Sunday, Democrats tanked a bipartisan bill that would’ve quickly helped buffer the economic damage caused by the country’s coronavirus response, choosing instead to utilize the current crisis to further their policy wish list.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell tore Pelosi a new one from the Senate floor and then moved to schedule a revote for 9:45 AM, 15 minutes after the markets open. Brutal. That was until Schumer refused to allow such an early vote.

So what happens now? 

Government is truly the worst. Businesses are dying and desperate, we have no idea how many Americans have been laid off, furloughed, or otherwise unemployed, unable to work or make money during this mess, and Democrats are balking over ideological wish lists.

Every single person in my family (expect myself seeing as I work from home all day every day) has been negatively impacted by this. I’m not alone. I have yet to speak to one person whose income or whose family’s income has not taken a thrashing. This is real. It’s personal. It transcends party lines. Voters will not forget.


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