Students can choose their preferred pronouns and can also opt out of sharing this information with professors. Can you see where this is inevitably headed?

Campus Reform reports:

NYU chosen pronoun policy could create confusing guessing game

Students at New York University can now request that their professors avoid referring to them by their pronouns in the classroom.

Albert, the portal for NYU members, is now equipped with a tool that allows students to list their desired pronouns, name pronunciations, or choose to not list them at all. The NYU website for Pronouns and Name Pronunciation offers tutorials and videos for how to complete filling in the pronoun information.

Class rosters will be updated every night so that professors never pronounce a student’s name incorrectly or call them by the wrong pronoun. Or, if a student prefers, they can request that their professors never use pronouns when referring to them in class.

“Select your pronouns and decide whether or not you want them used in the classroom,” the website announcing the new feature states.

Because students no longer only use his/her pronouns according to their biological sex, the new policy could complicate classroom discussions, unless professors use a student’s given name each and every time they refer to a particular student.

“Misgendering is incorrectly referring to a person’s gender by assuming their gender identity,” the website states. “Often this is done by using the wrong pronouns for a person. Misgendering someone can be done intentionally or unintentionally, and it can have a long-lasting harmful impact.”


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