President Donald Trump took to Twitter to continue celebrating his impeachment acquittal by the Senate.

Trump made a series of predictions like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez primarying Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Republicans winning the Alabama Senate seat, and Rep. Jerry Nadler will lose to his primary opponent.

The president made his predictions on Sunday but repeated them this morning.

Trump also noted the high approval rating for the Republican Party and his own personal best job approval.

I don’t think AOC will primary Schumer or Nadler will lose his primary. I do think Jones will lose his Alabama Senate seat in November if the Republicans do not run Roy Moore.

But Trump has every reason to continue celebrating. The Democrats had a week from hell with the impeachment acquittal and the Iowa caucus fiasco.

Not to mention the fact that despite the impeachment inquiry and vote, Trump’s job approval kept going up.

Trump needs to tout these numbers. I watched C-SPAN during the impeachment trial. The network received a lot of callers on the “not guilty” line. When asked why they feel that way the majority didn’t talk about the articles of impeachment.

The majority of those callers expressed their relief and joy at the strong economy.

People vote with their wallets.


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