Do student activists run Syracuse University? It’s starting to look that way.

The College Fix reports:

Syracuse forces non-tenured faculty to take diversity training to appease student activists

Syracuse University administrators have steadily given in to student activist demands after months of protests sparked by possible hoax incidents involving racial graffiti and a “white supremacist manifesto.”

The most recent cave-in will hit part of the campus population with the least power: non-tenured faculty.

The Daily Orange reports that these fire-on-a-whim faculty will be subject to “mandatory diversity training” as a result of Tuesday negotiations between administrators and the black-led student movement #NotAgainSU:

“There are instances of professors harassing students of color, students of marginalized identities, consistently,” an organizer said [no evidence cited in the report and no indication the Daily asked for evidence]. “Implementing this diversity training, and non-tenured faculty to complete this within one academic year, I think needs to be done with urgency.”

The private university is also showing less backbone than the University of California-Santa Cruz by promising not to fire striking graduate student workers, as confirmed by J. Cole Smith, dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science.


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