2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) held a press conference in Vermont Wednesday afternoon.

Sanders was to provide a campaign update after losing “bigly” in Tuesday night’s primaries to fellow contender, Joe Biden.

Despite the fact that once again, Sanders has been unable to amass the delegates needed to clinch the nomination, he vowed Wednesday to continue fighting (at least until Sunday), providing anecdotal evidence of support across the country who really likes him, but will vote for Biden anyway.

Sanders says he has a lock on the youth vote (more on that beneath) and that he looks forward to debating Biden Sunday night. He also went down a laundry list of things he plans to ask Biden, which seems an odd strategy. Unless of course this is all calculated as a means to bring Sanders supporters into Biden’s camp when he inevitably drops out (they won’t) by allowing Biden the chance to tell them exactly what they want to hear — my money’s on that.

Another theory:

You can watch the full video here.

And about that “youth vote”:

From Bernie’s presser:

Biden won Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, and Idaho on Tuesday. Sanders took North Dakota and Washington.

Michigan was the biggest prize with 125 pledged delegates.

In 2016, polls showed failed Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ahead of Sanders by 25 points. Sanders ended up winning the state.


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