seem to have very high expectations for Joe Biden. The liberal journal, The Atlantic, has published a new column suggesting all Biden needs to do is stay alive until November.

That’s a pretty low bar, isn’t it?

It reads like something out of The Onion or the Babylon Bee.

From the piece by Alex Wagner:

Stay Alive, Joe Biden

Two days before the South Carolina primary that would reverse his political fortunes and redirect the course of the Democratic nomination, Joe Biden’s campaign for president announced a hastily planned event in McClellanville, South Carolina. The national campaign press was alerted that Biden would enter full battle mode at this stop, that the proverbial gloves were about to come off ahead of the kill-or-be-killed primary on Saturday, and no one would want to miss this one.

And yet, when the cameras and reporters arrived, all they found were a few folding chairs in an otherwise empty parking lot, in front of a community health center. Biden walked out to a podium, mumbled a few words about the improvements he wanted to make to Obamacare, and then shuffled off, alone. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and absolutely nothing had changed. The most notable thing about the event was how unremarkable it was.

Wagner spends paragraphs explaining how unimpressive Biden’s campaign is, but clearly thinks hatred of Trump will carry Joe over the finish line:

In all likelihood, the desire to oust Trump will be piercing in the coming days, as death and chaos escalate. The president has been reckless, duplicitous, and morally hazardous in his leadership during a pandemic that is likely to be the defining event of a generation—forget about a campaign cycle. But the many union members looking at their closed casinos and the mothers in lockdown with their children and the students forced off their campuses and the older Americans living in complete isolation may find it impossible to imagine that their earlier fears about another four years of Trump have abated, or that the ferocity of their desire to get him out of office has lessened. Indeed, the emotion of this moment may displace any that has come before it.

Biden’s team appears to understand this, and to believe that what matters most now is keeping their candidate alive in the American imagination as an alternative to Trump.

What an enthusiastic view of Biden’s candidacy. Also, consider this:

If you have time, I recommend watching Tim Pool’s analysis of this article. It’s entertaining and Pool can barely contain his laughter as he discusses it:

Finally, this should really be Biden’s campaign theme now:


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